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Behind The Candelabra: 15 Great Piano-Driven Pop Songs

Daniel Powter Tops End-Of-The-Decade List With One Hit While Usher Tops Another With Seven

daniel-powter-ww02Billboard‘s stats nerds have come with their own take on the high and low points of the decade: the music industry trade mag named Daniel Powter, singer of American Idol fail theme “Bad Day,” as the biggest One-Hit Wonder of the last ten years, while on the other end of the spectrum, Usher topped Billboard‘s hit list as the artist with the most number ones of the Noughties. The hit-maker (and TV home-builder) took seven songs to the top spot on the Billboard’s Hot 100 in the last decade, and he didn’t even need the full ten years to do it: his bouncy classic “U Remind Me” ranked No. 1 in 2001, and beat-recycling smash “Love in This Club” peaked at the top in 2008. That’s definitely a reason for Usher to celebrate something other than his divorce. And hey, Daniel Powter’s name is being mentioned again for the first time in three years, so that dude’s probably breaking out the champagne right about now.

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Celebrating Our Northern Neighbors’ Contributions To This Country’s List Of No. 1 Hits

The number of No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 by Canadians who aren’t Céline Dion, Bryan Adams, or Nelly Furtado is smaller than you might think, especially since some of the aforementioned artists’ songs had such deathless runs on the pop charts. (Those successes even overshadowed their own work; for example, I forgot that Adams’ Sting/Rod Stewart collaboration was also a chart-topping hit.) So let’s take a second to celebrate chart-topping Canadian content like Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet,” which hit the Hot 100’s top spot in March 1990 and was followed by, um, nothing else. (Myles’ previous single, the Alanis-prototype “Love Is,” actually hit No. 36 on the chart. Speaking of the former You Can’t Do That On Television star, “You Oughta Know” only peaked at No. 6 on the Hot 100, although it did top the Modern Rock charts from July 22 to Aug. 19, 1995.)

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When The World Has A Bad Day, Daniel Powter Will Be There For It

281x211.jpgWhen even the Associated Press is sending up trend-story signal flares about the current, crappy state of the world, there’s only one song to sorta-fit the collective mood: Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day,” which I have come clean about enjoying before and which has an attendant YouTube comment section that’s 45% semi-anonymous support group, 35% incoherent assholes, 20% comments along the lines of “I’m eating chips right now! Wow that was random lol,” and 100% desperately in need of The Elements Of Style being thrown its way:

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The Top Five Songs To Listen To When You’re Not Feeling All That Well

getwell.JPGGentle readers, I am writing this from my couch, where I am as crouched in the fetal position as I can be (going all the way would, of course, render me completely unable to type). I am not operating at 100% right now, and what better way to exploit my lousy physical state for music-blogging gain than by writing a listicle (oh man, using that word just made me worse) about music one should listen to while under the weather? Specifically, when one is put under the weather by a foodstuff from one of New York City’s finer dining establishments? (I swear, if the matzoh ball soup I had for lunch yesterday is the culprit, I am going to cry.) Five songs that are making me feel just a little bit better after the jump.

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Watch Out, ‘Cause Here Come The Chipmunks (And They’re Covering Daniel Powter)

chipmunks-poster.jpgIn this week’s Who Charted, I noted that the Alvin & The Chipmunks soundtrack had taken up residence in the album chart’s top 20, which prompted this comment from our in-house chart guru Chris Molanphy: “I chose to ignore this in last week’s “100 and Single” column, but contrary to my prediction of a couple of weeks ago, not only is “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” not gone yet, but three other Chipmunks songs debuted on the Hot 100 last week, including their cover of Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day.” Imagine, if you can, the existence of people who went out of their way to download the Chipmunks version of that song.” It’s actually even more frightening to imagine those peoples’ existence when you’ve heard the Chipmunks’ take on the track, so… here you go!

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Tonight, The Numa Numa Kid Weeps Bitter Tears

Japanese singer Utada Hikaru has apparently sold 7 million “copies” of her single “Flavor of Life” in a whole mess of digital formats, making her the download top dog, even if the number has yet to be vetted by any sort of ranking industry body ’cause said body doesn’t exist. More »

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