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Idolator’s Hottest 30 Under 30: 6-1

We’ve reached the end of our Hottest 30 Under 30 list today (as if you couldn’t tell by the heat emanating from your computer screen). This week we’ve tipped our hats to the young artists making their mark on the music scene right now. So far we’ve celebrated everything from a glitter bomb and a sparkling American Idol alum to a Harajuku Barbie. And now we finish our list with a California girl, a Canadian crooner who knows how to take a punch and a country girl who always gets the last word. See who came in first as the hottest young pop star walking the planet.

Idolator’s Hottest 30 Under 30: 12-7

The temperature keeps rising as we move down our list of the 30 Hottest Pop Stars Under 30. This week we’ve already celebrated a boy band that always seems to be glad we came, a fashionable X Factor judge and a Pittsburgh rapper who believes in working as hard as he plays. As we being to wind down our countdown, we move on to a Canadian rapper who makes us proud, five young Brits who make us feel beautiful and a country siren who blows us away. Jump into our gallery to see who cracked the Top 10.

Idolator Hottest 30 Under 30: 18-13

We’re back with our roundup of the young, hot talent making their way through the pop world right now. In our week long look at the brightest pop stars — some of whom have barely made it through puberty — we’ve seen a new mom with a new stage name and Jay-Z‘s newest protege. Today brings us a British boy band, a Canadian songbird that adorably just slipped us her digits, and a polarizing siren we simply can’t get enough of. Check out our gallery to see which artists made the next round of our Hottest 30 Under 30 list.

Idolator’s Hottest 30 Under 30: 24-19

All this week, we’re spotlighting 30 young musicians that are moving and shaking the music world — before hitting their Quarter-Life Crisis. We kicked off our list yesterday with a spunky 11 year old and a British “Primadonna”, and today we move on to rap’s mermaid, an EDM giant with a signature hairdo and a Kiwi who would like nothing more than to “Settle Down”. Check out our second installment of this week-long celebration of pop music’s Hottest 30 Under 30 as we round out the Top 10 and head into the teens.

Idolator’s Hottest 30 Under 30: 30-25

If you’ve noticed the temperature rising, believe us when we say that it’s not just the August heat — these young pop stars are also to blame. The latest wave of young talent to come onto the scene have made us stop and take notice. So all this week we’re rounding up 30 artists that all have two things in common: Their music makes us want to crank up the volume, and they’ve yet to hit their 30s. Kicking off our countdown we’ve got a Bay Area raptress with a disdain for designer labels, an angelic Aussie and one Sparkle-y American Idol alum. See who’s kicking off our Hottest 30 Under 30 list in the gallery above, and stay with us all week as we count down to #1.