Justice For Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’: A Revolution Begins

If you missed the details of Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton‘s batshit Twitter feud, here’s a recap: Lady Gaga, a Bennington thesis who also sings, accused her former bestie, celebrity gossip gremlin Perez Hilton, of stalking her at her New York City apartment, prompting Hilton to claim that Gaga is a Very Bad Person who has pathologically sabotaged the careers of her contemporaries (namely: Christina AguileraNatalia Kills, Kerli, Katy Perry, Porcelain Black and also someone named Truth Tea, with whom I’m not familiar — is that a man or a woman?).

Now, Hilton has fired some additional shots by amplifying a new movement (viva la revolución!) called Justice For Bionic (see the graphic above), encouraging true lovers of music to hit retailers on November 11 not to purchase Gaga’s ARTPOP but instead, to buy Christina Aguilera’s much-derided 2010 LP Bionic. #JusticeForBionic is currently picking up steam on Twitter, although at press time, it has yet to overtake other trending topics such as “#piştthaditakipleşelim.”

For me, this elevates the diva warfare of Gaga’s “Applause” vs. Katy Perry’s “Roar” to dazzling new heights; there’s something wonderfully out-of-touch about introducing a three-year-old Christina Aguilera album into the mix.

It feels perfectly in keeping with the dire conditions within fan culture: There remains wildly disproportionate enthusiasm for an artist like Aguilera, whose commercial relevance is increasingly dubious even as her status as an icon among her own fans grows ever clearer, while on the opposing side, the virulence of dialogue among Gaga’s fans has reached such an epic scale that she’s forced to release a statement about their propensity for hate speech.

All of that is compounded by everyone’s hysterically distorted sense of fairness and entitlement, whether it’s Gaga (however unintentionally) playing fast and loose with the chart rules while her fans tell the haters to kill themselves, or Aguilera claiming in interviews that Bionic was before-its-time and misunderstood while her fans’ certitude that Bionic deserved a better shake than it got grows ever-stronger.

Here’s the tricky part: Both artists are hugely talented performers who have had extraordinary successes, but they’ve also both had pretty significant blunders. In short? It’s a war out there in the pop trenches. Next year, let’s trend #JusticeForLotus.

  • John Smith

    It’s been known for many years that Lady Gaga was part of the sabotage against Christina and her Bionic album. When these allegations of “copying” arose from Perez Hilton, Gaga was right there with him agreeing in many, many interviews so that she could use Christina to get recognition.

    One example is US Weekly, where she said “Anyone with two eyes can see the resemblance. But I’m glad to inspire a superstar.” Then her manager Akon had some not so kind things to say about Christina in Vibe magazine. “Aw man, that’s not even any competition. You are actually giving Christina way too much credit. She always had her cool little look and way about how she went about things. But soon as Gaga came out everything switched up. Christina stepped out of her own shell to become something different.”

    There is so much evidence.

  • blaackeagle

    I so much miss Christina Aguilera’s voice – her power, her strength, her iconic image of a true diva. She is a true singer with powerhouse voice – such a talanted girl.
    And I also agree that Gaga has stolen Xtina’s popularity in some ways – in 2010 she was copying her style – blonde hair, red lips and so on. Remember, that Lady Gaga will remain in minds as a copycat girl – she copied Xtina, then Madonna, then Bowie. I don’t hate her – I love her Born This Way album – I love her voice – BUT – she always leaves an impression that she is not fully sincere with public, like an intuition coming from your heart in the end. This will definitely will lead to a huge failure as the truth is always coming to surface. So I blame her for stealing Xtina’s image over that difficult period for Aguilera.
    Bionic is an unusual album, really misunderstood…

  • Garth

    Perez did not start the #JusticForBionic movement! Regardless he IS supporting it. This has nothing to do with perez, this is about showing that no fan base should tolerate such disgusting behavior by any one artists. Join us FIGHTERS in giving Xtina the Justice she deserves. All fan bases are uniting! Buy Bionic 11-11-13!

  • Fred

    Thank you so much for this article!! About time!

  • Carlos Hoberty Alves

    If you’re supporting this “#JusticeforBionic” movement then you are as delusional as Perez Hilton! Not only did Christina Aguilera copy Gaga’s look during the Bionic Era, she also copied Gaga’s music video style!
    Now about the album: Christina sounded like a robot threw the record. Too much auto tune. Entertainment Weekly named Bionic the fifth worst album of 2010, did Gaga have something to do with that as well?
    Now let’s talk Lotus: Did Gaga also make Lotus flop? Gaga actually complemented Christina’s first single “Your Body”
    There is no doubt Christina Aguilera is an amazing artist and her voice is one of the strongest voice of the decade. The REAL issue with Bionic and Lotus is how it’s been promoted. Actually scratch that, Bionic and Lotus DID NOT HAVE A PROMOTION!
    It’s very easy to blame Gaga for Christina’s fail, but does one person really have all that power to flop another artist’s album? I wouldn’t stop listening to an artist if someone told me to do so.

    • Garth

      You have it all backwards little monster LOL, but its OK we we forgive you. Every one knows little monsters don’t know a thing about pop culture.

    • Angelica Cortez

      Gaga copied Christina, and Bionic is a great album. Also, Gaga wasn’t alone against bionic, Perez was part of it, Akon and others too.

    • Seabass

      Are you kidding, BIllboard (has more credibility) named and I quote “BILLBOARD: BIONIC IS ‘THE BEST MAINSTREAM POP ALBUM OF THE YEAR” go check yourself monster.

    • Cory Dickinson

      This is Ironic: If Christina Aguilera copied Lady gaga during the Bionic era then Lady gaga is coping Madonna now…Case in point: Lady Gaga “Fashion!!!” Madonna “Holiday” Much?? (among others) As to this ridiculous claim of “video style” whatever you mean by that, was a nod to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” as Christina explained many of times throughout various interviews. My guess is you were born in the mid to late 90′s and may not be familiar with Madonna Career because then you’d realize what a joke Lady Gaga is making herself out to be by strategically duplicating all of her early moves. As its stands Lady Gaga is in a downward spiral losing popularity at an alarming rate. She, has always had a number 1 debut single, but not this time around. She is poised to sell 3 quarters (75%) less then Born This Way in her first week. People are finally over her antics, as evident at the VMA’s when get this, Miley freaking Cyrus over shadowed her opening number. Maybe this thoughtless post you decided to share would be better served to Lady Gaga and she is every bit carbon copied unauthentic and unoriginal. Maybe she should stop copying Madonna and David Bowie and find a true artistic way to “express yourself” (pun intended) instead of cheapening priceless works of art (birth of venus ect ect) and pop icons alike, with cheesy lyrics and melodramatic beats. Christina May not be a popular as Lady gaga, she may not sell like lady gaga even on her worst day, however she far more talented and authentic then Lady Gaga and I am proud to be her fan. So when I see all this rising accusations about lady gaga coping this person or that person I stop and thing about Bionic and remember how these supposed “love filled Monsters” (viscous fan base) played a big part in Bionics demise and cant help but this of the irony. COULD lady gaga gonna suffer the same fate…only time will tell…Karma will tell…

      • Cory Dickinson

        to be clear i don’t blame Lady Gaga for Bionic blunder, however those monsters that she thinks are so sweet and kind….are exactly what they are: Monsters full of hate in their hearts… I remember when I saw them sending out links to illegally download bionic and subsequently became the 3 most illegally downloaded album of the year

  • Christos Hadjiconstanta

    You have to be joking right. Perez did not start #JusticeForBionic he just join it… this is for the fans to Christina because she deserves this. The Bionic album in awesome..11.11.13.

  • Name

    ” also someone named Truth Tea” It’s not a person. Tea means gossip.

  • Marcello Fagundes

    You have to be joking right. Perez did not start #JusticeForBionic he just join it… this is for the fans to Christina because she deserves this. The Bionic album in awesome..11.11.13.

    • Maria Theresa Wheaton

      Right? He’s a genius tho. He turned his feud and sabotage of Christina around onto Gaga somehow and her fans are buying this from his fake ass. Whether or not Gaga had anything to do with it, who knows, I need proof, but the one thing I do know is that Perez was the ring leader and if he had any respect for Christina at all he would apologize, not pretend to care about her now in an attempt to hurt Gaga.

      • John Smith

        Nobody from Christina’s fan base gives a crap about Perez. You seem to be missing the point. People are buying into his claims about Gaga’s involvement in the sabotage ONLY BECAUSE the evidence of her involvement was already there and glaringly obvious before any of this started.. She “stirred the pot” of his copying accusations in interviews in 2008 and 2009, like US Weekly in a very pretentious manner, and then years later played victim when people compared Born This Way to Madonna’s Express Yourself. And in 2010, when Perez was sending hate Sh*t directly to Lady Gaga about Christina, she said NOTHING even though she’s supposedly against bullying and tried to make herself out to be Mother Teresa.

        • Maria Theresa Wheaton

          Wow you all are really still on this? Lady Gaga and Aguilera don’t even know you exist. What are you doing? People are dying and children are starving. Enjoy pop culture but don’t let it control your life bro.

  • Andrew Rod (@20Andfelrocks)

    They should do justice for everyone on the list not only Xtina buying also Natalia Kills “Trouble”, Keli’s Utopia and Porcelain Black “Mannequin Factory” or something it should be some equality justice for all.

  • Maria Theresa Wheaton

    Are you all seriously buying this? Bionic was horrible and only had a handful of maybe hits. That video for Not Myself Tonight was a try hard rip off (Madonna) mess.

    Honestly tho, all you Aggie fans, if she was truly the legend you think she was, truly had the influence you think she did, there is no way some unknown artist could have swayed the general public away from her music. The music was bad, most of it, not all, she did not promote enough, and she had a bad attitude.

    On top of that, Perez was the main and primary person bashing the crap out of her during Bionic and now he supposedly wants justice for Bionic? What mess is this? He invented the term Floptina…

    Do any of you have any idea was real journalism is? Idolator is obviously not legit if its basis for any article is hearsay and Twitter gossip.

    I hate to break it to you, but nobody bought Bionic when it came out because it wasn’t good and nobody is going to buy it this time because regardless of what Christina and her inflated ego want to believe, Bionic is still a try hard mess with too few Xtina gems on it.

    • Maria Theresa Wheaton

      And you can try and go in on me, but it won’t work. You all are far too entertaining and desperate. *wink*

      • MusicSoul

        Actually, after all those comments that you’ve left on this page, you’re the one sounding “desperate.” And it sure as hell is “entertaining.”


        • Maria Theresa Wheaton

          I saw yall talking about my comment on your forum. I find it hilarious a random person like myself got your panties twisted my truth tea. ;)

    • John Smith

      You just described most albums with the “handful of hits” part. How was Bionic supposed to be successful with little radio support after the radio deal ended on Not Myself Tonight? People were flat out calling her a Lady Gaga copycat. You are also wrong about Christina not promoting Bionic enough. I suggest you research a bit.

  • justice4bionic

    I’m so glad this is starting to pick up, this news needs to be heard.

    • Maria Theresa Wheaton

      It’s not an article, it’s a gossip blog. I am in school for journalism and this is not an article. It may as well be Star magazine.

      • bironic

        And yet you’re reading a gossip blog.

        • Maria Theresa Wheaton

          Well, bironic? lol, I do enjoy pop culture, but I don’t take it as seriously as all of you. It’s like hanging out at a zoo. I visit, but I choose not to live in this crazy everyday. You all are quite dedicated.

          • hotpink

            lol yes, after all the comments that you left, you sure convinced us all that you’re not taking gossip blogs seriously. lol

          • hotpink

            *I meant, pop culture. :)

  • Robert Williams

    She did what she had to do. Go Gaga!

    • Maria Theresa Wheaton


  • Ivan

    Lol this is so lame, people will try anything to make gaga look bad. How the heck could a new upcoming artist sabotage christina aguilera of all people lol. The album was awful, no one bought it because it sucked?! Its sad that album could’ve been WAY better than it was, but it wasn’t. It was a mess and her fans are still bitter. If this story was true and “so obvious” then why didn’t you all do this when Born This Way came out? (; And another good question is how Lotus flopped as well. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END GAGA? lol

    • Maria Theresa Wheaton

      I know, it kills me and I am not even a Little Monster. If you go over to AfterLD to the Christina Aguilera forum you can read all the hilarious melt downs and delusional freakouts. It’s better than the Beverly Hills housewives. Not quite as crazy as the Exahlers, but still pretty sad. They spend thread upon thread talking about how much they hate Lady Gaga and have all her most current news. Nobody even talks about or bashes Christina on the Gaga forums because she is a non issue. Gaga is so artistically above her Christina barely registers on their brains and if she does, they say nice things. I love this stuff. Such an interesting social experiment, “stan” wars. I’m addicted to the insanity and uselessness of it all.

      • Gïßëë Rivera

        Umm NOT TRUE!! Personally I Love them BOTH & I do Consider Myself a “Little Monster” & a “Fighter’ But from what I’ve seen the annoying Monsters hate on Christina as much as Fighters will hate on Gaga. Though I dont see why those specific idiotc memers of those fan bases wanna make a feud there when BOTH Christina & Gaga have admited they have nothing but respect for one another (smh)

  • Maria Theresa Wheaton

    Awwwe, AfterLDers took away my fun and made their Idolator thread hidden and now Perez is taking away their glory. Really there needs to be a stop Perez campaign. He’s a manipulative genius. Bash Bionic, blame Gaga, take credit for Justice for Bionic. *grabs popcorn*

    • John Smith

      I just looked. It’s not hidden. The topic was merged into an existing thread. So much for the research and journalism skills you keep touting.

      • Maria Theresa Wheaton

        I haven’t touted anything. I’m a student studying the crazy internet wildlife honey, not a journalist. You are a unique specimen of crazy. I’m intrigued. I love pop culture, but I am a bit disturbed by how people hiding behind fake names behave in the name of someone who likely doesn’t give a damn about them. Pop stars really are gods.

        Sorry your campaign is stalled. I was hoping it would go further and get traction but no one seems to care. Unfortunate because it’s not as entertaining anymore.

  • John Smith

    This post I saw accurately explains what happened:

    “It has long been held by many in the Christina Aguilera fan community that, between the years 2008 and 2010, she was purposefully sabotaged by internet blogger Perez Hilton and members of Lady Gaga’s camp in an attempt to shift the spotlight to Lady Gaga; a then newly emergent artist (2008) who hadn’t quite exploded into the mainstream after several months on the commercial market. .

    Ever since this time, fans have postulated that comparisons, distorted facts and outright lies ultimately resulted in Christina’s reputation being damaged to the degree that almost all objectivity was lost in many of the reviews for her album, Bionic, and thus was doomed to fail as these sentiments had begun to seep into the consciousness of some radio programmers as well. Although Bionic had little in common with Lady Gaga’s past material, it was largely dismissed and bashed as a “copy” of her work. As is often the case, the larger general public becomes programmed by these media claims and tend to repeat what they hear, and thus can severly damage the potential of an album.

    At the time and despite having some evidence that pointed to sabotage, it was nearly impossible to cut through the noise without being labeled “delusional” and “jealous” (of Lady Gaga’s newly found success), because globally so much of the public became enthralled with Lady Gaga and this false idea of Christina being a wicked witch who swooped in to steal her shine. It became “good” entertainment.

    This is not about people “suddenly thinking Perez is the greatest person on Earth and ignoring his past foul actions.” Everybody knows it is public record that he is notoriously known for trying to ruin artists, especially female artists. So why should we listen to him now? Because in this situation there’s a predictable “human behavior” element when former friends have a disasterous falling out, whereby each party usually airs the others dirty laundry slash secrets at some point in time. It’s not nearly as black and white and many people make it out to be. It does not follow that he is ALWAYS lying just because he has lied many, many times in the past. He has already revealed that Lady Gaga told him in the past that she doesn’t like Christina. This is in stark contrast to what Lady Gaga was saying in various videos. If the media probes further, it could possibly add another dimension to what is already known about this sabotage and FINALLY clear Christina’s name.”

  • KC

    First of all, this sounds so junior high, I can’t believe I’m commenting on it. That said, some of you people are giving Pressed Hilton too much credit. Despite what he and some other people think, he does NOT have the power to destroy anyone’s career. No one takes him seriously, and the ones who do, the stars kissing his ass for free publicity (cough**Madonna**cough), really need to get a clue. Yes, Pressed and Gara were once best friends. Yes, he did once promote GaGa heavily on his site. Yes, he bashed Christina after she allegedly said some bad things about Gaga But let’s face it. Christina has always had somewhat of an identity crisis. While some people call it “reinvention,” it seems to me and others, she’s trying to be too many things at once. I loved her during the “Stripped” days, when she poured her heart and soul into that album. Then she came out with “Back To Basics,” which kind of worked for her. But then her next album, she decides she wants to be electronica, and kind of pushed that album like it was going to be some album ahead of its time. It wasn’t

    First of all, girl, you’re taking too long between albums (4 years between “Stripped” and “Basics.” Four years between “Basics” and “Bionic.”). Second of all, you built up this reputation that you’re difficult to work with. In between those albums and the ever-changing public tastes, many new artists had come and taken over, and people kind of forgot about her. X-Tina should have promoted the hell out of “Bionic.” While it was a decent album, it wasn’t the best thing since sliced bread. But rather than promoting it, X-Tina cancelled tours and appearances and basically distanced herself from the album.

    If you were a die hard X-Tina fan and didn’t buy the album, that’s your damn fault. If you didn’t buy it because of Perez…again..that’s your damn fault. I have never once not bought an album because some fake celebrity tried to get me not to. Perez didn’t say a negative thing about “Lotus,” and that album underperformed as well, and it should have done better after her appearance on “The Voice.”

    All that said, if you really want justice for “Bionic,” then you should be buying it now instead of waiting until someone else releases their album and buying “Bionic” on the same day. It’s not going to stop that artist’s fans from purchasing her album.

    • Maria Theresa Wheaton

      BOOOOOM! I have been following all these sad little characters on AfterLD/Exhale/Gagadaily for a bit now. Project for an upcoming class. Today I struck gold! It’s these fan sites and gossip blogs that are ruining real journalism and the amount of misplaced passions and delusions that forum participants indulge themselves is insane. If only we could create this kind of passion in the real world about real world issues. The

    • John Smith

      I think you are underestimating how much influence he had back in those days. The peak of Perez’s popularity from was like 2007 to 2010 and he was even credited by US Weekly (among others) for helping to kick-start Gaga’s career. Of course, nobody is saying he did it all alone. Lady Gaga and people from her camp sabotaged as well. There were pay ads from her label all over the internet linking to Gaga’s album that also bashed Christina for “copying” her.

      • SB

        I think you’re overestimating Perez’s influence. Because he has none. Zero! If he was half as influential as you want to imply, artists like Kat Graham, Sliimy, and Travis Garland would be ruling the charts, and people like Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Love Hewitt, both whom he used to bash on a daily basis, wouldn’t have careers. Your somewhat flawless writing skills seem to indicate you have some semblance of intelligence. Don’t dumb yourself down by getting involved in Stan wars. Where is this evidence of which you keep babbling? Seriously, reading your posts gives me gas.

  • Blaize Crystal

    I love Christina, but it’s not fair to blame all of the failure of Bionic on Lady Gaga. The three main reasons why Bionic flopped are 1.) Christina has had a bad habit of waiting too long between albums to produce another. You can’t wait 3 or 4 years to produce an album without doing some MAJOR attention-seeking/famewhoring in between, 2.) Christina didn’t promote the album enough. She only made two music videos for it and no tour, and 3.) Most of all, it just wasn’t a good Christina album. There were only 6 or 7 songs out of 23 where she actually sounded like herself, and only 3 or 4 good songs on the whole album, in my opinion.

    Unfortunately Lotus failed as well, even though it was a better album than Bionic. It failed because she promoted Lotus even LESS than she promoted Bionic, people lost their faith in her ability to make a good album after Bionic, and, unfortunately, people were turned off by her weight gain and physical appearance. Plus, she released the wrong single first. She shouldn’t have made Your Body her first single…. it was lame. She should have started with either Let There Be Love, Blank Page, Army of Me, or Best of Me. If she had just released the right single first, promoted the album more, gone on tour, conformed to Hollywood’s body standards, (sorry, but it’s true, and the hair and make-up needed to change) and engaged in some Miley Cyrus-style famewhoring, Lotus probably would have been somewhat successful. It still wouldn’t have been a mega-success, because it wasn’t an amazing album, but it would have done a lot better than it did.

    Stripped and Back to Basics are Xtina’s best albums. She should make an album that’s like a combination of the two.

    • John Smith

      Nobody is putting all the blame on her. It was a collective effort from much of the media and Gaga’s camp too.

  • Dawaune Lamont Hayes

    Okay, here’s the thing. We can go on for days about “sabotage” and whomever being attacked and such, but what has us on this site in the first place is the music. Why can’t we just appraise the music for what it is worth to each of us personally and move on? I bought Bionic, I listened to it, I didn’t like it. There were decent songs, there were not so good songs, and overall it just didn’t do it for me. Christina Aguilera is a fantastic artist with a great track record and she made a flop. Just because people say that you suck on Twitter doesn’t mean you have to or that it is even true, so blaming rumors for the reason she didn’t get the recognition she “deserved” is no one’s fault besides that of the her own.
    Which brings me to my next point, how was this Lady Gaga’s fault?
    How things are being made out to look, it sounds like if you happened to have blonde hair and red lipstick and fans on twitter you could have beaten anybody out of their place in the “spotlight”. Bionic wasn’t very good, Lady Gaga came out with The Fame and The Fame Monster, they did better than Bionic and that’s it. People may not personally agree, but that’s what the charts and numbers say.
    Lastly, in regards to Perez, why does he matter?! He’s a guy just says and does whatever he wants and posts about it on the internet. Why does he have any credibility or validity? Because we give it to him. He bashed Christina when Bionic came out, I read the review myself, and now that he’s being called names, he’s defending himself. What does it matter that he said anything in the first place? I honestly, don’t know and don’t care to.
    Basically this is for each of us as individuals to determine whether or not this is an issue we want to truly care about, while in the end not forgetting the music that brings us here. That’s all that should matter, but clearly that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  • Matt Davis

    Who the hell is Perez Hilton and what gives him the qualifications to judge music. Gaga and Xtina, despite all the rumors and such, are two different, and very talented, artists who just want to make music, so just leave it and let them be. PEACE! Besides, whatever happened is all in the past and we should be judging them on their music, not on the petty gossip. Why not buy both ‘Bionic’ AND ‘ARTPOP’ on November 11th hmmm?

  • KK


  • Matt Davis

    Whomever disliked all the completely neutral comments is an extremely mature individual, I wish I was more like them…

  • Eric

    This whole thing is ridiculous. This feud is ridiculous. Everyone who is perpetuating it is ridiculous including Perez, GaGa, Idolator, everyone involved. If Perez sent that picture that instigated this, he shouldn’t have, GaGa shouldn’t have tweeted it and everyone should stop giving it any attention. It’s stupid. It’s stupid that people position these female artists against each other, it’s stupid that selling 225,000 copies of your single in it’s first week is a failure, it’s stupid all around. I’m over it. If you’re a fan of pop music, especially female driven pop music, you should be excited that two of it’s biggest stars are releasing albums this fall, wish them best and leave it at that.

    • Matt Davis

      EXACTLY! Clearly they’re all talented, because if they weren’t they wouldn’t be in the business with countless number 1′s under their belts. It’s such a shame that the gossip and rumors overtake the music (which should be the only thing that matters).

  • xSushi

    Xtina needs to go back to the basics and stay there.

  • Antonymous Gawker

    I do believe in the sabotage against {Bi~ΟΠ~iC}. It is obvious; the album was designed to be a hit, to rule 2010, and surely it would have done if it wasn’t for the sabotage. I remember the super high expectation toward every detail of the album, I remember the high expectation it has during all 2009, (I bet the expectation was even higher than Lady Gaga’s new album). It was just so weird all that flop, it was like: something very weird and dark is happening around it. I remember “Not Myself Tonight” being a hit at the beginning, suddenly, it flopped, even the video was well received at the very beginning, and suddenly, it was widely and aggressively bashed. Also, let’s no forget Xtina’s message about malice against her in Lotus’ booklet. I strongly believe in the sabotage conspiracy against Xtina, and it started even before 2010; exactly in 2008 with all the hateful Gaga’s comparisons with “Keeps Gettin’ Better”. I am a die-hard defender of that super powerful and wonderful pop album {Bi~ΟΠ~iC} is; it’s like the weapon I use against all the Corporate Evil Crap Music who started to rule mainstream since Gaga (2008). {Bi~ΟΠ~iC} for ever!

  • Eric T

    No sabotage. Just an over-hyped album that promised to be futuristic and turned out to be generic and boring. Despite the fact that it had numerous well-respected pop artists producing it (Ladytron, Peaches, M.I.A., Le Tigre etc.), the lyrics and songs were weak and the promotion was extremely poor. For God’s sake, Elastic Love made references to f**king OFFICE SUPPLIES! Leave the album in the past and let Christina Aguilera move on with her career. She tried to venture into a genre that wasn’t and isn’t suited for her and she failed at it. Simple as that.

  • Primo Uomo Assoluto

    The floppage of “Bionic” was not Gaga’s fault. The promotion of the album simply was handled wrongly. The choice of first single of weak, they took forever to release the song to iTunes once leaked, the video took forever, Christina took 4 years between albums, allowing people to simply forget about her, etc.

    And Christina’s singing is simply annoying, it always sounds like she is grunting, growling or passing kidney stones, so ugly.

    • Gïßëë Rivera

      What does her singing have anything to do with this article?? And aren’t you that Ugly annoying Pest on youtube who always has to bash every Christina video and STALK all her Fighters (what she calls her fans) the only one with annoying singing is YOU sounding like your in the lower class of a High school choir, Lmao. Grow Up & why dont you go bother with artist you like instead of stalking & degrading artists you dont like and there fan bases. p.s. You’ll NEVER be as good as Whitney Mariah OR Christina & everyone on youtube is right you ARE UGLY haha Loser ;P

      • KC

        You have some nerve to be calling someone else ugly. Your post alone should be used as a PSA as to why kids should stay in school.

  • Raina

    Rick Sanchez from Data Analytics contacted me yesterday and informed me that “Not Myself Tonight” received excellent call-out research results in April of 2010. “She had a higher rating than just about any song on the radio at that time. It was a guaranteed hit. But something happened. And I don’t think it was something very ethical.” Mr. Sanchez noted that within one week, the call-out research scores suddenly dropped and that never happens with a single. “Usually, a song gains call-out research points or loses points very slowly.”

  • xtinaVSmadonna

    HOLD ON… Wait, wasn’t the entire Xtina Bionic bashing started with Christina’s 1st single Not Myself Tonight and how Christina copied similar scenes and outfits from the Madonna Express Yourself video? I do not remember it having anything to do with Lady Gaga? LOL Can’t anyone remember that – 3 years ago? Watch the video again, I am not sure why that Perez person, who ever he is, compares this JusticeforBionic to Lady Gaga, when Perez was saying that it was Madonna that Christina ripped off, or as later Christina would said, it was a tribute to Madonna. Who cares, everyone can play nice, well except that Perez person. Seems like he can’t even keep his own gossip and lies straight amongst himself.

  • xtinaVSmadonna

    HOLD ON… Wait, wasn’t the entire Xtina Bionic bashing started with Christina’s 1st single Not Myself Tonight and how Christina copied similar scenes and outfits from the Madonna Express Yourself video? I do not remember it having anything to do with Lady Gaga? LOL Can’t anyone remember that – 3 years ago? Watch the video again, I am not sure why that Perez person, who ever he is, compares this JusticeforBionic to Lady Gaga, when Perez was saying that it was Madonna that Christina ripped off, or as later Christina would said, it was a tribute to Madonna. Who cares, everyone can play nice, well except that Perez person. Seems like he can’t even keep his own gossip and lies straight amongst himself. And wasn’t the Bionic cover image compared to that of artist Erasure and their Chorus album cover? Again, nothing to do with Lady Gaga?

  • RMP


    • Gïßëë Rivera

      ALOT of people actually shes ALWAYS in the Tabloids & “Feel this Moment” would’ve NEVER gone as far as it did without her just like Scream & Shout did with will.i.am & Britney

  • JT

    Note to Lansky: Interesting article. You use a lot of big words, clearly chosen to project an air of intellect. But dude, your first paragraph is one sentence. You got any copy editors there?

  • Gïßëë Rivera

    Why Cant “Little Monsters’ & “Fighters” learn to just GET ALONG & stop letting Perez Hilton ignite a feud that DOESNT even exist. They should just Team up & go after Kelly Osbourne haha. But seriously I Love them BOTH & consider myself Both a Little Monster & a Fighter so on 11/11/13 i’ll be buyin both ARTPOP & Bionic the Deluxe version(since I own the regular version lol) b/c theyre Both very talented in there own way & have definitely made a HUGE Impact on the music scene & to there fans & personally there two of my Favorite Artists along with Mariah Carey, J.Lo, Fergie, & Ariana Grande :)

  • enemyofthestars

    I remember how during the time when Bionic was coming out the loudest voice of derision was issued from the moist overfed and overbearing mouth of Perez Hilton. Now suddenly he has done a 180 degree turn and wants you to save an album he so openly attacked for no other reason than to appear an acolyte in the eyes of the church of Lady Gaga!? This animal has more turns than a corn field maze



  • christian andrew

    #JusticeforBionic ;)

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  • keith

    X-tina great voice but picks lousy material, and needs to learn to shut the hell up with all that damn vocal running. Some people just want a good dance tune. Lady gaga great voice ,good material but is about as original as Madonna. Perry, average voice at best. Good material. Thank god for auto tune. Brittany, average voice , good material and knows how to put on a show. Nikki M, sounds like two screwing on barb wire. As for the rest how cares

  • Matthew

    Guess Lady Gaga and Xtina put this stupid story to rest with their duet tonight on the Voice. People on the internet will believe anything.

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  • al

    shame Bionic was an amazing album more people should actually listen to it

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  • Maria Theresa Wheaton

    Mr. Lansky, why are my comments under moderation? If your “journalism” is solid and your facts vetted, my comments should not be an issue. I am not harming anyone. Perhaps I will use this article as an example of “The Decay of Journalism” with you name front and center. Shame on you.