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A Moment Of Gratitude (With An Assist From Big Star)

As you might have noticed, this is a bittersweet week around here; because of budget cuts, we’ve had to say goodbye to pretty much all the Idolator contributing writers, from columnists to daily bloggers. The site is going to go on as a solo project of sorts, although the news cycle might run at a slightly slower pace. I just wanted to take a moment on this crappy day to thank everyone who’s contributed to the site during my tenure, from the people who helped me sift through the news cycle every day to the columnists, each of whom expanded the focus of the site. More »

partofthelistToday on WNYC’s music-centric show Soundcheck, which airs at 2 p.m. ET: Idolator’s Dan Gibson expands on his reconsideration of Record Store Day in a “smackdown” segment where he’ll be pitted against the general manager of New York City stalwart J & R Music. (NB: Ne-Yo will not be there, unless he calls in.) [WNYC] More »

Elvis Costello Continues A Series Of Curious Career Moves

When you’re Elvis Costello, you certainly have the luxury of doing largely whatever you please. Record an album of opera? Sure. Reissue your catalog three times? Whatever. Marry a borderline smooth jazz singer? Maybe that was a bit too far, but who am I to judge? More »

I’ve Officially Lost Touch With Urban Youth Culture

I like to think of myself as having my finger on the pulse of youth culture (not literally, as per my agreement with the state of Arizona). When I spent a evening at the local skating rink, I managed to keep up with the pre-drinking age DJ’s and their “Does The White Guy Know Urban Music?” quiz. But reading through the radio charts this morning, I realized quickly that T-Pain is releasing music quicker than I can hear it at this point.

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The Legacy Of Elvis Must Be Defended!

joggingelvises.jpgElvis fans, as you might have guessed, are a bit of a nutty breed. When I was the sort of person who collected and sold records, a woman begged me to sell her a copy of the soundtrack to Roustabout. (Actual begging, I assure you.) She needed it, apparently, to complete her collection of all the Elvis soundtracks. I ended up giving it to her, partially to get her to go away. But to actually consider that there are people out there collecting Elvis soundtracks, as if the movies themselves weren’t bad enough, is somewhat staggering, which may be why it didn’t surprise me to see the latest front of Elvis-related insanity.

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Lyor Cohen Gets A Raise, World Officially Insane

thisistheonlylyorcohenpictureicouldfind.jpgFirst, Edgar Bronfman, now his right-hand man, Lyor Cohen. You’d actually think that Warner Music Group was a successful organization in the midst of a growth industry, the way they’re handing out raises to executives around there. While it’s not an especially good time to be a WMG employee, if you’re Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO, everything’s coming up golden parachutes and roses.

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One Man’s Innovative Tour Is Another Man’s Depressing Career Move

Times aren’t generally good for the alternative rock stars of the ’90s; after all, how many state fairs and Indian casinos are there, anyway? Still, a man’s gotta eat, so the Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark is making do playing for a market that Fastball hasn’t gotten to yet: People’s backyards.

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Idolator’s Good Friday Christian-Rock Tribute: Joy Electric

wearethemusicmakers.jpgI’ll take any excuse to write about Christian rock, it seems, but Good Friday is probably the tackiest yet. Nonetheless, I’d like to take a moment to pay tribute to the strange genius of Christian alternative music, Ronnie Martin, and his synthpop project, Joy Electric.

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Please, Save The Washington Nationals From Themselves (Musically)

heylookitsodalisperez.jpgThere’s a lot of planning that goes into a new stadium. “Can we break the $10 barrier on the price of nachos?” “Where do we locate the hot dog topping station?” “How much extra security do we need for Bat Night?” In order to focus on those pressing issues, the Washington Nationals have passed the buck to you, Internet user, to pick the various songs played loudly while certain events are occurring. However, the problem is, many of the songs you have to choose from are AWFUL.

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I Take It Back: “Rock The Cradle” Is A Great Idea

Despite what I might have said earlier, MTV has hit gold with Rock The Cradle. The show itself isn’t terribly interesting to me, especially since most of the celebrity parents. weren’t that interesting to me anyway (the less I have to think about Dee Snider, the better, frankly). However, the program has done us all one huge favor… introducing the world to Al B. Sure!’s son, the impeccably named Lil’ Al B. Sure!

That’s right, Lil’ Al B. Sure!

Although any name with the prefix “Lil'” is nomenclature gold, I have to think there were other options. Vote for your favorite after the cut.

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