Miguel’s Billboard Music Awards Jump Victim Is Considering Legal Action: Oh No

Oh dear. Miguel, whose overzealous jumping accidentally caused the deaths of 10,000 attendees at the Billboard Music Awards several weeks ago (well, no, not exactly, he mostly just accidentally landed on some poor girl’s neck and then she seemed pretty much fine afterward), may end up paying a hefty price for the incident: Khyati Shah is reportedly “considering” legal action, with her attorney telling E! News that pending medical results, they’ll be making a decision about whether to file a lawsuit against Miguel.

Her lawyer also said that she’s experienced “difficulties” following in the incident, and that her initial response — which was all smiles when interviewed on the red carpet with Miguel after it happened — was due to being in “shock and star struck.”

Here are some reasons she should sue him:

1. He really messed up.
2. He’s rich.

Here are some reasons she should not sue him:

1. Miguel is the best!

Let’s hope that the powers of good win out in this one.

[via E! Online]

  • Jay

    She should totally sue him….that just looked painful. Of course she wouldn’t a big deal about it on camera.

  • NT

    How come no one has reported anything about the girl he actually kicked in the face?

  • Howard Trigg

    To be fair, it was a hell fo a kick!!! That HAD to have done some damage.