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Megan & Liz Take Fan Requests & Perform Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry & More: Watch

All The Hits
Megan & Liz may be proper pop stars now (have you heard “Release You”?), but they got their start the old-fashioned way — singin’ songs on YouTube, including their own renditions of oft-covered hits. So when the girls stopped by Idolator HQ last week, it was imperative that they turn out performances not only of their new single “In The Shadows Tonight” but also a few snippets of fan-requested hits. When they took to Twitter to field requests from fans, things got real interesting.

Yes, the sisters Mace put their signature vocal spin on Demi Lovato‘s “Heart Attack,” Katy Perry‘s “Unconditionally,” Aly & AJ‘s iconic “Potential Breakup Song” and Taylor Swift‘s “All Too Well” — but stick it out through the end to see an extra taste of another hit single. More »

78Violet (Formerly Aly & AJ) Talk Name Change & New Direction: Watch

78Violet Name Change MTV Interview Video
Everyone’s favorite pop duo 78Violet, formerly known as Aly & AJ (except around my office, where they were known as Godly & SlayJ), have started making the promotional rounds as they begin their comeback — they’re playing a show in Los Angeles tomorrow (June 25) and one in New York on July 9 — and a first stop was a visit to MTV, where they talked about their name change and the new direction they’re taking sonically.

Awesomely, it sounds kind of supernatural and New Age-y and cool to hear Aly explain it: “[We wanted] to find kind of that third element to who we are when we’re onstage, that other voice that is created when the two of us sing together in unison or in harmony,” she said. “78violet is that feminine alter ego when we’re onstage.” Whoa.  More »