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Kris Allen, David Archuleta And More ‘American Idol’ Alumni Reunite For ‘THR’

Though most people dread their high school reunions, the American Idol reunion hosted by The Hollywood Reporter seems like it'd be a party not to miss. The entertainment mag managed to get 29 Idol alumni, split from across all ten seasons, into one room for a class photo. Season 10 faves Pia Toscano…
By: Becky Bain / June 9, 2011

Blake Lewis Travels Back To The Pre-“American Idol” Era

American Idol's season-six runner-up Blake Lewis has a new single out, and the timing is certainly curious, what with that season's winner Jordin Sparks releasing her new album Battlefield this week. (Come to think of it, I also got a press release about that season's third-place finisher Melinda Doolittle this week! If I get…
By: Maura / July 22, 2009

What Was Your Last Visit To A Big-Box Retailer’s Music Section Like?

Last night I visited my local Target, and I decided to swing by its ever-shrinking music section just to see what was going on. What I saw were a lot of depleted shelves (including the new-release area, although that might have been waiting for today's supply of Black Eyed Peas discs), many copies of Kanye…
By: Maura / June 9, 2009

What Your “American Idol” Also-Rans Are Up To: A Guide

Sure, this weekend saw reigning American Idol...
By: Maura / November 3, 2008

Arista Drops <i>Idol</i> Runner-Up Blake Lewis After Less Than A Year

Ruben Studdard released three albums before getting dropped. Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee got a year and a half on their post-Idol contracts before being let go. Now 2007 American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis has been cast away by Arista, less than a year after they announced signing him. How long will Jive give…
By: anthonyjmiccio / June 23, 2008

Like many of us, last year's beatboxing Idol runnerup Blake Lewis thinks that this season's lip-licking chosen one, David Archuleta, is kind of boring, an opinion that's led to a firestorm in the comments section of American Idol oracle
By: Maura / March 24, 2008

Blake Lewis Hates “This Is My Now” Just As Much As We Did

With two and a half weeks to go until the 2008 American Idol season premiere, 2007 alums Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis are making the rounds promoting their freshly released albums, both of which are slowly sliding down the charts. While Jordin is playing radio-sponsored shows and having her "promise ring" namechecked on top 40…
By: Maura / December 27, 2007

Avert Your Eyes: It’s The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament’s Elite 8

Above, your quarterfinalists in our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament. Themes that I am noticing are common: Inappropriate chewing; the color purple; clouds and stars (but no green clovers); more bad fonts than you can shake a copy of The Print Shop at. Also of note: only one of the cover subjects i…
By: Maura / December 20, 2007

The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Is Under Attack By The Photoshopped Purple People Eaters

The final battle in our Bad Photoshop bracket is dominated by a certain color, but which pukey purple powerhouse will go on to be crowned the winner? Personally, my bet's on Perry Farrell payload of pure puce poo-poo, one of the few covers in our tournament that can make the vile violet of Blake Lewis'…
By: jharv / December 20, 2007

The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Turns Its Back On Blake Lewis

Today's second entry in the Bad Photoshop bracket pits Coheed And Cambria's No World For Tomorrow against Blake Lewis' Audio Daydream, two covers that have led to more great jokes from the comments section than perhaps any others in our tournament so far! Seriously, Trapper Keeper gags, flashbacks to the days of school photos, a…
By: jharv / December 17, 2007

The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Takes A Squiggly Path

Welcome back to our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament, which has already provided us with a few tight races, a few blowouts, and many, many amazing comments from the ballot-casting public. Today we close out the first round of voting in the Bad Photoshop Bracket with two covers that look like…
By: Maura / December 10, 2007

Blake Lewis Visits The “Make Your Own Video” Booth At Adventureland

Say what you will about the tie-dyed, color-inverted video for the American Idol runner-up's first single from Audio Daydream, but it's at least more interesting--in a "what the heck has he been smoking to obliterate his memory of the fact that he sang 'This Is My Now' in public?" way--than Jordin Sparks' anemic "Tattoo" clip.
By: Maura / December 6, 2007

Blake Lewis Invents New Form Of Pop, Rides Falkor

American Idol beatbox boob Blake Lewis gave MTV a preview of his forthcoming debut album, an album that belongs to a "new genre I made up" called "2080" that's "a mix of all the great pop music that's inspired me." Oh, and his description of one song is almost as scary as hi…
By: jharv / November 19, 2007

Blake Lewis Breaks Anotha Copy Of Photoshop As He Enters The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race

Above, more proof that Blake Lewis hasn't really learned a lot about the art of subtlety since his days of adding beatboxing to every single song he performed on American Idol. Two shots of his face in that patented school-photo "full-on-slash-profile" style! A headphone jack that looks like it's about to turn on him and…
By: Maura / November 8, 2007

Blake Lewis Makes A Break For It

ARTIST: Blake Lewis TITLE: "Break Another" WEB DEBUT: Oct. 30, 2007…
By: Maura / October 30, 2007

Today In Shifting Release Dates: Make Sure To Use A Pencil

Perhaps sensing that today would be a good day to put out bad news since people who cover music would be kinda distracted, release dates for three sorta-big upcoming albums were shifted today. (News that Mary J. Blige's Growing Pains was also pushed back has also been making the rounds, but this post…
By: Maura / October 10, 2007

“Idol” Tour Merchandisers Lose Out On Potential Revenue From Sanjaya Wigs And T-Shirts

Among the 34 items for sale at stops on this summer's American Idols Live tour: T-shirts featuring Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks (the other eight touring Idols are, sadly, not silkscreen-worthy); $50 hoodies that are, for some reason, imprinted with a guitar, and not the faces of the Idols; a $10...
By: Maura / July 20, 2007

Blake Lewis' cover of "You Give Love A Bad Name" has sold 192,000 digital copies to date--that's 15,000 more than Jordin Sparks' craptastic coronation song, "This Is My Now." Also, 500 people actually paid money to have a Haley Scarnato song on their computers?!
By: Maura / July 19, 2007

We Listen To The Finalists’ EPs So You Don’t Have To

After Jordin Sparks was crowned this year's American Idol last night, iTunes rushed into action, putting out five-song EPs that collect studio versions of songs from the finalists' repertoires this season. After the jump, we review the collections, and even imagine what Simon would say when each record was through.
By: Maura / May 24, 2007

Blake Lewis And Sir Mix-A-Lot Give New Meaning To The Phrase “Idol Gives Back”

Today is homecoming day for American Idol finalists Melinda Doolittle, Blake Lewis, and Jordin Sparks--the three will travel back to their hometowns and announce one of their song selections for next Tuesday's episode, with one of the judges in tow.
By: Maura / May 11, 2007