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Lea Michele Covers ‘Teen Vogue’, Says Cory Monteith Inspired Her Debut Album

Lea Michele covers the March issue of Teen Vogue — looking soft and pretty with her long locks pulled into a loose bun. The Glee starlet talks to the magazine about her debut LP Louder, specifically how boyfriend Cory Monteith inspired her to pursue a music career before his untimely death.

“He would be like, ‘You’re going to be a pop star! What are we going to do? Are we going to, like, go on the road?’” she reminisces. The actor would even give her feedback on studio sessions. “He heard every song and gave me his notes on everything,” Lea confides. “He loved ‘Battlefield’…[but] I would say ‘Burn with You’ was his favorite. He came into the studio that day.” See more pics from the budding diva’s photo shoot and a behind-the-scenes video after the jump. More »

‘Glee’ To End After Next Season, According To Series Co-Creator Ryan Murphy

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy just dropped a bombshell on Gleeks, announcing that next season will be the series’ last. Speaking at a conference Wednesday night (October 16) honoring FX, Murphy said his FOX show will end after its sixth season in 2014. While the death of the show’s co-star Cory Monteith has forced Murphy to scramble for a new ending, he indicated that season six was already the endpoint he had in mind.

“The final year of the show, which will be next year, was designed around Rachel and Cory/Finn’s story. I always knew that, I always knew how it would end,” Murphy told TV Line. ”I knew what the last shot was, he was in it. I knew what the last line was, she said it to him. So when a tragedy like that happens you sort of have to pause and figure out what you want to do, so we’re figuring that out now.” More »

‘Glee’ Says Farewell to Finn Hudson, Pays Emotional Tribute To Cory Monteith

A Final, Emotional Goodbye
Last night’s third episode of the fifth season of Glee was the one fans of the show have been both anticipating and dreading, as it was the long-awaited goodbye episode for the late Cory Monteith. These characters who express their every waking thought through song managed to give their beloved Finn a musical sendoff that would certainly have made him smile, while making the rest of us reach for the tissue box repeatedly.

“The Quarterback” opens with the entire cast decked in black, in stark contrast to their usual brightly-colored outfits. We learn that it’s been several weeks since Finn’s funeral, with the original Glee gang returning to school to help Will put together a memorial for their departed friend. Despite Principal Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) doing her best to crack wise, it’s clear the cast is having a difficult time getting through this episode. Oh man, this is tough to watch. Especially when Puck (Mark Salling) tears out the tree planted in Finn’s memory out of anger and sadness.

Together, the entire gang sings “Seasons Of Love” from Rent at the prompting of Will (Matthew Morrison), in order to pay the first tribute to their late friend. He tells them, “Memorialize him the way we only way we know how – by singing.” For the rest of the episode, each original cast member has an opportunity to memorialize Finn with a song or a moment alone. More »

Lea Michele Finally Speaks About Cory Monteith & ‘Glee’ Farewell To Finn Episode

Tomorrow night (October 10), Glee will say farewell to Finn Hudson — and the actor who played the football-star-turned-glee-club-hero, Cory Monteith — in the third episode of Season 5, “The Quarterback.” Showrunner Ryan Murphy had previously spoken about how difficult it was for the cast and crew to shoot the episode. But the one person who’s been somewhat quiet since Monteith’s death in July is, understandably, his girlfriend both onscreen and off, Lea Michele.

The actress, who played Rachel Berry opposite Finn for four seasons, finally spoke about Monteith — quite beautifully, actually — as well as tomorrow’s tribute episode. More »

‘Glee’ Cory Monteith Tribute Episode: Hear “Make You Feel My Love” & The Rest Of This Week’s Songs

This Thursday (October 10), Glee will address the death of series regular Cory Monteith in its “Farewell To Finn” episode titled “The Quarterback.” At a screening of the season premiere of American Horror Story: Coven, Glee co-creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy discussed the difficulties of putting the tribute episode together.

“Brad [Falchuk] and Ian [Brennan] and I wrote that episode and Brad directed it, and those performances that you’ll see … almost everything in that episode is from the first take of every performance,” Murphy said at the event, as reported by The Huffington Post. “The actors and the crew had a really hard time shooting it. I’ve never seen a crew that you can’t continue shooting because they’ve left the room sobbing. It was very hard.” More »

Naya Rivera Covers The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young” For ‘Glee’ Cory Monteith Tribute Episode: Listen

Glee celebrated the music of The Beatles with a two-part Season 5 premiere, but this Thursday’s (October 10) episode will take a more somber tone, as the time has come for the series to acknowledge the death of actor Cory Monteith, and pay tribute to his character Finn Hudson. The promo clip alone for the episode, titled “The Quarterback,” is enough to get the waterworks running. Now MTV has premiered Naya Rivera’s cover of The Band Perry‘s “If I Die Young,” which will be sung by her character Santa Lopez this week. (Listen here.)

Other songs featured in the episode, according to MTV: “Make You Feel My Love” (originally by Bob Dylan, covered by Adele) performed by Lea Michele‘s Rachel,  “Seasons Of Love” (Rent) performed by the full cast, “I’ll Stand By You” (The Pretenders) performed by Amber Riley‘s Mercedes, “Fire & Rain” (James Taylor) performed by Chord Overstreet‘s Sam and Kevin McHale‘s Artie and “No Surrender” (Bruce Springsteen) performed by Mark Salling‘s Puck. Longtime Gleeks may recall that Monteith also performed his own version of “I’ll Stand By You,” in the Season 1 episode “Ballad.”

‘Glee’ To Say Farewell To Finn: Try Not To Sob Through This Promo Clip

matthew morrison lea michele glee cory monteith farewell to finn death the quarterback 2013 season 5
A Final Goodbye
With Glee‘s two-part, Beatles-themed Season 5 premiere now out of the way, the inevitable time has come for the show to acknowledge the death of series regular Cory Monteith, as well as his character Finn Hudson. Not that there’s ever “good” timing in a case like this, but it’s a particular shame that the last we saw of Monteith on the series, toward the end of Season 4 (in the episode “Sweet Dreams”), wasn’t an episode that somehow seemed all that poignant as far as his character goes.

The above promo clip for next week’s episode, aptly titled “The Quaterback,” shows various members of the McKinley High student body reacting to the death of Finn while we hear Lea Michele‘s character Rachel Berry singing a particularly somber rendition of Adele‘s version of “Make You Feel My Love.” More »

Cory Monteith’s Full Coroner’s Report Released

Over two-and-a-half months after his death, the British Columbia Ministry Of Justice has released the details of Cory Monteith‘s coroner’s report. The 31-year-old Glee star was found dead,”in a collapsed position” at the Vancouver Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel on July 13 at approximately 12:00 p.m., according to the official report.

Investigators on the scene turned up no evidence of foul play. Monteith “had been dead for several hours,” according to the report, and “a spoon with drug residue and a used hypodermic needle, along with two empty champagne bottles and glasses” were found. More »

‘Glee’: Season 5 Premieres Without Cory Monteith & Teaches That All You Need is Love

All Together Now
With many eyes on the series following the tragic death of star Cory Monteith, Glee finally returned for Season 5 after a slightly-delayed production schedule. The passing of Monteith and his character Finn Hudson won’t be dealt with until the third episode of the season (which is aptly titled “The Quarterback”), and so the otherwise-upbeat premiere was all about “Love Love Love” of the Beatles variety.

Head below to see how the Fab Four’s music played out in Glee‘s first outing of the season. More »

Jane Lynch Pays Tribute To ‘Glee’ Castmate Cory Monteith At The Emmys: Watch

jane lynch cory monteith tribute emmys 2013
Touching Words On TV's Big Night
Amidst the celebration at the 65th Primtime Emmy Awards last night (September 22), there were several touching tributes to fallen TV actors that played out during the broadcast. One such segment was dedicated to Glee‘s Cory Monteith, who passed away in July. Castmate Jane Lynch, a past Emmy winner for her portrayal of the series’ conniving coach Sue Sylvester, did the honors.

“This summer, on our show Glee, we suffered a painful death in our family,” said Lynch. “Cory Monteith played Finn Hudson, a star quarterback turned wide-eyed, heartfelt glee singer. And from the first time you saw Cory, he had a star quality and a genuine sweetness that made it impossible not to fall in love with him.” More »