Black Keys

Lady Gaga Takes Shelter With Rolling Stones At New Jersey Concert: Watch

Lady Gaga And Rolling Stones Spend The Night Together

Indie blues dudes the Black Keys are tentatively down with the idea of doing a collabo with Naugahyde-y, septuagenarian-beloved crooner Rod Stewart after the sixtysomething made eyes at them during a recent interview. More »

In Brief: Potentially (Really) Wonky Collaboration Ideas

The Black Keys, the blues-rock/country-punk/hyphenated-something duo from Ohio, have agreed to let Danger Mouse ride the faders on their 2008 album. More »

Is Danger Mouse Courting The Black Keys To Back Ike Turner?

We’ve been hearing that Danger Mouse, the impresario behind galactic overlords Gnarls Barkley, may be trying to collaborate with the Black Keys–and we also heard that Ike Turner was involved. More »

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