From “The Way” To “Side To Side,” Ariana Grande’s 10 Best Videos

Ariana Grande has landed some serious hits since the launch of her career. And each time she conquers the charts, she pairs her release with a must-see video. Over the years, she has hosted luxurious costume parties, hit the gym and paid tribute to timeless eras in some of her most iconic moments. As we inch closer to the release of her highly anticipated new album, Sweetener, and celebrate her 25th birthday, it feels like the perfect time to reflect on her videography.

We’ve compiled a list of Ariana’s 10 best music videos below. Take a look and let us know if you agree with our ranking.

10. “Dangerous Woman” (A Cappella) – 2016

Ari draped herself in black latex, bunny ears and diamonds for an a cappella rendition of the titular track to her third LP. Performing the sexy bop in a sparse setting left the focus on the hitmaker’s iconic look and her soaring vocals, making for an absolute win.

9. “The Way” – 2013

The fresh-faced pop princess paired her breakout anthem with an adorable visual. In it she, collaborator Mac Miller and a crew of dancers joyfully performed as balloons rained down upon them.

8. “Bang Bang” – 2014

Hailed as the “Lady Marmalade” for a new generation of pop fans, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J delivered a suitably stylish video in support of their powerhouse collaboration. Draping herself in a white two-piece, the diminutive hitmaker danced under jewel-toned lights before uniting with her partners on the roof of a skyscraper for some divalicious antics.

7. “Right There” – 2013

After capturing the world’s attention with her bold debut, the budding superstar closed out an era by channeling Romeo and Juliet alongside her romantic lead Patrick Schwarzenegger and featured vocalist Big Sean. Boasting some of her most intricate costuming to date, she hosted a luxurious, Victorian-themed celebration and bucked years of tradition by providing Shakespeare’s iconic pair a happy ending.

6. “Love Me Harder” – 2014

Sultry. The Weeknd proved to be the perfect collaborator for the siren’s sexy My Everything single. And their chemistry is on full display (as is Ari’s iconic cat-ear headband) in the equally sexy video.

5. “Into You” – 2016

Love blooms in the desert in the pastel-hued video for one of Ari’s most critically acclaimed tracks. Escaping from the reality of her unlikable boyfriend, she and her dreamy bodyguard enjoy some intimate moments in abandoned parking lots, hotel rooms and empty bars. Putting an interesting spin on the euphoric track, the visual highlights the transformative power of love.

4. “Break Free” – 2014

After conquering Earth, Ariana Grande took her plans for intergalactic domination one step further in her delightful “Break Free” video. The self-assured diva delivers some iconic looks and shoots rockets out of her boobs in one of her most playful releases to date.

3. “No Tears Left To Cry” – 2018

The pop princess defied the rules of gravity in the visual for the lead single to Sweetener. Leaving heartbreak and tragedy behind, she executes some of her most intricately choreographed routines as a camera zooms around an austere cityscape.

2. “Problem” – 2014

Teaming up with Iggy Azalea for a carefree breakup anthem, the up-and-coming hitmaker established herself as one to watch with “Problem.” And the ’60s-themed video is a visually appealing, must-see affair.

1. “Side To Side” – 2016

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj hit the gym and deliver smoldering looks in the sexy spectacle that is their “Side To Side” video. The absolute banger received one of Ari’s most undeniably iconic visuals and leaves a lasting impression.

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