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Idolator Instant: Watch Ariana Grande’s Incredible Thigh-High Boot Game In Action

Aug 29th, 2014 // Comment
Ariana Grande thigh high boots MTV VMAs Video Music Awards red carpet 2014
...Made For Walkin'
Ariana On TODAY
Watch Grande perform on the morning show! Read More »

Whether it be through her videos for  hits “The Way,” “Problem” and “Break Free,” her myriad of award show appearances or the various stints she’s done on glitzy red carpets, My Everything pop princess Ariana Grande has been letting the world know loud and clear that when it comes for her accessories of choice, boots rank pretty high.

Her most recent outings with fancy foot- ‘n’ legwear on display have included the MTV Video Music Awards and her prime time performance of “Break Free” on America’s Got Talent. Above you’ll find a video we compiled featuring those and much, much more. More »

Ariana Grande Performs “Problem,” “Break Free,” “Bang Bang” & “Break Your Heart Right Back” On ‘Today Show’: Watch

Aug 29th, 2014 // Comment
Ariana Takes Over 'Today'
Ariana's 'Everything'
We review Ariana Grande's second LP, 'My Everything.' Read More »

This morning, The Today Show was in full-on Arianator mode.

My Everything pop darling Ariana Grande took over the stage this AM in a cute metallic skirt and top and matching stilettos (and that ponytail, of course!) to perform a whole bunch of tracks from her brand new LP.

The set included summer smash “Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea),” “Break Free (feat. Zedd),” a bit of “Bang Bang (feat. Jessie J and Nicki Minaj)” and the Diana Ross-sampling “Break Your Heart Right Back (feat. Childish Gambino).”

She also sat down with Matt Lauer to discuss her career, both as a pop star and Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon, staying close to her friends and family and whether or not she’s got a boyfriend (“I’m happy!” she quickly deflected). Check out all the performances, as well as the interview, after the jump. More »

Iggy Azalea Turned Down The Chance To Work On Ariana Grande’s Debut LP ‘Yours Truly’

Aug 28th, 2014 // Comment
Iggy Spills The Tea
Iggy + Rita Live
Iggy and Rita Ora performed at 'Pandora Presents'. Read More »

Iggy Azalea turned down the chance to work on Ariana Grande‘s debut LP Yours Truly because she mistook the pint-sized diva for a child. “She reached out to me for her first album,” the “Fancy” hitmaker revealed in an interview with “And I didn’t do it even though I thought she was amazing because I thought she was much younger than what she is.”

“When I realized she was so close to my age, I was like — wait you’re an adult!” the Australian rap queen continues. “I felt that my music was kind of so risque and I knew she had a Disney show… I didn’t feel it was appropriate but then I actually met her and I found out that she’s a grown-up and I was like ‘oh ok!’” The duo subsequently worked together on summer smash “Problem”, so all’s well that end’s well. Watch the amusing interview up top. More »

Redfoo Returns With “New Thang”: Watch The Sexy Sax Man-Featuring Video

Aug 28th, 2014 // Comment
Sexy And He Knows It
Oh, No, LMFAO!
LMFAO on stage, shirtless
The party-rockin' dance dorks are taking an extended break. Read More »

If you’re still mourning the loss of dance legends LMFAO (and, let’s face it, who isn’t?), new music from afro-toting frontman Redfoo is balm for the soul. “New Thang” is being promoted as the lead single from the 38-year-old’s debut LP — what does that make Australian chart-topper “Let’s Get Ridiculous”? — and features the talents of Sexy Sax Man.

Despite being the latest in an increasingly long line of “Talk Dirty”-inspired sax-heavy club anthems, Redfoo’s party jam is impossible to hate. (Feel free to try, though). The cheesy/amusing lyrics that made LMFAO’s music so much fun are present and the colorful video, which finds our hero putting moves on the ladies, is suitably irreverent. Watch up top. More »

Gorgon City’s “Unmissable” Video Details A Love Connection On The Dance Floor: Watch

Aug 28th, 2014 // Comment
Gorgon City Unmissable music video Zak Abel
Love Is Found On The Dance Floor
Gorgon's "Unmissable"
Hear the UK dance duo's pair-up with Zak Abel. Read More »

Across a room full of people dancing, a young man and woman make eye contact and begin to move toward each other. So begins the video for Gorgon City‘s “Unmissable,” the UK duo’s latest house-infused strobe light anthem off upcoming album Sirens (out October 7). We also see snapshots of the pair running in a dark space toward a blinding light, and later holding each other on the balcony of a building while staring into the sunset, as soulful vocalist Zak Abel belts out the lyrics to the moody club track.

By the end of the visual, everything literally comes crashing down around the couple. Can love survive, despite the danger lurking all around? Watch the “Unmissable” video above and decide for yourself. More »

The Chainsmokers Premiere Cinderella-Inspired Video For “Kanye”: Watch

Aug 28th, 2014 // Comment
She Wants To Be Like Kanye
Chainsmokers x Tove Lo
The duo remix Tove's "Habits." Read More »

There was simply no escaping The Chainsmokers‘ massive, ironic club killer “#Selfie” this year. So how could the duo follow up the massive success of their Instagram-friendly offering? With a little bit of inspiration, that’s what.

After premiering “Kanye” in early August, the accompanying visual for their surprisingly sincere new single is equally touching as it is rave-a-licious.

It’s a classic Cinderella tale, as a hotel maid toils away on the floor while two girls jabber in the bathroom (a hilarious nod to “#Selfie”) before ultimately deciding to slip into something a bit sexier while they’re out, head out on the town live life to the fullest, YOLO style. But fear not, she doesn’t go total socialite on us: Our gorgeous heroine eventually strips herself of the glamorous accoutrements, walks back home and returns to her family. The lesson? It’s all about knowing who you really are. (Ariana would agree.)

Check out the video for “Kanye” above. Does it make you want to rock a crown too? Let us know in the comments below. More »

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Announce They’ll Star In H&M’s Holiday Campaign: Watch

Aug 28th, 2014 // Comment
Gaga & Tony's Video
Watch "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." Read More »

Snowflakes are already falling, as far as the retail world is concerned. Music buddies Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga have announced that they’ll be the faces of H&M’s upcoming holiday campaign. The pair, who are set to release their joint standards album Cheek To Cheek on September 23 and will perform in a PBS special airing in October, appear in a short video that was posted to Gaga’s Instagram.

“Hi, everyone! Tony and I are excited to announce that we’re the stars of H&M’s holiday campaign,” Mother Monster says in the video, while donning a black, Cher-like wig. Tony adds, “That’s right — Lady and I, cheek to cheek with H&M for the holidays!”

So far no images from the campaign have surfaced, but watch Gaga and Bennett’s cute clip below and see if it gets you in the mood to shop. More »

Jason Derulo Premieres Colorful “Bubblegum” Lyric Video: Watch

Aug 28th, 2014 // Comment
She Just Wanna Pop!
Jason Derulo's "Wiggle"
He and Snoop Dogg throw a booty-filled pool party. Read More »

Jason Derulo has truly blessed us with so many gifts this year, from his inescapable, horn-heavy “Talk Dirty” to his equally inescapable, whistle-heavy “Wiggle.” And now, he’s teaching us The Art Of Blowing Bubblegum.

With his latest single, which is featured on the American edition of Talk Dirty and due to be released in Australia, the “Marry Me” entertainer meets a lady with a “ghetto booty” and a penchant for blowing — some bubblegum, that is. “She just wanna pop, pop, pop that bubblegum,” he merrily explains above a chugging hip-pop beat, which is as catchy as any of his other recent uptempo jams. That Derulo reign!

Check out the lyric video above, where you can count how many times Derulo sings the term “ghetto booty.” (Spoiler alert: It’s a lot.) More »

Sara Bareilles Loses Her Cool In The Latest Episode Of ‘Sound Advice’: Watch The Hilarious Exchange

Aug 27th, 2014 // Comment
Be Brave, Sara!
Blessed Unrest Review
Sara Bareilles Blessed Unrest
We review Sara's Grammy nominated 'The Blessed Unrest' Read More »

Sara Bareilles is the latest artist to (barely) survive an episode of Sound Advice — a hilarious web series starring Saturday Night Live‘s Vanessa Bayer. She plays a media coach to the stars, who spews bad advice and insults at an alarming rate. While most guests try to grin and bear it (Haim and Bastille), the Grammy-nominated diva can’t contain her fury. And it’s awesome.

After listening to jibes about her hometown and drama-free approach to music, Sara finally loses her cool. ”Do you want me to tell you what a fucking bitch I think you’re being right now?” she asks before defending her image with the amazing quip: “I wear leather. That’s hard!” The look on her face during the exchange is absolutely priceless. Watch the “Brave” hitmaker explode up top. More »

Grimes Hits The Desert For Post-Apocalyptic “Go” Video: Watch

Aug 27th, 2014 // Comment
Desert Shenanigans
Grimes' TV Debut
Grimes Genesis Late Night With Jimmy Fallon August 2012
Grimes makes her TV debut on Fallon with "Genesis". Read More »

Grimes has always marched to the beat of her own drum and that has never been more apparent than in Canadian diva’s mind-bendingly weird “Go” video. The 26-year-old hits the desert in the post-apocalyptic romp (which she also directed with her brother) and spends a lot of time waving a large sword around. She also poses in front of long sheets of fabric.

That description doesn’t really do it justice. The striking desert scenes are juxtaposed with nightclub action, which makes the video feel like Mad Max: The Musical. A collaboration with LA-based electro-wizz Blood Diamonds, “Go” was apparently written for Rihanna‘s new album. I can understand why RiRi rejected it — the song is too wild for her rigid brand of urban-pop — but it’s her loss. Watch up top. More »

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