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Kris Allen, David Archuleta And More ‘American Idol’ Alumni Reunite For ‘THR’

Though most people dread their high school reunions, the American Idol reunion hosted by The Hollywood Reporter seems like it’d be a party not to miss. The entertainment mag managed to get 29 Idol alumni, split from across all ten seasons, into one room for a class photo. Season 10 faves Pia Toscano and Casey Abrams were in attendance, as was Kris Allen, the only former winner to make it to the reunion. Jump below to watch the alumni talk about their time on the show, what they’ve been doing since, and their thoughts on the new, nice judges. More »

Blake Lewis Travels Back To The Pre-”American Idol” Era

American Idol‘s season-six runner-up Blake Lewis has a new single out, and the timing is certainly curious, what with that season’s winner Jordin Sparks releasing her new album Battlefield this week. (Come to think of it, I also got a press release about that season’s third-place finisher Melinda Doolittle this week! If I get any Antonella Barba news, you’ll know that publicists are all trying to ride the gravy train.)

Lewis’ “Sad Song” was apparently produced by BT, who some of you may remember as the man behind ‘N Sync’s “Pop,” and it certainly has a throwback feel—the only tip that it might be a song produced during the current millennium, and not the 1980s, is the heavy processing on Lewis’ vocals. Sadly, though, there’s no beatboxing. A clip of the track is below:

Blake Lewis – Sad Song [YouTube]
Blake Lewis [MySpace]

What Was Your Last Visit To A Big-Box Retailer’s Music Section Like?

Last night I visited my local Target, and I decided to swing by its ever-shrinking music section just to see what was going on. What I saw were a lot of depleted shelves (including the new-release area, although that might have been waiting for today’s supply of Black Eyed Peas discs), many copies of Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak, and the fully-stocked display of Sony MusicPass cards that has remained pretty much intact since last year’s holiday season, save one card for Blake Lewis’ Audio Day Dream that was moved into the country section because someone was either trying to be “funny” or realizing that the whole MusicPass thing was pretty much a dumb idea and ditching it before they went to the checkout lanes. There were also two people in there browsing CDs!

You might not be surprised to learn that they were together, and they were looking at a Hilary Duff album while discussing her apperance on Law & Order: SVU earlier this year, and not her music. I have no idea if they bought the album, though, because I got distracted by the DVDs, which were much better organized, and even had their own area of items that were on sale–as opposed to the “new releases” area of the music section, which was haphazardly organized, full of empty space, and pockmarked with “for-sale” flags. Sure, part of that can be blamed on the comparatively higher volume of titles for sale, but once again, I was reminded that this is the future of music retail for people who don’t live in urban areas, yet want to actually venture out of their house in order to acquire music. And it made me wonder: Are things like this everywhere–or are they even worse? Isn’t it kind of an achievement that record sales are now at mid-’90s levels, given that there are so many fewer physical spaces where shoppers can even find what they’re looking for these days?

Also, how was that Blake Lewis card still there and not marked down? I am going to assume that Sony isn’t allowing returns on those cards at all, but c’mon, that is shelf space that could have been used for Law & Order DVDs, which were distressingly absent from Target’s shelves.

What Your “American Idol” Also-Rans Are Up To: A Guide

Sure, this weekend saw reigning American Idol champ continue Saturday Night Live‘s run of making even the most technically proficient musicians sound like they were plucked from some third-tier cover band night right before they went onstage. And the whole Jennifer Hudson tragedy is stomach-churningly sad, although Hudson herself is apparently “staying very, very strong.” With that in mind, here’s what other members of the Idol extended family are up to these days…

• Season Three runner-up Diana DeGarmo is “now involved” with the wrestling outfit TNA, and making awkward appearances on Howard Stern’s Sirius show that involve her being asked out by midgets. [ProWrestling.Net]
• Season Six runner-up Blake Lewis is recording covers of A Flock Of Seagulls that are subsequently mixed very awkwardly. (There’s no beatboxing, either, although the cover is so bad that I’m starting to think the beatboxing might have helped.) []
• Season Six third-place finisher Melinda Doolittle finally has an album coming out, and it’s apparently pretty good! [Idol Chatter]
• Season Five runner-up Chris Daughtry is going to be on Oprah tomorrow. In honor of Election Day… even though he’s a prime example of someone not winning an election, yet going on to become a preferred candidate. Yeah, I don’t know, either. [Daughtry Official]
• The liner notes appended to David Archuleta‘s forthcoming album clock in at 3,500 words. Maybe he’s gearing up for NaNoWriMo? [PopWatch]

Arista Drops <i>Idol</i> Runner-Up Blake Lewis After Less Than A Year

AP071217030965.jpgRuben Studdard released three albums before getting dropped. Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee got a year and a half on their post-Idol contracts before being let go. Now 2007 American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis has been cast away by Arista, less than a year after they announced signing him. How long will Jive give David Archuleta to find a niche? Six months?

Lewis claims that he never wanted to sign to a major in the first place (I mean, who goes on American Idol wanting corporate assistance in becoming rich and famous?), but whether it’s a sign that execs aren’t going to suffer some “creative control” fool following Kelly Clarkson’s My December, or that one shot is all you get in the current marketplace, news like this will probably make next year’s contestants even more complacent about actually winning the competition once they’ve made the top 12 and achieved enough name recognition to shop for a label that will let them live out whatever their ridiculous artistic ambitions are.

The question remains: what will become of Blake Lewis? Will he find a home willing to encourage his whimsical ways? Will the lack of the necessary flash and budget force him to abandon his dramatic R & B and settle for a Broadway cameo? While the answers are blatantly “nothing much,” “no,” and “maybe he can play Prez in The Wire: The Musical,” I feel sorry that we’ll probably never see a freak like him reach so high on American Idol again.

Blake Lewis Dropped From Arista [MJ's Big Blog]
Blake Lewis – Break Anotha [Dailymotion]

AP080306037765.jpgLike many of us, last year’s beatboxing Idol runnerup Blake Lewis thinks that this season’s lip-licking chosen one, David Archuleta, is kind of boring, an opinion that’s led to a firestorm in the comments section of American Idol oracle Given that one of the combatants in this sorta-feud has Doug E. Fresh in his corner and the other has a scary stage dad in his, I’d think that the side of righteousness would be easy to pick out, but apparently there are lots of people out there who disagree. Vehemently. And they’re not afraid to make fridge magnets to show which side they’re on. []

Blake Lewis Hates “This Is My Now” Just As Much As We Did

blakeeeee.jpgWith two and a half weeks to go until the 2008 American Idol season premiere, 2007 alums Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis are making the rounds promoting their freshly released albums, both of which are slowly sliding down the charts. While Jordin is playing radio-sponsored shows and having her “promise ring” namechecked on top 40 stations in preparation for for her big, Idol-crossovertastic Super Bowl appearance, Blake is stopping by MTV and letting the people know that he pretty much knew he wasn’t going to win the show as soon as he heard the first note of this season’s coronation song, the Verizon campaign-ready piece of Christian-lite-rock treacle “This Is My Now”:

BW: When you first heard “This Is My Now,” the ballad you had to perform during the finale, did you think you were toast?

BL: Oh, totally. Me and Jordin went in a room with some guy who was producing that song and I was like, what the f– is this? This is a piece of s–. And you’re not going to let me arrange it? OK, cool. Thanks guys. I didn’t want to win American Idol anyway; I wanted to get second. Then we found out we had to learn it in, like, three days or something ridiculous. It was dumb. [Laughs.] It was just like, are you kidding me? It was really a piece of crap song. And the guys who wrote it were like, we’re sorry, dude.

BW: It seemed totally unfair…

BL: When I found out they wouldn’t let me change it, I was like, you’re kidding me. I mean, my range is alright but … I don’t do power ballads. And if I do, I write them and tailor them to my voice. But this one, I was just like, ummm… So I totally just, like, brushed it off and picked a key that I shouldn’t have picked. But it didn’t matter. Honestly, I picked Jordin to win during Hollywood Week.

Oh, sure you did, Blake. Like you’re going to admit in public that you were secretly betting on Antonella Barba from day one?

Exclusive: Blake Lewis Talks About Getting Screwed On ‘American Idol’ [MTV Buzzworthy, via MJ’s Big Blog]

Avert Your Eyes: It’s The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament’s Elite 8


Above, your quarterfinalists in our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament. Themes that I am noticing are common: Inappropriate chewing; the color purple; clouds and stars (but no green clovers); more bad fonts than you can shake a copy of The Print Shop at. Also of note: only one of the cover subjects is smiling, although it is Toby Keith, so you know that he’s just doing it to be an ass.

Here’s how the final three rounds are going to work: Today and tomorrow, we’ll have the bracket faceoffs. Christmas Eve will kick off the semifinal round–because what’s more suited to the holidays than looking at some aesthetic travesties?–and voting for that round will close at 11:59 p.m. next Wednesday, Dec. 26. Then the finals will begin next Thursday at 10 a.m., with voting closing–and a winner being declared–sometime around noon on New Year’s Eve. (Jess and I have a half day and I’m certainly not going to spend my first minutes of 2008 mucking around with our poll software.) Anyone have thoughts on a prize that we can send to the No. 1 offender’s art department? Perhaps a Spirograph?

Earlier: The tournament so far

The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Is Under Attack By The Photoshopped Purple People Eaters

inspacenoonecanhearyouturnpurple.jpgThe final battle in our Bad Photoshop bracket is dominated by a certain color, but which pukey purple powerhouse will go on to be crowned the winner? Personally, my bet’s on Perry Farrell payload of pure puce poo-poo, one of the few covers in our tournament that can make the vile violet of Blake Lewis’ Audio Daydream look pleasing to the eye.

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The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Turns Its Back On Blake Lewis

coheedthedaydream.jpgToday’s second entry in the Bad Photoshop bracket pits Coheed And Cambria’s No World For Tomorrow against Blake Lewis’ Audio Daydream, two covers that have led to more great jokes from the comments section than perhaps any others in our tournament so far! Seriously, Trapper Keeper gags, flashbacks to the days of school photos, a K-Pax shout-out, Frank Frazetta and Double Dragon and Matt Foley references… these two monstrostities have really inspired y’all. But alas, only one may advance to the next round.

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