Zayn Malik And Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction Allegedly Caught Smoking Pot On Video

Move over, Miley Cyrus. The new poster child for marijuana consumption is Zayn Malik of One Direction. He was caught on video smoking what appears to be a joint (hey, it could just be an extremely fat cigarette!) while bandmate Louis Tomlinson jokes about weed being part of his creative process from behind the camera. It’s not exactly unexpected behavior for men in their early 20s but could come as a something of a shock to younger fans.

Filmed during One Direction’s tour of Peru, the video finds the bandmates lighting a doobie in the back of a car. “Joint lit. Happy days,” narrates Louis. He then asks Zayn, who is shown merrily puffing away, what he thinks of their behavior. “I think it’s very controversial,” he replies. That exchange is followed by Louis joking about smoking pot being part of his pal’s pre-show preparations: “one very, very important factor to Zayn’s warm up, of course is Mary Jane herself.”

It’s all pretty harmless but you have to wonder why they filmed it in the first place unless it’s a prank or skit for an upcoming tour DVD. Perhaps they are just trying to shake up their image? Find a link to the video and the full transcript of their conversation after the jump.

The Daily Mail has the video streaming exclusively from their site. Have a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Via Daily Mail].

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  • Lisa

    Why didn’t you mention the part where Louis uses a racial slur? I can’t imagine they’d be dumb enough to leak a video of themselves saying n*g. I mean, they’re obviously not the brightest but that seems a bit much. Also, their bodyguards/handlers smoking up with them in that van are so getting fired, lol.

  • Spaska Angelova

    I am very disappointed in both it’s terribly harmful
    Drug addiction will kill them .. I love One Direction!

    • Darby Clé

      Don’t be an idiot, girl. It won’t kill them anymore or less than a poor diet.

    • Nick Zagaros

      you are an idiot

  • pepito

    ik its not good for them but for once just tell me does medis focus them when they donate millions of money to poors? do you focus when they play football for charity or anything like that? no? then stfu

  • Brianna Rounds

    I’m very dissaponted in both of niall,liam,and harry i love you guy that you did not do this

  • smoooker


  • loulou


  • Brandon Phillips

    I watched the video, and the “racial slur” was not used in a derogatory manner, and the weed is their prerogative. I am not seeing why everyone is so bent out of shape.