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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

This past weekend, Dan Deacon played a show at the Masquerade in Atlanta that ended…poorly. The club cut him off mid-set, and mild chaos ensued. Deacon fans were livid at the club, but the DJs who were scheduled afterward said that Deacon and Co. (and the opening band) went over their allotted time. Now you may think that cutting off Dan Deacon for a DJ is a bad idea, but there are schedule times for a reason, and I tend to think that everybody deserves their shot. (That’s why I don’t run a club.) I’d be willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt over the Masquerade’s management, but his Athens show was also two hours late in getting set up as well. You can read a few sides to the story here and here.

Still, slow set-up times are one thing. Show cancellations are another thing altogether.

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Dan Deacon’s upcoming Baltimore-centric tour will hit seven cities on 14 dates, with each city getting an “eyes night” (music that is “spiritual, dreamy, etc.”) and a “feet night” (artists who cause people to “dance, thrash, or otherwise move around”). More »

Greyhound’s Attempt To Get “Edgy” Backfires Worse Than One Of Its Rickety Old Buses

Postcard1.jpgYesterday a member of the band WZT Hearts discovered that his group was featured in an XLR8R ad for Greyhound–the ad was in the form of four tear-out postcards (reprinted above) that had shots from concerts by WZT Hearts, Dan Deacon, Ruins, and Team Robespierre on the front, and little blurbs about the bands, as well as the bus company’s logo, on the back. Needless to say, the artists were not pleased to find out that their likenesses were being used in this ad campaign unbeknownst to them (especially since implied endorsements like this seem to be more and more common these days), and Deacon unleashed this anti-Greyhound salvo via MySpace’s handy bulletin feature:

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The Best (And Worst) Of Day One

anotheranimal.jpgEach day at CMJ we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the best (and worst) shows we happened upon. On day one, we gave into the power of Christian grunge and probably contracted some sort of skin disease from the couches at a Brooklyn house party in search of underground thrills.

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This Just In: MP3 Blog Readers As Awful As Shock Jocks

We all love internet memes. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t devote so much of our waking lives to cataloging lolcats or figuring out whether we’re currently saying “wau” or “waht.” But when one-note Web jokes escape from being trapped behind a laptop screen and into the pop cultural bloodstream, I start cringing. Case in point: atrocious crooner Tay Zonday, another sad case of an “Internet celebrity” who’s at best accepted that polite derision from America might be his only chance at stardom. Which was fine when he was being mocked/celebrated by cultural boils like Opie and Anthony and Jimmy Kimmel, far away from anywhere I’d be forced to pay attention. But now he’s decided to start intersecting with my day job, kicking off his music career by perfoming his first show in Minneapolis with internet faves Girl Talk and Dan Deacon:

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Idolator Sweats It Out at Whartscape

This weekend I said goodbye to Baltimore at Wham City’s second annual Whartscape festival–three days of peace, love, music, and the kind of shirt-soaking, pants-sticking-to-your-extremities heat known only by those on vision quests in Native American sweat lodges. More »

Dear “Stereogum Readers”: Stop Spamming Us About Dan Deacon

Today we have recieved multiple emails from watchful street teamers tipsters alerting us to a friggin’ link Stereogum posted on friggin’ Monday to a pretty embarrassing interview in Ignore Magazine with Baltimore electroni-cat Dan Deacon that features hiiiii-larious inquiries like “How do you… More »

Baltimore Dance-Punk Drills His New Song Into Your Head

There was a time when dance-music writers used the words “Woody Woodpecker beats” pretty frequently, to describe rhythms so fast and annoying there was no way you could dance (and sometimes, listen) to them. Leave it to Baltimore synth-punk Dan Deacon to take the analogy a step further. More »

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