‘The Very Best Of Adam Lambert’ To Be Released By The Singer’s Former Label In May. You Buying?

Adam Lambert has been busying himself by taking part in recording sessions with Max Martin (who was behind the singer’s Grammy-nominated Top 10 hit “Whataya Want From Me”), hitting the set of Glee for his recurring role as Elliot “Starchild” Gilbert and prepping for his upcoming summer tour with Queen. But while Lambert has parted ways with RCA since the release of his 2012 sophomore LP Trespassing, that isn’t stopping the label’s parent company Sony from issuing The Very Best Of Adam Lambert in May, via imprint Sony Legacy.

According to Billboard, the compilation will be released on May 27 — a mere three weeks before the Adam/Queen tour kicks off at Chicago’s United Center (on June 19). Hmmmm. Interesting timing. Might Sony be regretting losing the American Idol alum, now that he’s suddenly so prolific in 2014?

While with RCA, Lambert released two albums — 2009′s Gold-certified For Your Entertainment and 2012′s Trespassing — as well as two EPs in 2010 (Remixes and Acoustic!) and one in 2012 (the remix collection Trespassing EP). The below tracklist of 14 songs shows that Sony pulled from these releases, as well as the singer’s stint on Season 8 of Idol (“Mad World,” “One” and “Tracks Of My Tears”) and Glee (“Marry The Night”) for The Very Best Of Adam Lambert. Also included: “Time For Miracles,” from the 2012 movie soundtrack.

As noted by Billboard, part of the liner notes for the compilation reads as follows:

If some of these tracks feel like musical mission statements, it’s in their skillful fusion of mainstream pop and rock with left-of-center, if not underground, musician and pop-cultural markers, and their clear conviction towards that mission. And it that’s not the hallmark of an artist who’s unfailingly true to himself… well, you are invited to listen to some more until you get it.

At any rate, below is the the tracklist for The Very Best. We’ll assume most tried and true Adam Lambert fans have most, if not all, of these songs already.

Personally, we say roll on the new material soon, Adam — it’s been far too long!

1. Mad World (American Idol Performance)
2. One (American Idol Performance)
3. Tracks of My Tears (American Idol Performance)
4. Time For Miracles
5. For Your Entertainment
6. Whataya Want From Me
7. If I Had You (Radio Mix)
8. Aftermath
9. Can’t Let You Go
10. Trespassing (Radio Edit)
11. Never Close Our Eyes
12. Better Than I Know Myself
13. Runnin’
14. Marry The Night (Glee Cast Version)

Will you be picking up this compilation? Or are you holding out for actual new music from Adam? Let us know below!

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  • HannaB

    Interesting liner notes coming from the parent company of a label that didn’t get it at all.

  • Audra

    Adam’s fans already have all of these songs. I’m saving my money for something that Adam himself is putting out, not some label trying to make money off of him. They parted ways because they wanted a covers album, he didn’t want to do it so they are putting out one they scraped together from AI, Glee and some from his albums. So shady.

    • Kay Davis

      Many Adam fans do not have some of these tracks — the 3 Idol recordings and CLYG (only released in the UK).

      Also I think this is the first CD release of IIHY (radio edit), Trespassing (radio edit) and Marry The Night.

      • Audra

        YMMV, of course, but I’ve got CLYG and every other bonus track and I don’t live in England. Marry the Night was released on the episode soundtrack by Glee. All of the AI songs have been out there for ages.

        • Kay Davis

          If you purchased the UK import. Many fans did not purchase the FYE UK Deluxe Edition just for this track.
          MTN is only on digital release, not CD.
          The AI songs were only sold on iTunes and removed during the summer of 2009.

  • Jaqui

    I’m getting it to show the labels that Adam is successful and a talent not to be messed with. Adam will make as much off of this release as he will any of his others with Sony. More albums = more offers and opportunities for Adam plain & simple. I have ALL of these songs from albums, DVDs & iTunes, but I will continue to do my part to support Adam in everything he does. It’s not shady for RCA to put this out, they’re not marketing it as anything but a playlist. It’s not a best of or new album. Can’t wait for Queenbert & Adam’s new music.

    • Cristiana Carosio

      Just to clarify one point, this compilation is not something Adam did, butt just a Sony release of material it owns… Not saying that you shouldn’t buy it, if you feel like. Just pointing out Adam didn’t know about this release til a few days ago.

    • Terry

      It wont make a blind bit of difference to Adam whether this album sells or not. His career depends on what he’s doing independently now not on what some random collection of his old tracks does in sales. This is just “money for nothing” for his ex-label & they do it with all artists back catalogs. No-one cares what happens to legacy albums & it’s not his “best” – it’s just whatever makes Sony/RCA most money without having to share much. Sony/RCA and everyone else already know what Adam is worth – that’s why they’re releasing this cobbled together junk album now while he’s red hot, so they can profit for the last time off Adam’s hard work while they are sure they don’t have to do any work themselves. You can buy it if you like (your choice) but don’t kid yourself it’s to “help Adam” ROFL. It only gives money to RCA/Sony, Adam gets no money and no benefit. Adam could care less what happens to it. If you buy it at least be honest and admit it’s because you want the thing regardless of who benefits and who doesn’t.

  • tattoojo

    No i won’t be buying it. On the principle that Sony couldn’t support him properly when they had him.

  • Shley

    LOL well this is embaressing. I know it’s contractual obligations and what not but didn’t he have like one big hit?

    • Leigh

      Presume Sony feels there’s money to be had -

    • Terry

      Only if you think “best of” = “songs that were in the top 10 in the USA”. If you think artists music can have value beyond that narrow definition then no, there’s nothing “embarrassing” at all. In any case, it’s not called “his greatest hits” (which would have included Sleepwalker and others that charted in other countries). It’s “very best of” which is vague & covers any track they choose to include. Nothing to do with contractual obligations. RCA/Sony own his recordings and “legacy” albums are standard record co. practice with all artists back catalogs.

  • Cristiana Carosio

    Personally, I’m sitting by the river patiently waiting for Adam’s new music to be released… Not buying this cd.

  • Canadiann

    Adam’s own publicist said to by the CD if you want it. She stated that artists rarely make money from album sales They make their money elsewhere. The CD win’t interfere with Adam’s new album because it isn’t being marketed that way. I truly believe that RCA dropped the ball on “Trespassing”. Personally, I loved that album and so did most fans & critics and I’m glad Adam parted ways with RCA … but I plan to buy this CD. I want it and I don’t see how it would help Adam in any way for me not to buy it.