Idolator Takes On SXSW 2016 — Our Recap Of Day Three

Find out what we did at SXSW today—from rocking along with CHVRCHES to dancing with D∆WN. More »

2010’s Best Music: MySpace Music Picks The Top 50 Albums

deftonesThe Deftones are re-recording pretty much all of their forthcoming album Eros, which includes bass parts played by the injured Chi Cheng: “We needed to return to the studio to do what we felt was right artistically. Our inspiration and unity as a band is stronger than it has ever been before and we needed to channel that energy into our music, and deliver to our fans what you rightly deserve: the best Deftones record that we can make. The decision to hold off on releasing Eros has no connection with Chi’s condition or anything associated. This was, and is, purely a creative decision by the band to write, record, and deliver an amazing product. As a result we feel like this is the best record we’ve ever written. And although Chi is not playing bass with us, his presence is dramatically felt in our hearts and on our minds everyday when we step into that studio, and you will feel it in the music.” [Deftones MySpace Blog] More »

deftones Deftones bassist Chi Cheng was hospitalized and subsequently spent time in a brain-rehabilitation hospital after a motorcycle accident in November. Late last month, shortly after he’d spoken his first words since going into the hospital, he was transferred to the intensive care unit after developing an infection; he’s since been released from the ICU and is able to breathe on his own. The updates on the One Love For Chi site, which also has auctions to help with his medical bills, have been both heartbreaking and hopeful. [One Love For Chi] More »

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