Ariana Grande’s “Piano”: Hear The Standout ‘Yours Truly’ Track

Ariana Grande‘s Yours Truly is shaping up to be one of the major pop releases of the year (after the banner success of lead single “The Way” and follow-up “Baby I”), and while the album drops next week, it’s already surfaced online a little early.

Expect a full review on the official date of release, but having had an advance of this record on repeat for the past several weeks, I can say with some confidence that “Piano” is the best song on it. (Seriously. It’s all I listen to anymore.)

Sparkling and jazzy — and probably the purest pop song on Yours Truly, eschewing the neo-soul and ’90s R&B influence for a straight-up radio pop vibe, “Piano” is one of those songs that’s just packed with hooks; even the verses are instant singalong earworms, that clapping beat and kicky piano loop. It’s a movie montage, a summer beach jam, thoroughly current with just enough throwback harmonizing to make it align with the sound of the record as a whole. At the very least, it absolutely should be a single, so it can go Top 10 and we can all just hear it on repeat forever.

Listen below.

Ariana Grande — Piano

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    • Destinie

      I love Ariana but what you said was disrespectful.

  • Stephan

    I agree 100%. Phew I thought I was the only one. I’m hoping its her next single #FingersCrossed

  • Arianator Keshan

    I Agree Totally… Ariana Is a TRUE Inspiration to ALL. Follow Her footpath, Be as Brilliant as her, And May God Bless Her!

  • Htein

    My favourite!

  • Arianalove

    love this song so much