Madonna Photographer Mert Alas Instagrams That He’s Listening To New Album, Internet Loses Its Shit

She's Maybe Got A Secret
Madonna‘s fans collectively blew a gasket, fell backwards into the drapes, yanked the curtain rod out of the wall then plunged headfirst through the glass, screaming in tongues the whole way down to the sidewalk after photographer Mert Alas (one-half of creative lensman duo Mert + Marcus) Instagrammed the above photo today with the following caption: “In my room listening to the NEW ALBUM!!!!! Im DYING!!!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU FROM INSIDE OUT”

Granted, Madge has been busy getting into the groove once again (at least according to a barrage of her own Instagram pics), writing and recording tunes for her upcoming 13th studio album with the likes of Avicii, Natalia Kills, MoZella‘s Maureen Anne McDonald (who co-penned a little Miley Cyrus song called “Wrecking Ball”) and Toby Gad (the songwriter/producer behind Beyonce‘s “If I Were A Boy” and Fergie‘s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”).

But it seems highly unlikely the Material Mogul would be able to pull a Beyonce so quickly, unless said Instagram photos posted by her own account went up way after the fact, and she actually hustled to get this record in the can with all the above collaborators months, rather than weeks, ago.

It could simply be that Mert heard a few rough takes of the tracks Madge has laid down so far. And, upon looking again at his ecstatic statement, he doesn’t say he’s listening to Madonna‘s new album, in particular.

Regardless, this eyebrow-raising jump on the Madonna radar was enough to get Perez Hilton to join on the chorus of “OMFG” comments on Alas’ photo. And it seems to indicate that we might safely assume we’ll have new material from her before the year ends.

Are you excited about the prospect of a new Madonna album?

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  • praisethequeen

    don’t it taste like holy water???

  • praisethequeen

    it’s also important to note that madonna is rocking the M necklace — remember Britney’s matching B?

    • Bradley Stern

      Good eye!

  • La Liberté

    Q-U-E-E-N !!!

  • Alex Rider

    We are waiting the album like we are waiting that our dreams come true!

  • Fernando Venâncio

    Yes, I am so excited. I can’t wait any longer. I need M’s new songs. Madonna is the only Queen of Pop!

  • Lance Gayhart

    Hell yeah I’m excited. :)

  • buyartpopnow

    I’m a little monster and i love madonna, but her new music isn’t as good as the classics

    • timo

      you are right but Madonna is an artist, gaga’s music has never been good because she is a sellout created to sell

  • Matt

    ugh why even mention Perez in this article, he’s far from newsworthy.

  • Who’s That Flop?

    Can’t wait for the new music to take over the world the way MDNA…oh, wait… *shotgun blast*

  • calin

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Christian Pedraza

    I’m so ready for new music from the Queen, can’t wait any longer!!

  • Cynema

    This is going to be a great record. Its not just the producers that she is working with but also because she is focusing exclusively on writing the music. Which is something that she hasn’t actually done since the CONFESSIONS album, I think.