Azealia Banks’ “Heavy Metal And Reflective” Video: Watch A Preview

Hip hop’s biggest never-was, Azealia Banks, is currently without a label. And you know what — she doesn’t really give a flyig f***. The other day Twitter’s biggest bully posted a still from the video for her upcoming independently-released single “Heavy Metal And Reflective” (out July 29). And now we have a super-short preview clip of what’s sure to be the visual of the year — or at least of the hour the day it premieres. (It is Azealia Banks, after all — the long-lasting attention span of the masses doesn’t really enter the picture.)

Head below to watch the (t)rapstress ride by a camera on a motorbike in the desert and — what else? — flip the bird.


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  • drew

    Throwing a middle finger in the air, and no music to be heard. Is this Azealia’s way of re-interpreting the last 6-8 months?

    But in a no-shade moment, I really am excited to hear her new music. She may be a hater, but the chick is hardcore awesome when it comes to her songs.

  • Gaspar

    this “blogger” sounds super butt hurt

    • MusiqLova

      Idolator always gets salty when they talk about Azealia. So what, she didn’t follow the blue print of a female rapper ( being signed to a posse lead by man/try to come up with the perfect balance of pop/hip-hop) Azealia is care free and full of talent. I do like Nicki, Iggy and Angel Haze but Azealia is actually my favorite, she’s refreshing and new…never boring! I’m glad she’s finally went the indie route!!

      • Buttercup

        She’s my favorite too. Whenever someone describes Azealia’s music, the word “refreshing” is always used lol, and it’s true. I think her next album should be called “The Fresh Princess” because she’s so fresh. Love love love Azealia Banks her music is just better than the rest. Sorry haters but it’s true.