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5 Seconds Of Summer Rehearse In The Nude: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: 5 Seconds Of Summer member Calum Hood caused a stir when he snapchatted a video of his erect penis to a fan but the Australian band isn’t done with their nude antics. Luke Hemmings tweeted a pic of the guys rehearsing in the nude and it got over 70,000 retweets. [Gossip Cop]

:: This is more excitement than we can handle. Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have not one but two collaborations on the way. A song called “Avalanche” is expected to be on the crooner’s album, while another track “Afterglow” was recorded more recently. [MTV]

:: Vanessa Hudgens was a bridesmaid at Ashley Tisdale‘s recent wedding to Christopher French. It’s good to see the High School Musical alumni/retired pop divas are still tight. [Just Jared]

:: This will put a smile on your face. Ellen DeGeneres recreated Nicki Minaj‘s eye-popping “Anaconda” video on her talk show and the rap diva showed her appreciation in a tweet. [Rap-Up]

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Ashley Tisdale Drops New Single “You’re Always Here”: Listen

Here’s the thing: Ashley Tisdale‘s 2009 opus Guilty Pleasure is one of those terrific, mostly-forgotten noughties pop records with a lot of crunchy Swedish production that just took what all of her contemporaries were doing and refined it; it’s aggressively derivative and there’s nothing original about it, but who cares? It’s a tremendously catchy and likable dance-pop set.

She doesn’t quite hit the mark on her new single “You’re Always Here,” a one-off return to music that pays tribute to her late grandfather; Tisdale wrote the track with her fiance Christopher French and it’s, well, a little gloopy. The synths are a little tinny, and her vocals are perfectly serviceable but nothing spectacular, and the lyrics are very sweet and sentimental but kind of generic — it’s basically an off-brand “Brightest Morning Star.” More »

Ashley Tisdale Announces “Special Project” (Which Kinda Looks Like A New Single)

Ashley Tisdale, the erstwhile queen of pop (okay, so she was never the queen of pop, per se, but Guilty Pleasure is still one of the best pop albums of the late noughties), has finally rewarded fans’ patience after four long years without new tunes: The songstress posted something on Twitter that certainly looks like cover artwork for a new single, with the cryptic message: “7 days…… 12/16 #YoureAlwaysHere #specialproject.”

So what is this special project? Well, it’s probably a song called “You’re Always Here,” and it looks like it involves her, wrapped in a sheet, with flawlessly tousled beachy waves and dark, heavy eye makeup, and frankly, if you need to know anything more than that to be certain that this is a noteworthy occurrence, you’re wrong. More »

Justin Timberlake – Not On His Suit & Tie Shit At Myspace Party In LA

We’re guessing there were no mirrors in Justin Timberlake‘s hotel room last night (June 12). The usually suave singer turned up to the Myspace relaunch party looking less than his best – leaving sexy at home with a beanie and dull grey shirt.

While the guy who heralded the rebirth of the social networking giant with a tweet kept it casual, other guests went to a little more effort. JoJo showed off her toned abs, Vanessa Hudgens rocked a similar outfit to Miley Cyrus – only without the crazy pants – and Nervo brought some high fashion glamour to the red carpet. More »

Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber To Release Collaboration?

Remember when Usher took the fresh faced Justin Bieber from YouTube and helped him on the path to becoming one of today’s biggest popstars? It looks like the Biebs is paying that forward with fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen, who he recently signed to Schoolboy Records — another reason why he’s the coolest 18-year-old around. But that’s not all. It looks like the two have been making some sweet music together. More »

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez And More Lip Dub Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”

Carly Rae Jepsen just found out that one of the perks to signing with Scooter Braun’s label, Schoolboy Records, is that Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and friends will make a music video to your latest single. The 26-year-old Candian Idol alum tweeted , “Um… Call Me Maybe is #45 on US iTunes Charts. Floored!” while packing for her first trip to L.A. to meet with JB and his manager. She followed up with, “And this is why: Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Star In This New Video For Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe!!!” Watch as the Biebs, Sel, Ashley Tisdale, Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush and their pals goof off at home in this lip dub. More »

Ashley Tisdale Whines Through Her Funny Or Die ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Spoof

Ashley Tisdale (nice to see ya again, Ash!) is a pro at acting like a snotty, self-involved drama queen, as she played mean girl Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical franchise. And Tisdale uses that expertise to play the part of 25-year-old beauty queen Makenzie in this Funny Or Die Toddlers & Tiaras parody video. The clip is so hilarious, you’ll forget for a moment that people like Makenzie and her mother actually exist. Vid below. More »

Demi Lovato Talks To Ryan Seacrest About Her Issues, Receives Rave Tweets

Just like an actual “Skyscraper,” Demi Lovato must be feeling on top of the world right now — or, at the very least, at the top of the charts. The 18-year-old songbird has hit a towering achievement with her emotional new single, which is receiving positive reviews and rave tweets from her famous peers — everyone from Katy Perry to Pete Wentz to Selena Gomez. Of course, it wasn’t always all sunshine and smiles for the beachwear beauty — the young star opened up to E!’s Ryan Seacrest about her eating disorders, issues with cutting, and more in an interview. Watch it below, then see what some fellow musicians had to tweet about “Skyscraper.”

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Ashley Tisdale’s New Album: If It’s Too Loud, You Have Ears

The musically omnivorous site Popdose reviewed High School Musical-spawned starlet Ashley Tisdale’s Guilty Pleasure, and the report, despite having the subtitle “How Bad Can It Be?”, is actually not all that bad: Writer Jack Feerick has fun playing what he calls “Spot The Influence” with the album and marveling at its unhingedness, although he hates that the act of listening to it has unwittingly dragged him into the Loudness Wars that previously trapped people who committed the crime of wanting to listen to Metallica’s Death Magnetic:

What’s not so fun, though, is listening to all the songs in a row; that’s just kind of exhausting. The album fades in on the sounds of an orchestra tuning up, and it’s the last moment of unprocessed, acoustically-produced sound you’ll hear for the duration. I probably sound like a cranky old man pissing against the tides of modernity, but it’s God’s own truth. I find myself energized by listening to a spacious recording of live instruments interacting, but the hot, hyper-compressed mix of Guilty Pleasure literally fatigued me. Look at the waveform on this.


Everything’s in clip, and even at a low volume, after a while my ears just wanted to fold themselves shut. The vocals are the worst of it, multi-tracked, pitch-shifted, and quantized from here to sonority. The inescapable synthetic quality is enough to send me out to a karaoke happy hour, just to be reminded of that sound unprocessed human voices. It’s soul music for Cylons, and as a default setting it gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies.

That waveform is for the track “How Do You Love Someone,” which does indeed have that Velveeta feel that super-processed pop has these days:

What I’m wondering is: Is there a pop song out there with an even more clippy waveform? And—and this is just some idle speculation being thrown out on a Friday afternoon, which I might very well pick up on later—how is the creation of these fatigue-inducing albums having an effect on peoples’ ability to consume pop music over semi-lengthy periods of time, by which I mean “the length of an album, or even of a commercial-free block on a Top 40 radio station”? Tisdale’s album, just for the sake of throwing statistics into the mix, sold 25,000 copies in its first week—hardly High School Musical numbers. Sure, correlation isn’t causation, but the fact that these super-sweet aural confections aren’t exactly doing gangbusters in the marketplace is certainly worth bringing up.

Ashley Tisdale, “Guilty Pleasure” [Popdose]

Ashley Tisdale Is A Good Girl Gone Not-Quite-Bad

Our look at the closing lines of the week’s biggest new-music reviews continues with a roundup of reactions to Guilty Pleasure, the second solo effort from High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale:

• “That is, until the realization flashes that this, like so much in Tisdale’s career, is a careful pose from a showbiz kid who relishes performing so much she’ll try anything just along as she can stay on the stage. That attitude can be a little grating in High School Musical, because it was amplified in the character of Sharpay Evans, but here it largely works because her total commitment to the game can result in some truly fun disposable pop. Not everything works—Tisdale isn’t convincing when she tries to deal in either pain or carnality, but when she sticks to the surface, she makes sure that Guilty Pleasure lives up to its title. ” [Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide]

• “But for a young woman eager to repudiate her pearly white past, songs like this no longer qualify as radical. Coming out as an adult is as unimaginative as remaining a child. ‘Wake up in your bra and your makeup,’ Ms. Tisdale, an average singer, gasps on ‘Hot Mess.’ ‘I’m leaving every piece of my conscience behind.’ But being bad, it turns out, is sort of boring.” [Jon Caramanica, New York Times]

• “Unfortunately, Guilty Pleasure isn’t one, in part because it plays it so safe. The only glimmer of personality is glimpsed in ‘Hair,’ where Tisdale discourses for three minutes on the joys of having her tresses turned inside out by her boyfriend. Outside of that sure-fire slumber-party hit, she sounds like a perfectly shampooed showbiz product.” [Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune]

• “At 24, though, she’s still treading an overly familiar pop-rock trail already better blazed by 16-year-old Miley Cyrus, and Guilty Pleasure isn’t so much pleasurable as simply vapid. Independent-girl anthems like ‘It’s Alright, It’s OK’ and ‘Delete You’ are glossy enough, but it would be better still to see Tisdale finally graduate.” [Leah Greenblatt, EW