Most Fascinating Person Miley Cyrus Talks Scandal-Baiting With Barbara Walters: Watch

Well! Barbara Walters has named Miley Cyrus one of the Most Fascinating People of 2013 (no surprise there), and in an interview between the two ladies of class and dignity, Cyrus talks a little bit more openly about her strategy with courting controversy: When asked if she has any regrets about her behavior over the last year (see: the VMAs), the Bangerz songstress explains, “It wasn’t just shock[ing] people to shock people. It was with a purpose.”

And what was that purpose? “To make everyone in the world be talking about me and music,” she says. Mission accomplished. 

Most interesting, though, is the footage from Cyrus’ 2008 interview with Walters, which is intercut into the segment — my, how things have changed.

Watch it up top.

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