Archives: November, 2007

New York Legal System Finally Catches Up With Fan-Unfriendly Akon
The Hidden Music Of Cassavetes’ “Faces”
Ron Goldman’s Father Suing The Pirate Bay
Live Nation Prepares To Unleash A Blizzard Of Changes To Its Structure
Who Arbitrates Arbitron?
Our Advertisers Are Stocking Up On Egg Nog
Stephen King Makes A Stand Against The Musical Dead Zone Of 2007
On ‘Thriller – 25th Anniversary Edition’
‘High School Musical 2′ Soundtrack Sales Might Fall Short of Original
Oasis’ Liam Gallagher: Master Prankster?
Irene Cara Can Light Up The Sky (And Her Headdress) Like A Flame
Tila Tequila a “Closet Straight”?
Looking Back On A Week Where We Started Taking Stock Of 2007 (And Watched The New t.A.T.u. Video A Few Dozen Times)
Is Every Major Going To Plunge Into The MP3 Waters?
MC Brian Wilson Kicks Game At The “Smart Girls”
Sherwood Investments Overseas Ltd. Offers to Buy Out Trans World
TAD Crushes Us, You, Everything In Their Path
Attention “Webiste Designers”: Courtney Love Wants You
Is Sony BMG Slashing Its Executive Ranks?
“Uncut” Sings The Praises Of <em>Sound Of Silver</em>
Lush’s Miki Berenyi: Still Awesome
Ashlee Simpson Becomes A Maneater
Popbitch on EMI Chair Guy Hands
Tay Zonday Is No Longer Something Kinda Polemic
Quiet Riot Frontman Kevin DuBrow Dies
R. Kelly: Still An Incorrigible Perv?
Lady Business: It’s Been A Good Year For Females On The Hot 100
Label cracks down on waste – starting with £20,000 of candles
Dolly Parton And Amy Sedaris Get To Livin’
“Urb” Keeps Things Brief With Lil Wayne
The Ghost Town DJs Wax Their Jeep, Bikini Lines
The Spice Girls’ New, Yet Not-So-New Look: Finally, Geri Has Put Away Her Abs
NME Gets Morrissey’s Panties In A Bunch Over Accusations Of Racism
Yet Another Idolator Pop 07 Reminder
Lil Wayne Engaged?
Universal Music Group’s Head Shmoo Gets Drawn And Quartered
Toby Keith: Not A Thief, Still Probably A Jackass
Warner Music Group and Frank Sinatra Family Partner on Historic Joint Venture
Hip-Hop: Now “Illegal” In Iran
t.A.T.u.’s New Video Shows That Even Ladies Of The Night Can Lead Firing Squads
Idolator Shivers With The Moms And Dads Of Paramore’s Fans
‘The Next Great American Band’ Top 5 Spoilers
Johnny Rotten At The <em>Guitar Hero III</em> Press Conference: Drunk, Disoriented, Or Just Being His Usual Charming Self?
Pharrell Opens BBC/Ice Cream Store In NYC
Idolator Meets Paramore’s Frozen Faithful
Nas Goes On Nose-Tweaking Rampage As He Drops More “Provacative” Hints About His Upcoming Album
“Spin” Bows Down To The Boss
“Decibel” Likes Pig Destroyer As Much As We Do
The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Contest Finds Love (And Lunch) Among The Pine Trees
Snoop Dogg Makes Best Video Of <s>2007</s> 1979
Wherefore Art Thou, Pitchfork?
Idolator Lets The Genie Out Of Our Brains
“Grandma” Singer Gets Run Over By A Lawsuit
Summers In New Jersey: Now With Their Own Off-Brand Lollapalooza
Ozzy Osbourne Sting Has Charitable Silver Lining
“Harp” Takes A Ride Down Okkervil River
In Which We Make A Late Afternoon Stop With The Quad City DJs
Will Journey’s New Frontman Actually Be A Frontchick?
Josh Groban Is Already Having A Pretty Happy Holiday
Alex Suarez Of Cobra Starship Asks: “Why Am I The Bitch?”
Dreaming A Little Dream Of Dream
Live Nation To Employees: Please Help Us Stock Our Bar For The Holidays
“Paste” Gives The National A Gold Star
Pig Destroyer Challenges Your Intellect And Indulges Your Inner Brute
The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Needs You
Elvis: Just As Gross As You Remember
“Magnet” Attracts A Bearded, Bespectacled Core
Vince Neil Can’t Catch A Break
Britney Spears To Return To The Music-Video Salt Mines
The Road To Crazy Town Is Apparently Paved With Crack
Missouri Stadiums Will Have No More Of This Rap Music
Being A Jam Band Fan: One Man’s Perspective
Robyn Thinks You Look Happy, And That’s Great
Mike Jones Would Like To Have A Word With You
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Help DTP In Our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Altruistic Radiohead Fan Refuses To Screw The Band Over (Before Everyone Else Does)
Doug Morris To Music Consumers: Please Don’t Cover Me In Onions And Eat Me
A Helpful Idolator Reminder: Brush Your Teeth Right Now
The Six Remaining American Bands Roll Around The Stones’ Catalog
The Jackson 5 Reunion: Let The Guessing Game Begin
Quiet Riot Lead Singer Passes Away
Which Alt-Country Act Was Discovered With A Coke-Covered Fingernail Up Its Nostril?
Hawthorne Heights Guitarist Discovered Dead On Tour Bus
The New My Bloody Valentine CD: Not Gonna Happen
L.A. Times Pens Reponse To Sasha Frere-Jones That’s Possibly More Infuriating Than Sasha Frere-Jones
Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour Definitely Not Happening In The Next Few Months
“Indie Rock Universe” Pull-Out Lights A Fire Under Anti-Tobacco Activist’s Butt
Another Casualty Of Rock Stars’ New, Boring Lifestyles: Hotel Cleaning Crews’ Billable Hours
T.I. Sure Did Enjoy Things You Could Shoot People With
Measuring The “Guitar Hero” Effect With A Faulty Ruler
The Wu-Tang Clan Confound Us With Their <em>Diagrams</em>
My Chemical Romance Would Like You (Yes, You) For Christmas
Sony Forced To Shell Out For $5 Million Worth Of Meat Loaf Over Thanksgiving Weekend
Project X Gets A Little Bit Country (And Brings The Family Along)
Mickey Avalon Now Set To Ruin Phones, Reruns Of <em>The Wayans Brothers</em>
Janet Reno Likes Devendra Banhart
Alicia Keys Completes Her Week-Long Romp By Topping Hot 100
Kelly Clarkson Screams For Vengeance, Charity
The Brown Zune: For The Person On Your List Who Deserves Something Slightly Better Than A Lump Of Coal
Our Advertisers Also Dozed Off A Few Times During The American Music Awards
t.A.T.u. Really Milking Its Pregnant Member’s Protruding Belly For All It’s Worth
This Just In: Kids Enjoy Rock Music More Than Piano Lessons?
The Latest In Phony Sex Tapes: Production Values! Pete Wentz! That “Hell’s Kitchen” Chick!
Marilyn Manson’s Weird-Ass Yard Sale: Now Slightly Weirder
Looking Back On A Week Where We Attempted A Country Crossover
Maurice Sendak’s Legal Team Roars Its Terrible Roar And Gnashes Its Terrible Teeth At Fall Out Boy
Many Dumb Decisions Continue To Catch Up With Hawthorne Heights
Queensryche: Rip-Off Artists?
Big Black Deep-Fries Its Turducken In Some Kerosene
Amway Makes Ill-Timed Entrance Into The Music Business
Did T.I. Have His Rights Violated By The Federales?
“Blender” Looks A Little Bit Familiar
Ne-Yo: Cocky Punk Or Cocky Punk With More Talent Than R. Kelly?
Give Thanks: Creed Is Never Getting Back Together (So Long As Alter Bridge Is Making Money)
No One Can Keep Alicia Keys From The Top Spot
The Specials Get Lost In A Ghostly Part Of Town
The Slash Biopic: Some Names Will Be Changed To Project The Drugged
Marnie Stern’s Hidden Meanings
The Romantics Have No Love For <em>Guitar Hero</em>
Artists To Photographers: “Move Out Of The Way, You’re Blocking The Cameraphones”
Jon Bon Jovi’s “Project Runway” Appearance: So Much For That Country Crossover
Jilted Keyshia Cole Fan Takes His Complaints To YouTube
Confusingly, America Is Suddenly Interested In Lil Romeo Again
<em>New York Times</em> Looks At Popular Music, Notices Whole “Niche Marketing” Thing
Neil Diamond To World: “Sweet Caroline” Was A Kennedy
Billboard Music Awards Get Put Out To Pasture
Jermaine Dupri Is Willing To Screw You Over For The Sake Of A Good Album
Red Hot Chili Peppers Sue Agent Mulder, Some Guy Who Worked On <i>Dawson’s Creek</i>
American Music Awards Afterparty Sounds Almost As Bad As The Show Itself
Mudhoney Makes, And Breaks, The Donuts
Ian Astbury’s Led Zeppelin Fanboyism Gets The Best Of Him
Fall Out Boy Now More Capable, Less Fun (?)
Suede Make The Pain Go Away
The Notorious B.I.G. Murder Case: Now Recycling Old Theories With Exciting New Guest Stars
Who Knew That You Could Tango To Fall Out Boy?
Lenny Kravitz Wants To Give You A Ride
Gina Gershon Invites You To Pet Her Pussycat In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Alicia Keys Breaks Out The Air Horns
Britney Spears Banned In France For Violating Good Taste
No More Music: Now More Than Ever, A Good Idea
Jonas Brother Sends An S.O.S. Out To The American Music Awards’ Set Designer
Would You Pay $4,000 For A Rolling Stones T-Shirt? (Pit Stains Thrown In For Free)
Someone Out There Still Cares About Music Critics’ Opinions
Kid Rock: Not Worthy To Be On Skinemax
Franklin Bridge Gets Sent Back To Philadelphia
Idolator Pop 07 Update
Blake Lewis Invents New Form Of Pop, Rides Falkor
Kindly Reminder To Famous Musicians: Pay Your Taxes
Amy Winehouse Is Out To Destroy Own Life, Entire Continents
New Commenting Features Allow You To Feel Like Somebody’s Watching You At All Times
Has The Guardian Finally Come Up With A Best Albums List It’s Impossible To Argue About?
Of Montreal’s T-Mobile Ad: Cell Phone Companies Now Pandering To The Blog Demo
Lupe Fiasco Designs Some Mystical Body Art For The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Idolator Live-Blogs The American Music Awards: You Don’t Have To Be Good, You Just Have To Be Popular
A Wedding And A Few Funerals: Guns ‘n’ Roses Video Showdown!
The Decline And Fall Of West Coast Pop Punk
Prince Brings Up Unresolved Issues For MSNBC Writer
Our Advertisers Have No Position On The Legitimacy Of The Fergie Sex Tape
Will Led Zeppelin Be Loading Up On Sunblock For The Summer Festival Circuit?
Country Music Biz Will Hold Its Breath Until Garth Comes Back
Slash Does Not Like Parallel Parking, Human Contact
Digg Readers Have Some Issues They’d Like To Discuss With RCRD LBL
Familiar Guest Editor, Brand New Day
Looking Back On A Week Of Sex, Lies, And Musicians’ Body Parts
Let’s Take A Moment To Be Frightened Of John Tesh
Zune Sell-Out Forces Us To Reconsider Future Of MP3 Players, Faith In Humanity
Let’s Do It Again: Announcing The 2007 Idolator Pop Critics Poll
The English Are Nice Enough To Catalog Our Dance Crazes For Us
How Is The Internet So Box Deficient?
50 Cent Committed To Decrying Questionable Standards Applied To Sexism, Homophobia, Pointless Violence
I Love Me Some Me: The “Worst Village Voice Media Music Writer” Contest Continues
Orange County New Year’s Eve Bash Less Death Cab-y Than Expected
Idolator’s American Music Awards Live-Blog: Because It’s Still Better Sunday Night TV Than <em>American Dad</em>
Even Don Imus Can’t Ruin The Best Cable Network For Music
Helalyn Flowers Sucks Face, Metal, And Ass In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Band Of Horses: Not Shills, Just Boring
Lupe Fiasco Invites Listeners To Smear Him With Ketchup And Bite Down Hard
Plain White T’s Show No Mercy, Plan To Continue Making Music
Deluxe Extra Special Editions Of Big Albums: The New Ringles?
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees Continue To Make Cranky Rock Critics Even Crankier
Chris Brown Is A Very Well-Dressed Spreader Of Christmas Cheer
RCRD LBL Drags MP3 Blogging Into Semi-Legitimacy
My Bloody Valentine To Appear In A Room Together Next Summer
Britney Spears’ New Video: Surprise, It’s Delayed
He’s N Luv (Wit the Radio): Flo Rida Gives T-Pain Umpteenth Hot 100 Smash
Courtney Love Ready To Embrace Digital Future (Typing Lessons Not Included)
Man Lays His Hands On Hannah’s Hardbody … For Six Days
Outraged Aaliyah Fans Take To The Internet To Stop Beyonce
Idolator’s Tribute-Video Treasury Wonders, “What The Hell Are We Doing Here?”
Amy Winehouse’s Show Last Night: Disaster Or Only A Semi-Disaster?
PLUG Awards Keeping The Bases Covered
Enslaved Gets Introspective, Weightless
Celine And Alicia Fight It Out On Target’s Shelves
Weezer: Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Daryl Hall Invites The Internet Over To His House For A Little Pre-Holiday Cheer
Artificially Intelligent Guitar Able To “Tune Itself,” Destroy Human Civilization
Gene Simmons Gives The People A Lesson In Economics
Fake Fergie Sex Tape: Most Unappealing Fake Sex Tape Ever?
Uncle Kracker: A Beater But <em>Not</em> A Molester
Warner Music Group CEO Makes Kissy Faces In Apple’s Direction
Oasis Refuse To Acquiesce To Changing Music Biz
The New(ish) Maroon 5 Video: No One Gets Killed (Hooray?)
Ginger Spice’s Abs: The New Source Of All That Girl Power
Fall Out Boy’s Thighs: Because Naked Fergie Wasn’t Enough Today
Have The Russians Obtained Top-Secret <em>Blender</em> List?
Jay-Z Is America’s Favorite Gangster (This Week)
Queens Of The Stone: Not Approved By The AMA
Jon Bon Jovi And LeAnn Rimes: The (Hopefully) Burning Bed
Teenage Girls (And Their Mothers) Line Up To Meet, Potentially Defile Pete Wentz
Idolator Observes Four Minutes Of Non-Silence For Ol’ Dirty Bastard