Miley Cyrus & Britney Spears’ “SMS (Bangerz)” Is Noisy, Weird, Inexplicable: Listen

Sep 30th, 2013 // 6 Comments

After reviewing the snippets from Miley Cyrus‘ upcoming LP Bangerz, the semi-title track “SMS (Bangerz)” (featuring Britney Spears) sounded like one of the least promising offerings from the album — and indeed, the song has now surfaced in full, albeit in incredibly fuzzy and low-quality form.

It’s sort of cool, in an odd way, but also mostly tuneless and embarrassing; Cyrus’ vocal style isn’t well-suited to rapping that you actually want to hear (she’s a better singer than she is a rapper, so much so that the latter isn’t really worth attempting). Notably, Spears is better suited for the style than Cyrus is (as “Work Bitch” demonstrated already); her feathery coo doesn’t need to be rhythmic to be full of character. “Catwalk, slick talk / Flirting with the big dogs,” she exclaims — and it’s perfectly believable.

There’s a dissonance and experimentalism that’s welcome, but it’s just not a very enjoyable listen. Ah, well. Maybe it’ll sound better on the album, eh?

Give it a listen below.


  1. Hannah Monzexy

    I actually really love this! It has a Salt-n-Pepa “Push It” vibe! Too bad Britney’s even more robo-dead-eyed than usual.

  2. Joe

    I kind of love this! It’s so weird.

  3. rdd

    i agree it seems like britney did a better job.. maybe there will come a time that britney will stop pretending to sing and focus on rapping hahaha.. but dont get me wrong. this song is pretty serviceable…

  4. Bren

    If you like this, you might like Jessi Malay

  5. Alex

    Not enough Britney. She’s the only good thing about the song…

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