Justin Bieber’s Deposition Video: Watch Four+ Hours Of Hell Condensed Into Six Minutes Of Torture

Mar 10th, 2014 // 8 Comments
Bieber's Mugshot
justin bieber mugshot dui
The singer is arrested for DUI and drag racing. Read More »

To be honest, it’s probably getting just as confusing for Justin Bieber to keep track of all the legal troubles he currently has as it is for us. And so when TMZ leaked video clips of Bieber’s May 6th deposition in Miami, we kind of had to ask, “Deposition for what, exactly?” The neighbor-egging incident? The limo driver thing? The DUI drag racing drama? Oh, right — that trash where JB’s bodyguard beat down some paparazzi.

During the four-and-a-half hours Justin was deposed in Florida, he was asked by photographer Jeffrey Binion‘s lawyer, as you’ll see in the above, condensed video, about dating Selena Gomez (Bieber’s response: “Don’t ask me about her.”), whether he knows Usher (“Usher…that sounds familiar.”) and if he remembers ever being in Australia (“I don’t know if I’ve been to Australia. Have I been to Australia?”).

Amusingly, the whole shebang starts off with the cocky pop star telling the lawyer, “I don’t have to listen to anything you have to say.” Oh, but you do, Bieber. And, unfortunately, so do we.

Enjoy above!

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  1. There’s a special place in douche bag land dedicated to this kid, hope he ends up rotting in jail.

  2. danny

    They keep saying “you’re harassing the client” but if Justin would just chill out and say yes, no, yes, yes…it would be over. He’s acting like a 10 year old that didn’t get a toy.

  3. marc

    What a f*cking little bitch he is. He needs his ass kicked or career done. What a little P**sy b*tch he is!!!!

  4. alec

    yeah justin is making a meal of this but what has asking about selena gomez, usher and australia got to do with his body guards assaulting paparazzi

  5. Just Jada

    i honestly dont see why this needed to be published. If it was any other person no one would be making such a big deal about all this. I think its pretty clear that that lawyer was being a bitch. I understand that Justin could have handled it better but do you blame him? If some guy was harassing me for hours about a case that is not even mine and asking me absolutely ridiculous questions I would have a big ass attitude as well. But seriously i think they should just leave the guy alone. Maybe its the fact that everyone is picking at every single thing he does that made him this way.

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