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Beyonce’s “7/11″ Video Is A Homemade Masterpiece Complete With Killer Choreography & Bathroom Twerking: Watch

Bow Down To The Queen!
Beyonce Is The Richest Woman In Music
Beyonce Is The Richest Woman In Music
Beyonce was named the top earning woman in music by 'Forbes' magazine. Bow down!

When it comes to breaking the internet, Beyonce is in a league of her own. After changing the way music is promoted and released forever with her pioneering visual album, the 33-year-old just made a mockery of your fave’s big budget videos by dropping a hilarious, do-it-yourself visual for “7/11″. Seriously, this looks like it was filmed on Queen Bey’s iPhone but it’s still hands down the best thing you will see today (November 21) or, quite possibly, ever.

The lead single from the diva’s Beyonce reissue is a divinely ratchet club-banger that left some dazed and confused by its furious production and crazy lyrics. (It’s too next level for basics). You’d expect the video to be an elaborate, choreography-heavy extravaganza, right? Nah. Bey made the video in a hotel room. She busts out some insane dance moves on the balcony — wearing no make-up, panties and baggy sweater — before indulging in some sexy bathroom twerking. She then gets wild with her girls in the hallway. It’s absolutely everything and you need to watch it now. More »

Beyonce’s “Standing On The Sun (Mr. Vegas Remix)” Is Here: Listen To The Finished Studio Version

Beyonce Drops "7/11" And "Ring Off"
Beyonce Drops "7/11" And "Ring Off"
Beyonce is serving up two new tracks on the Platinum edition of her visual album. Take a listen to the gems.

While most of the Hive is furiously pussy popping to new club bangers “7/11″ and “Ring Off”, the third new (but not really, at all) cut on the Platinum edition of Beyonce‘s pioneering visual album also surfaced online. If you can believe it or not, we finally have a finished studio version of “Standing On The Sun”. Unfortunately, it’s the Mr. Vegas remix that leaked more than a year ago — Bey can be so petty — but it’s been cleaned up a bit since then.

As much as I love the reggae-flavored overhaul, it doesn’t come close to the original. The Sia-penned, Greg Kurstin-produced anthem is the number one single/signature song that Beyonce couldn’t be bothered to release. That decision is still hard to fathom but at least the euphoric anthem is now officially part of the diva’s discography. Albeit in a somewhat diluted capacity. Listen to the studio version of “Standing On The Sun (Remix)” after the jump. More »

Beyonce’s “7/11″ & “Ring Off” Singles Are Now Here: Listen

'Beyonce' Platinum Edition Box Set: Official Tracklist
'Beyonce' Platinum Edition Box Set: Official Tracklist
The singer's album repackaging is filled with goodies!

Snippets of Beyonce‘s new singles (“7/11″ and “Ring Off”) from her Platinum Edition Box Set have been circling the Internet for a few days now, but now the full versions have leaked! The 30-second clip of “7/11″ was definitely not promising, and listening to the track in its entirety doesn’t make it any better. The try-hard, club-ready tune sounds like a demo found in the trash of the Unapologetic studio. Beyonce’s vocals are embarrassingly run through an autotune machine, as she talks about getting TURNT.

The better track is obviously “Ring Off,” which is a heartfelt tribute to her mother — Miss Tina Knowles. Beyonce sings about how she now understands her struggles of being in a failed marriage and all the sacrifices she made for her family. Now that she took that “ring off,” Tina is much happier and is enjoying live more than ever. More »

Beyonce’s “Ring Off” Tune From Her Platinum Box Set Has Surfaced: Listen To A Snippet

Beyonce's New "7/11" Single Has Surfaced
Beyonce's New "7/11" Single Has Surfaced
Take a listen to the snippet from her Platinum Box Set!

The release of Beyonce‘s Platinum Box Set of her fifth studio LP is just around the corner, but we’re already getting sneak listens of the new songs! A snippet of “7/11″ surfaced this morning, and now a preview of the second tune — “Ring Off” — has found its way online.

This song sound way more promising than the ratchet mess that was “7/11,” as it finds Beyonce crooning on the island-tinged, bass-heavy production. It sounds like a cut from her debut LP Dangerously In Love, in the best way possible. Look out for the singer’s box set on November 24.

Take a listen to “Ring Off” after the jump! More »

Beyonce Will Reportedly Release New Single “7/11″ Next Week (Update: Listen To A Snippet!)

#Beyhive, prepared to get your wigs snatched! According to AllAccessBeyonce will be releasing her next single next Tuesday (November 25). Titled “7/11,” the track can be found on the singers upcoming Beyonce Platinum Edition Box Set. Produced by the Grammy-winning Ariel Rechtshaid, the tune is set to impact urban radio in the U.S. The beatmaker has previously worked with Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Blood Orange and even Solange — so hopefully we can expect a quirky, pop sound from Beyonce.

The singer’s jam-packed Platinum Edition Box Set arrives November 24, and features two new songs — “7/11″ and “Ring Off.” It also includes four remixes with guest artists Nicki Minaj (“***Flawless”), Jay Z and Kanye West (“Drunk In Love”), Pharrell Williams (“Blow”) and Mr. Vegas (“Standing On The Sun”). Aside from the new tracks, the box set isn’t all too exciting. Let’s be honest, we were all waiting for something like this! Update: A snippet has arrived. Listen below! More »

Solange Throws The Best Wedding Ever — Dances With Son To “No Flex Zone” & Makes Beyonce Sit On The Floor: 7 Pics

Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet by showing her oily butt on the cover of Paper magazine but Solange Knowles came much closer last night (November 16) when her quirky wedding photos went viral. (That could explain why Kris Jenner jumped on Instagram to throw a little shade, but more about that later). Why did the pics cause such a stir? For starters, there’s the hipster element.

The 28-year-old diva and her 51-year-old husband-to-be Alan Ferguson rode to the ceremony on pimped-out bicycles. They also wore matching white outfits and tied the knot in a spooky/chic New Orleans venue. The newlyweds should be the absolute worst but the whole event was so flawlessly executed that you can’t help but be in awe. Other highlights include someone having the audacity to make Beyonce sit on the floor and Tina Knowles becoming a Twitter sensation for looking sexier than anyone has a right to at the age of 60.

While the wedding exuded hipster chic, the reception seemed more relaxed. Solange even entertained guests by dancing to Rae Sremmurd‘s breakthrough hit “No Flex Zone” with son Julez. (Watch their slick moves after the jump). As for Kris Jenner? Well, she clearly didn’t like the attention the Knowles clan was getting and posted a picture of her own family in all-white outfits. Needless to say, her mentions became a bloodbath. More »

Jennifer Lopez Is A ‘New York Times’ Best-Selling Author: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Jennifer Lopez, already a triple threat, has become a New York Times best-selling author with her first-ever book. True Love, a memoir, divulges intimate details of her high-profile relationships with the likes of Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. [NYT]

:: Britney Spears hosted a #6SecondsOfSpears Q&A over the weekend. Fans learned what she orders at Starbucks, what she keeps in her purse, and what she wants for Christmas this year. [Twitter]

:: Rihanna‘s #R8 could be arriving “closer than anyone realized,” according to music industry insider DJ Skee. He also claims that a new Beyonce single will arrive this week. [SPIN]

:: Prince invited rising R&B auteur FKA Twigs to his Paisley Park studios to perform a surprise show on November 15. “Words cannot express my feeling right now,” a spectator said. [Okayplayer]

:: Pitbull is among several Latin acts performing at the Calibash festival, January 24 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale November 21. [Billboard]

:: Lifetime’s Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B debuted over the weekend, to a slew of criticism from viewers. (Star Alexandra Shipp‘s singing was just one of their many concerns.) The biopic’s producers admitted that the fury “was hard to ignore, but you can’t dwell on it.” [The Washington Post]

Find out what music you can catch on TV below.  More »

Beyonce Music Featured In Latest ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Trailer: Watch

50 Shades Of Grey Trailer
All Tied Up
Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" In 'Fifty Shades' Trailer
Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" In 'Fifty Shades' Trailer
Bey's hit gets a makeover. "Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh.."

At this point, we might as well call it Fifty Shades Of Bey.

The frequent surprise-dropping songstress supplied us with a dramatic and moody makeover of “Crazy In Love” for the film’s first trailer, and now, songs from BEYONCÉ are being featured prominently in the latest advertisement for the S&M-themed film.

A new trailer for the movie made its debut during last night’s Scandal, and features elements of both “Ghost” and “Haunted.” The seductive cuts from Yoncé’s 2013 LP make for a perfect pairing with the intensely sexual and suspenseful scenes from the film, which is due out in theaters on February 13 next year.

Will Bey be supplying the film’s entire soundtrack at this rate? Let’s hope so. Check out the latest trailer up top, and let us know what you think of the pairing in the comments below. More »

Beyonce Received Her Own Category On ‘Jeopardy’ Last Night

Game Show Queen

Well, Beyonce‘s ever-blossoming career has just reached another milestone! Last night (November 11), the singer had her very own category on Jeopardy. It was so popular, in fact, that it made it into the game show’s annual “Tournament Of Champions” round, in which the season’s longest-running winners battle it out.

To an average #Beyhive stan, the questions were super easy. Even the contestants had no problem answering them correctly, except for one. They included Cadillac Records, Destiny’s Child, Blue Ivy and “Drunk In Love” for the grand $1000. View a clip of the category after the jump! More »

Battle Of The Booty: Vote Between Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea & More

Yesterday night, “Jam (Turn It Up)” chanteuse and Mrs. Kanye West herself Kim Kardashian set the Internet ablaze with her Jean-Paul Goude-shot Paper Magazine. It is, in a word, bootyful.

And, with that particular cover, Kim also successfully Konfirmed that 2014 truly was The Year Of The Booty: From Kylie Minogue‘s sexy “Sexercize” to Yoncé‘s good grips on her azz with “Partition” to Nicki Minaj‘s A$$-tastic “Anaconda” to Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea‘s “Booty” (obviously), the backside got all the lovin’ this year.

But now, we must determine something very serious: Who’s booty reigns supreme among them all?

Check out our gallery of some of the year’s most booty-tastic moments from our fave pop stars, and place your vote below — and be sure to leave us a cheeky message in the comments. More »