Nelly Furtado Lets Go Of “Red Balloons”: Listen To The Unreleased Track

I miss Nelly Furtado. There’s still a place for the Canadian diva’s distinctive voice and heartfelt lyrics in pop music despite the miserable reception her actually rather great The Spirit Indestructible album received. She’s too talented to simply fade away — as recently surfaced unreleased track “Red Balloons” underlines.

While there’s some debate as to which era the song belongs, it certainly wouldn’t sound out of place on The Spirit Indestructible along side folk-tinged moments like “Bucket List” and “End Of The World”. “Red Balloons” taps a similar vein of melancholy and boasts a strikingly pretty chorus. I would have loved to hear the finished version. Listen to new/old Nelly after the jump.

Was Nelly wise to leave this in the vault? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Greg

    Nelly Furtado is such an inspiration, and such an amazingly unique talent. It is literally a shame that the Miley’s of the world top the charts while a gem like Ms. Furtado goes unheard …. shame.

  • Ricardo Cunha

    Vou ouvir a nova música de Nelly. Espero que continue bem independente e sincera como artista. O fato de TSI não ter feito sucesso requer antes uma reflexão sobre a música pop atual que uma crítica ao trabalho dela. As músicas são boas, os vídeos interessantes e, a voz, sempre linda.

  • Sammy

    This song really resonate what I felt at the moment after failed at something I really wanted for a long time… Great song, great singer, such as shamed the song doesn’t get the attention it deserved.