Miley Cyrus Hints At Ariana Grande Collaboration In A Cryptic Tweet

Miley Cyrus hinted at a high-profile collaboration with Ariana Grande this morning (October 11) in a cryptic tweet. “Why did I wake up and immediately write a song for Ariana Grande… in the shower,” the “Wrecking Ball” diva tweeted.

That prompted a typically gushing response from the “Baby I” hitmaker: “I’m dying I want to hear… And you’re coming over when I get back from London.” This has planned media stunt written all over it. Miley has close ties to Ariana’s management through her friendship with Justin Bieber, so expect a treat on the re-release of Yours Truly or Bangerz. See their exchange after the jump.

Are you excited for this collaboration? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Andrew

    Just so you know…in case you didn’t. The collaboration would almost definitely be for Grande’s second album that is scheduled for February….not a reissue of Yours Truly.

  • Mrs.Ely3

    i can’t wait to hear the song. miley and ariana are my two fav female celebs