Danja Reveals Two Unreleased Britney Spears Demos & “Hot As Ice” Remix: Listen

Feb 23rd, 2014 // 6 Comments
Britney's "Unbroken"
The unreleased Femme Fatale track surfaces online. Read More »

Producer Danja revealed two unreleased demos for Britney Spears. Both were informed by the first time he worked with her, on her fifth album Blackout.

Danja says that initially for 2008′s Circus, he aimed for a “raw, edgy, rock vibe” but, after it wasn’t received well, instead went “all the way urban” as he did for Blackout. The resulting demo kicks off with ominous fanfare, as an mid-career T.I. track might have, but then allows room for pleading lyrics: “Boy, why won’t you follow?” (Spears doesn’t sing here, so fans have to imagine how she’d interpret it all.)

His next demo, for Britney Jean, is even better. “I thought we were going do a Blackout 2, so I felt like this was Blackout 2,” he says. It’s as uptempo and energetic as promised, although with its thumping beat, canned-orchestra flourishes and piercing fire-alarm synths, it also feels like “Kill the Lights” – also a Danja production – with even more drama.

Hear Danja’s demos, plus a “Hot as Ice” remix after the jump.


  1. Jay

    Had Britney recorded that demo for “Britney Jean” and perhaps more Danja demos and omitted “Tik Tik Boom,” “Til It’s Gone,” “Dont Cry,” and “It Should Be Easy,” this album could have been on par with “Femme Fatale.” She couldn’t have at least recorded this for a bonus track? Instead there’s “Brightest Morning Star?” That other song that’s not “Now That I Found You?”

  2. HERE are the Circus album unreleased track.

  3. HERE are the Britney Jean album unreleased track.

  4. And HERE are the Hot as Ice exclusive remix.

  5. Meghan

    love the Britney jean demo .. wish she recorded it oh well …. hopefully her next album wil be a blackout 2.0

  6. It’s pretty sad when three snippets show up an entire album. Let this be a wake up call, Will.I.am out, Danja back in b.c this could/should/hopefully will be soooo hot & Blackout forever owns the crown

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