2013’s Best Albums: Idolator Editors Pick Their Favorite 10

1. Sky Ferreira: Night Time, My TimeReleased: October 29

Somehow, after at least five years of endless delays, setbacks, leaked tracks and legal troubles, Sky Ferreira (finally!) released her debut album this year. Night Time, My Time is the perfect representation of the moody singer-songwriter’s state of mind in 2013, filled with bitter, caustic break-up tracks (“You’re Not The One”), angst-addled self reflection (“I Blame Myself”) and jagged love songs. In a year where barely anything came into the speakers without an electronic thump, Sky served us an unapologetic slice of guitar-fueled grunge rock. But gritty textures aside, the songs remain undeniably pop, filled with soaring hooks, and songs like “24 Hours” and “Heavy Metal Heart” play like radio smashes wrapped in barbed wire. It’s daring, experimental and often jarring. Night Time is not only a defining (long awaited) first statement, but a defying, perfectly imperfect middle finger in the air. — BRADLEY STERN

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