Electric Six

Idolator Presents: A YouTube Tribute To Presidents’ Day

The Electric Six‘s “Jimmy Carter” is, as far as I’m concerned, the single best song ever written about the American presidency. (Well, the American presidency and boy bands.) But there are a lot of excellent runners-up!

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Electric Six In Cheap, Goofy Video Shocker

Most of the Electric Six’s music falls into the category of over-the-top satire, but all of their videos are full-on low budget camp. Actually, it’s hard to imagine that there was any budget at all for the above clip for “Formula 409,” the lead single from their forthcoming album Flashy. More »

Guest Blogger Belatedly Praises Electric Six, Bids Adieu

Hi, there! After three months plus of “guest blogging” for Idolator, I’m afraid my time here is drawing to a close. (I’d tell you where I’ll be writing next, but then I’d have tequila!) Rather than wax poetic about the cultural events we’ve experienced together and the whimsical fantasies I’ve shared with you every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday since late March, I’d rather voice a regret. A regret I must rectify now or let haunt me til my dying day: I have never posted a single item about Electric Six on Idolator. No one has posted a single item about Electric Six on Idolator.

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