This Ke$ha-Only Remix Of “Timber” Is The Answer To Our Prayers

Feb 10th, 2014 // 2 Comments
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Some enterprising Ke$ha fan (or Pitbull hater) has swapped out Dale for more Dolla in a bootleg Ke$ha-only remix of their chart-topping hit “Timber,” and it is wonderful. The reinterpretation has been floating around for about a month, but thankfully Buzzfeed spotted it which means Animals worldwide can now begin the campaign to stream it enough times to unseat the original version.

Just how was Mr. Worldwide excised from the song? His verses were replaced with K$’s raps from her unreleased demo “Woo Hoo.” And they line up pretty closely! It’s not perfect, but it’s not Pitbull, and really that’s the important thing.

Check it out below. 


  1. rex

    This version is a lot better ;) Seems they got original stems for Timber.

  2. jasmine

    i hate it! pitbull belongs in this song, and without pitbull there wouldn’t be timber soo..

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