Yawn. Diplo & Zedd Are Beefing (Again) On Twitter

Diplo & MØ reunite on 'Stay Open'
Diplo and MØ follow up 'Get It Right' with a new collab called 'Stay Open.'

Diplo and Zedd have been taking shots at each other since at least 2015. It all started when Diplo called his rival’s debut LP “a pile of shit,” before reigniting in 2016 when he accused the German of ripping off Flume. That was followed by an uneasy truce, which ended last night when Fellow DJ Max Vangeli jumped on Twitter to vent after being snubbed by MØ’s favorite collaborator. “Btw the biggest pussy dick in the game is @diplo I fly out to Hong Kong to support your pussy ass show and open for you and all you give me is ‘oh cool’ and turn around and talk to another hoe with your Herpy Dick,” he tweeted.

“Fuk off you clown ass bitch,” the DJ continued. “[Skrillex] left your ass for a reason.” Instead of minding his own business, Zedd replied with “100% truth,” which triggered a heated response. “I’m gonna give @Zedd 24 hours to delete his Twitter account or im going full Pusha T on him,” he tweeted in reference to the rapper’s Drake-vaporizing diss track. The “Lean On” hitmaker then responded to Vangeli. “Sorry bro when you asked for my autograph in Hong Kong I honestly thought you were just a fan I didn’t know you had also played the show really early, my bad.”

Diplo usually comes out on top of these Twitter duels, but Zedd can console himself by having one of the year’s biggest songs. Press play below.

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