Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Featuring Juicy J: Hear The Trappy Track

Now this is the sort of thing people were expecting after that first dark Prism teaser. Katy Perry has debuted “Dark Horse,” and it’s a brooding piece of trap-lite pop that lives up to its name. The beat is ice cold, with spare 808 thumps, finger snaps and squiggly synths/screwed vocal samples. As drums swell going into the chorus for one of those patented Perry crescendos, the star asks “Are you ready for, ready for / A perfect storm, perfect storm / ‘Cuz once you’re mine, once you’re mine / There’s no going back,” but everything drops out and that aqueous beat returns where, before, you’d have the raise-your-hands-and-sing-along moment of catharsis. It’s an expertly crafted bit of restraint.

Juicy J — the only real competition to 2 Chainz right now for Everyone’s Favorite Guest MC — turns out a serviceable verse, bolstering the song’s trap cred. Hear it below.

“Dark Horse” is the second song to be revealed from Prism (out October 22) , after fans voted for the song to be released.

  • Sven Kiebooms

    I love it! :D

  • Devin Kittrell

    This bangs, not gonna lie.

  • ptizzy

    Been on repeat the whole damn day. Hope it becomes a single with a bombass video!

  • Victor

    The article sates the song will be the second single off the album, but that isn’t necessarily true. Katy Perry has stated herself that it is strictly promotional right now, via twitter.

    I love the song though!

    • Carl Williott

      True, good catch. Wishful thinking I guess!

  • Jamison Pimm

    definitely new and interesting territory for katy. as expected the hook is flawless and the beat is sick. juicy j is really the only thing that dumbs it down tho. not as good a contribution as kanye or snoop

  • Howiet

    Disappointed. Goes no where… :(

  • Adam

    Love the production, with Perry’s vocals reminiscing those of the ‘One Of The Boys’ era with an ‘E.T.’ feel.
    But in my opinion she’s playing too safe, at least with these first tastes of ‘Prism’.