Ke$ha’s Concerned Fans Have Started A Petition To Free Her From Dr. Luke

Most pop divas would sell their soul to work with Dr. Luke. His involvement basically guarantees a hit record (see recent chart-toppers by Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus for proof) but Ke$ha’s fans believe he’s stifling the diva’s creativity and single-handedly killing her career. So much so that they have started an online petition to free K$ from her eight album deal with the hitmaker.

Why are Lady Dolla’s usually peaceful Animals in revolt? It’s complicated, so bear with me. Even the angriest Ke$ha fan doesn’t deny the role Dr. Luke played in her success. He helped craft international hits “Tik Tok” and “Take It Off” — catapulting the newcomer to the top of the pop ladder. It was a match made in heaven but seems to have soured somewhat.

First K$ complained about being forced to sing “Die Young” and then made it clear in her reality TV show that she didn’t have full creative control of her still excellent sophomore set Warrior. Animals are seriously concerned about where that leaves their idol. “Dr. Luke is controlling Ke$ha like a puppet, feeding her what she doesn’t want and her creativity is dwindling,” states the extremely detailed (and dramatic) petition.

Their conclusion? “You can almost say and assume that Luke is almost trying to dismantle her career.” But wait there’s more. “When Ke$ha, young and naive at the age of 18, was signed to Luke’s 8 album contract, it’s obvious that she was unaware of the severe pop puppeteer act she was soon to play by. What our fear as her fans should be is that she will soon lose interest in playing this industry game and stop releasing music.”

This has to be the first time in history that fans have rallied to “free” a massively successful artist from the hottest producer in the game. Animals are obviously frustrated by Warrior‘s chart fortunes (which is understandable) but the annals of pop history are littered with underperforming second albums. No doubt, the 26-year-old will bounce back with album number three.

The petition does, however, underline the fact that many Ke$ha fans are happy for their fave to explore other genres and deviate from the mainstream. Perhaps this will embolden the pair to be more adventurous next time around. However, if you think Dr. Luke really is an evil puppetmaster bent on destructing his protege’s career, sign the petition. 1250 people already have.

  • FA

    I don’t think Luke is evil or trying to destroy her career. I think he made the mistake of trying to play it too safe with her. It makes no sense that generic fare like C’mon, Wherever You Are and All That Matters made the album while fantastic and extremely catchy songs like Meet Me In Space, Woo Hoo and Machine Gun Love didn’t. It makes no sense that Crazy Kids was chosen for release over Last Goodbye when Last Goodbye is the kind of song that actually sells now. Luke also made the mistake of having Kesha release single after single that was a variation on Tik Tok. He made one dumb decision after another.

    He is fully responsible for the failure of the album and he’s smart enough to have known better. I think Kesha and Luke can be a great team but he has to give her some say over the tracklist and singles. It’s asking too much to expect her to be the public face of music she feels makes her look bad to the general public. He also needs to let her work with more outside producers. He’s a great producer but working with others will make her albums even more varied and interesting. He also needs to stop marketing her as a party girl. Everyone is sick of it at this point.

    I hope Luke has learned from his mistakes and will let Kesha take more risks on album three. She’s a very talented and creative artist and he needs to trust her. I really hope they can regain the friendship they used to have and become a chart smashing team again. Hopefully this petition will show him that Kesha’s core fan base wants her to explore other genres and wants her making diverse music. Maybe that will give him the confidence to branch out more with her. He shouldn’t see it as a negative thing. I wish the people who wrote the petition had simply addressed the problems with his decision-making rather than resort to personal attacks against him. I don’t think that helps.

  • Amanda P

    The point of the petition is not to point fingers are Dr. Luke, but to raise awareness. As the petition description states, they’re just trying to raise awareness, and try to get Ke$ha the ability to be more creative with her body of work, rather than being told what to sing.

  • Julia

    HAHA Britney Army was 1st to ban him from working with Britney! so we support aminals full force!!!!

  • Kelly

    I Think that the problem isn’t Dr. Luke, when you look to sucess of Katy Perry. Actually, the real problem is RCA Records, because RCA no have good strategy and marketing. Dr. Luke and Ke$ha only produce many things together. Of course that Dr. Luke also recicled some elements, and it’s interesting Ke$ha working with another producers too. When Die Young was removed from the american radios, it was necessary a strong song to put out, like Supernatural, or a emotional song, like Last Goodbye, to show for all the world that Ke$ha isn’t only a party girl that only makes club songs. C’Mon is a good song, but is the same thing that Ke$ha shows in her singles before, and ideas to put out the same weak songs (in the clubs and charts) like this everytime, isn’t ideas from Dr. Luke, but ideas from RCA Records, and this is a mistake.

  • FA

    There’s a difference between Kesha and Katy Perry. Kesha is signed directly to Luke’s label Kemosabe. So, Kesha is under his complete control. Katy is with Capitol Records and she’s hiring Luke as a producer. So, Luke works for Katy but Kesha works for Luke. Luke is the one who decides Kesha’s tracklists and single releases, so it’s him rather than RCA that’s at fault. That’s why Kesha’s mother retweeted “I hate Dr. Luke” last December when all the chaos happened with Kesha tweeting she was forced to sing Die Young.

    • Kelly Lambert

      Good marketing and strategy = Capitol Records > RCA Records > Kemosabe Records (Dr.Luke) ;)

  • Seiko

    Dr. Luke is derailing Kesha, who wants to actually grow and go in the rock direction with less auto-tune she said, try different stuff. She is being controlled in basically doing nothing different. She deserves to truly shine, and all we have gotten, despite us, being the fans, is what we expect. She wants to show us more, better, let her!