Alice Cooper

Watch Alice Cooper Cover Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” At Bonnaroo

Ke$ha Gets Satanic On Alice Cooper’s “What Baby Wants”

Ke$ha On Alice Cooper’s “What Baby Wants”: Hear A Snippet

The Morning Mix: Ke$ha To Play The Devil On Alice Cooper’s Album

The Morning Mix: Ke$ha To Guest On Alice Cooper’s New Album

Ke$ha And Alice Cooper Rock Out To “School’s Out” In Oslo

‘American Idol’: Lee DeWyze Wins, Simon Says Goodbye And, Oh, The Performances!

Statler And Waldorf Prepare Their Best Balcony Critiques For “Muppets Remastered”

statler_waldorfThe beloved motley crew known as the Muppets will continue its curious hookups with the pop-music world next year with the release of Muppets Remastered, a covers album on which artists of today will cover Muppets-warbled tunes of yore. According to a Muppets fansite two tracks on the comp have been announced: Weezer will pay homage to its music-video co-stars with their take on “The Rainbow Connection,” while the Fray is going to take on “Mahna Mahna” (which I fear will have the unfortunate side effect of putting poor old Rowlf to sleep). I guess it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to think that the always-synergistic Lady GaGa will somehow be involved—perhaps she will sing, and perform a water ballet, to “Miss Piggy’s Fantasy”, and thus spark a big Lady-on-Miss row? More »

Golf-Playing Rocker Laments Preppy Indie Dudes’ Lack Of Balls

57654230Oh, c’mon Alice! Can’t you and the dudes in Vampire Weekend at least bond over your shared love of wearing brightly colored shirts under your sweaters? Jeez. [Noisecreep] More »

Alice Cooper To Hit The Midway

kermitaliceaw0In today’s wrapup of headlines: Alice Cooper prepares to come face-to-face with fried foodstuffs, Lil Wayne gets litigious, Chris Brown goes back to court, and the Wu-Tang Clan is still together. More »

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