Game Calls Out Frank Ocean In New (And Unnecessary) Diss Track “Bigger Than Me”: Listen

Rapper Game surprised as the romantic lead of Nicki Minaj‘s “Pills N Potions” video. There, he obliges to draping fur over his bare chest, biting on one of Minaj’s bunny ears and, most importantly, gazing wistfully at the Pink Print femcee’s direction. In short, he did the complete opposite of what he’s done as of late: maintain the tough-gangsta persona of his West Coast upbringing, but with groan-worthy beefs that now overshadows his (otherwise respectable) musical output.

Then came “Bigger Than Me,” a misogynistic diss track that declares him to be the black Marshall Mathers (he’s gotten over his beef with Eminem, see), takes aim at XXL‘s new Freshmen class wholesale, and while calling out Frank Ocean in the process: “Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises / Mute BET cyphers, because I don’t want to hear that shit / May be you rest in piss, f— n—-s / hey Frank Ocean, go ahead and f— these f— n—-s.” He ends by suggesting that Miguel sing to his song. Pardon?

Rap isn’t the same as when the Game initially came up, as a member of 50 Cent‘s G-Unit crew. Unlike a decade or so ago, when he started beefing with G-Unit itself (the crew’s now planning a reunion, without him), such diss tracks may have had more clout. But in 2014, and with its sole purpose being to pick on rappers half his age, “Bigger Than Me” is all bluster — nothing but embarrassingly dated as a concept, even while taking aim at recent cover stars.

Plus, at least with “Pills N Potions,” music fans got to see a new, unexpected side to Game. With “Bigger Than Me,” Game only stresses that he is nothing without his shameless ploys for attention. Hear the song and see a sneak peek of its forthcoming video below.


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  • Dburr

    Your article failed to mention that the center piece of the freshmen class piece done by XXL was Lil Durk…the same Lil Durk who the game has been beefing with now for a few months. How are you even gonna claim diss tracks aren’t hip hop yet Lil Durk..the cover of the freshmen class you’re defending came out with a diss track himself against the game? Theres beef in hip hop. It happens. The goodie too shoes rappers you’re sticking your neck out for aren’t as humble as you convey either, they’re down for the beef too. Thinking Game is in no position to be dissing is one thing…claiming dissing and beef no longer have a place in hip hop would get you laughed at by the people you’re defending. Game fired shots back at some cocky dudes who really haven’t put in the work or come out with the product that Game has over the years, they should know their rank and the songs just cutting them down a few notches….hence the chainsaw and eminem references…(Marshall Mathers LP)


    And he wasn’t calling out Frank Ocean…it was just a slick line that happened to be disrespectful….but he’s not trying to really go AT HIM. c’mon now.


    The main issue with Hip Hop is the competitive nature of the art is fading. When I read your article it seems you ignore the essence of beef and diss records is Hip Hop culture. From LL vs Kool Moe D, Dr Dre vs Easy E, Tupac vs Biggie, 50 Cent VS JA rule, Jay vs Nas, Eminem vs Benzino (last not really a Beef more of a massacre). They are all ways to elevate not one but both of the artist is the beefs. Games new song while yes a ploy to create buzz does this with the intent to create buzz for him and Hip Hop. Look at the trend 50 has anew record and one more coming as does Game, G unit has reunited, Outcast doing work, ETC ETC. New hip hop is kind of boring except for Kendrick Lamar and his crew. the Same Kendrick who sparked a uproar when he dropped his control verse.

    • Christina Lee

      Hey @WGTMCC — Didn’t mean to downplay hip-hop’s founding competitive spirit. In fact, while reading through your list, I realized the key difference between why the beefs you mentioned were thrilling vs. why “Bigger Than Me.” Save for Eminem vs. Benzino, all of those beefs were relatively even match-ups. “Control” was so mind-blowing because Kendrick was pointing to every single one of his *peers* and being like, “Shape up.” XXL Freshmen are *below* Game — so why does he feel like he has to scare them off? It’s like watching a grown-up take candy from babies, and compared to how he *could* be defending his stance in the game, e.g. making a classic album, it’s a cowardly move.

  • Mario Wright

    Whoever wrote this article is missing the whole point.

  • James

    You completely missed the point.

    Game is shouting out Frank Ocean telling him to slay the new generation & carry on putting out good music.

    He’s also saying he can ‘f*ck n*ggas’, basically saying he’s cool with him being gay/bisexual (which he’s said several times in the past).

    This is not anti-Ocean or anti-gay, it’s pro-Ocean and pro-gay.

  • Money

    the writer of this article is a moron probably 23 years old – he wasn’t going at Frank Ocean…so dumb….and the track is fire….should be more of this….”and don’t think I wont send 6 ni**as to ya hideout”

  • Money

    Christina? really i’m sure you know a lot about gangster rap….get the hell out of here and go write about a Beyoncé song….stupid

  • Thisarticlesux

    The writer of this article was obviously in a rush to finish listening to his Taylor Swift album.

    You clearly shouldn’t be writing articles or reviews on topics you have no knowledge about.