10 Flop Star Divas Time Forgot (But We Never Will)

You See I Thought That You Were Special, Baby
Not everyone reaches the pinnacle of pop superstardom, kittens — there just ain’t room. And yet, for every sweet-faced starlet with massive chart-toppers, there are thousands of minor pop also-rans destined never to do better than a pity deep cut on Now, That’s What I Call Music! 48,901. Whether you chalk it up to bad timing, bad material, or bad luck, these underdog divas left only the briefest of impressions on the pop landscape, but we love them all the more for it. Pop divadom’s almost-wases and never-weres — we applaud your pluck!

Ali Lohan

Debut album: Lohan Holiday (2006)
Best Single: “Christmas Magic”
US Billboard Hot 100 Peak: n/a
Her Secret Weapon: The spirit of forgiveness and generosity pervasive to the holidays
Her Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “Think I saw her older sister doing a line of ‘snow’ in the background.”

Blu Cantrell

Debut album: So Blu (2001)
Best Single: “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)”
US Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 2
Her Secret Weapon: Solé and Mia on backup
Her Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “I remember when I did this to my ex, but the damn card got declined. #oops!”


Debut album: Hoku (2000)
Best Single: “Another Dumb Blonde”
US Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 27
Her Secret Weapon: The unparalleled backing vocals of TheHokuBot©
Her Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “OMG…I had this cassette. No, really, I still have this cassette.”

  • Daniel

    I feel like a lot of these songs were successful to be classified as “flops”

    • Gretchen Weiners

      Yeah, this is more like Buzzfeed, where some of it makes sense but overall it’s just an inconsistent crap list.

  • drew

    I’m upset with you, Idolator, for having Cassie on this list. Sure, she hasn’t gotten the major promo/attention she deserves, but she’s had more than 1 hit on the radio.

    Plus, her recent EP/mixtape Rockabye Baby, need I say more?!?!?!