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Fergie’s Axl Rose Obsession Leads Her To Cover ‘Paradise City’


It’s been a minute since we first learned that Fergie had added her leather-clad booty to the treasure trove of artists contributing to Slash’s upcoming debut solo outing, Slash & Friends. She’s in a pool with guesting Slash pals that includes such rock luminaries as Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Dave Grohl and—where you been girl?— Nicole Scherzinger.

Prefix has posted a clip of Fergie and Cypress Hill’s reinterpretation of Guns N’ Roses’ classic “Paradise City” from Slash & Friends—and, yes, it’s just as kitchen-sinkish as the best/worst stuff on Chinese Democracy. Hear it after the jump! More »

Guns N’ Roses’ Stance On That Copyright-Infringement Lawsuit: It’s Our Music, But If It Isn’t, Blame The Recording Engineer

chinesedemocracyGuns N’ Roses are going to “vigorously contest” claims that they ripped off German electro-composer Ulrich Schnauss for the ambient intro to their song “Riad N’ The Bedouins,” a dispute that’s currently the source of a million-dollar lawsuit filed last week. (A million dollars may seem like a lot of cash for an album that had such a soft landing on the retail scene, but then again, the album’s production costs were probably way higher than that.) GNR manager Irving Azoff released a denial that’s both vehement and somewhat masterful: More »

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