Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell Is Long Since Found (And Still A Little Lost)

Speaking of gently mournful musical comfort food from idiosyncratic quasi-pop minds with impossibly unique high-register voices: Hopefully a steady reissue program and a major 21st-century bump in his press profile means more than a few Idolator readers are already familiar with the work of Arthur… More »

Second Spinning 2007 With Three Kinds Of Groove

R-821999-1176515085.jpegUntil the end of the year–hey, that’s only four posting days!–we’ll be devoting our Second Spin column to running down albums from 2007 that somehow slipped through the blog posts, great records that we never got to mention until now. If you’re looking for something to spend that iTunes gift card or record store certificate (do they still do that?) on, consider these our late-breaking recommendations. We start with three underground dance LPs, two of them full of up-to-date club cuts and one that dropped 25 years ago and may out-groove (and definitely out-freak) them both.

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A 14-minute re-edit of Arthur Russell’s sublime disco classic “In the Light of the Miracle” from the godlike scissors of reel-to-reel master Danny Krivit adds a little bit more classic funk (horns, bongos, shakers, electric piano, chikka-chikka guitar) and a steadier beat to Russell’s cosmic… More »

Stuck On Repeat: Tracey Thorn Does Not Want You To Fight It

Out Of The Woods is the first solo album by Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn since 1982, and it’s quickly shaping up to be one of our favorite albums of the year so far–it’s simultaneously world-weary and beat-heavy, and the opening song sounds like it was plucked from Margo Guryan’s… More »

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