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Gorgon City On Debut Album ‘Sirens’, The UK House Scene & Working With Jennifer Hudson, Kiesza & MNEK: Interview

Gorgon City Idolator interview Sirens 2014 Jennifer Hudson Katy B Zak Abel
Our Chat With Matt And Kye Is Unmissable!
For well over a year, UK duo Gorgon City have been steadily releasing one stellar house banger after another, beginning with 2013′s “Real” (featuring Yasmin) and “Intentions” (a pair-up with Clean Bandit), and carrying into 2014 with the MNEK-featuring anthem “Ready For Your Love,” “Here For You” with Laura Welsh on vocals and their latest, “Unmissable.” The latter was co-written by fellow British hit-maker James Napier, aka “Jimmy Napes,” and features the soulful crooning of UK newcomer Zak Abel.

Gorgon City recently announced their debut album Sirens (out October 7 — pre-order on iTunes), which comes packed with even more high-profile features, including Jennifer Hudson, Katy B and Erik Hassle. Ahead of the release, Matt Robson-Scott and Kye Gibbon, who make up the duo, stopped by Idolator’s studio to talk about their first LP and the growing resurgence in UK house music. More »

Jessie J Interview: 7 Things You Should Know About “Bang Bang” & Her Upcoming Album

Jessie J Bang Bang Idolator interview
Bang! Bang!
Jessie J is back on top and bigger than ever thanks to a little song called “Bang Bang.” Before the British singer-songwriter hooked up with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj for her out-of-the-blue summer 2014 smash, she was known stateside for previous hits like “Price Tag”  and the magnificent slice of pop “Domino.” But for her upcoming third album, Jessie’s been working with a pedigree of musicians and songwriters that could just ensure she’ll graduate from the status of “oh, right — her” to “Oh…HER!

“I was lucky enough to work with Tricky and The-Dream, Diplo, 2 Chainz, Max Martin, Ammo,” Jessie tells Idolator. In fact, Max “Midas Touch” Martin, who co-produced “Bang Bang,” co-wrote the infectious upcoming track from J’s new album called “Burning Up,” which features a crazy rap from 2 Chainz that the singer couldn’t help spitting out for us during the above interview. (No, really — Jessie J imitating 2 Chainz…you gotta watch it.) More »

Fifth Harmony Peform “Bo$$” Live And Acoustic: Idolator Sessions

Fifth Harmony Boss
5H Unplugged
Harmonizers, does Idolator ever have a treat for you today! Sassy vocal quintet Fifth Harmony swung by our studio last week to promote their just-released single “Bo$$”, and in case you’ve yet to hear it, the song finds the ladies calling out such powerful women as First Lady Michelle Obama and media mogul Oprah Winfrey over an infectious pop-R&B hook. And can we just get an amen on America finally offering up a girl group with chops as impressive as this?

Now, what you likely haven’t heard is 5H belting out the bombastic “Bo$$” during a stripped-down, acoustic performance. And that’s just what we have for you above. While hanging out with us and shooting the above Idolator Sessions clip, the girls proved that their “Bo$$” is a song that works with more than just one style of performance. More »

NSFW: Watch Madonna’s Most “Unapologetic Bitch” Moments On Stage & In Interviews: Idolator Instant

madonna david letterman 1994 cigar meltdown
Never A Dull Moment!
Whether she’s trying to make #ArtForFreedom happen or posting pictures of her 14-year-old son Rocco (possibly) doing underage drinking or herself wearing a traditional Muslim veil, there’s no doubt that Madonna has livened up Instagram since she joined the photo-sharing social media hub. Though, really — hasn’t the Queen Of Pop livened up every corner of media she’s waded into over the years?

Speculation has run rampant over the Material Matriarch’s current penchant for using the hashtag #UnapologeticBitch on Instagram. Is she planning to release a single soon with that title? Will it be the name of her MDNA follow-up album? Is that Lourdes‘ pet name for dear ol’ mom? Whatever the case may be, Madonna, those two words do not excuse your terrible use of grammar in your captions! More »

Watch Michael Jackson’s Amazing Spins Through The Years: Idolator Instant

Michael Jackson dancing spinning over the decades
Dancing Machine!
From the Jackson 5‘s “I Want You Back” in 1970 to Michael Jackson‘s “Love Never Felt So Good” this spring, the King Of Pop has been entertaining us with a dazzling flurry of hit singles, record-breaking albums, stunning live performances and, particularly, jaw-dropping dance moves over the past five decades. Granted, we now have to watch those moves and performances in retrospect…which is exactly what we did in the wake of the recent release of MJ’s posthumous album Xscape.

Sure, there are many signature steps Jackson had that remain emblazoned on our minds: the moonwalk: that leg kick; the, um, crotch grab. But we decided to focus on his famous spins over the years for our latest Idolator Instant compilation.

In the video clip above, you’ll see a young, teen-aged Michael twirling effortlessly through various TV performances with his brothers. As the years moved on and his solo albums like Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad began smashing sales records, he kept his trademark spin going on the stage and in the then-flourishing medium of music videos. More »

PSY’s “Hangover” Video: Watch Him Get Hammered With Snoop Dogg

PSY Snoop Dogg Hangover music video
Ready For A Splitting Headache?
At this rate, South Korean rapper PSY is averaging one (hit) single a year. But what does that matter when one of those, “Gangnam Style,” has now garnered 2 billion views on YouTube alone?

Following up with last year’s “Gentleman,” PSY is back in action with brand new buzz single “Hangover.” Maybe we should make that buzzed single? Or just fall-down, sloppy, puke-in-the-gutter drunk. Either way, Snoop Dogg is along for the ride, and the two rappers proceed to get hammered, pick up two middle-aged ladies and go skipping off in an intoxicated stupor down the streets of Korea.

And did I mention the twerking video vixens all throughout this gem? No? Well, watch above. More »

Ariana Grande And Iggy Azalea Evoke The Swinging ’60s In Their Groovy “Problem” Video: Watch

Nothing Problematic Here!
After what felt like the longest countdown in Instagram history, Ariana Grande‘s “Problem” video is finally here and it was definitely worth the wait. The 20-year-old takes it back to the swinging ’60s in the mod-inspired video, dancing for her life — bye, Rihanna! — in a cute retro outfit. Of course, the Yours Truly diva isn’t alone in the Nev Todorovic-directed visual.

Ari is joined by chart-busting Aussie femcee Iggy Azalea and what appear to be Big Sean‘s lips. The former guest star makes the biggest impression with her towering pile of hair. It’s all very Austin Powers meets Barbarella, which is a surprisingly cute concoction — particularly when you throw in some talented break dancers. Watch up top. More »

Mariah Carey’s 5 Best High Notes In One Minute, From “Vision Of Love” To “You’re Mine”: Idolator Instant

Mariah Carey Emotions music video
Screamin' Mimi
It’s unofficially Mariah Carey Week here at the Idolator office (oh, okay — it’s pretty much official), and to celebrate the release of the diva’s brilliantly-titled 14th (!!) studio album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, we’ve compiled her five best high notes from her singles over the past 24 years in one ear-splitting video (above).

We all first heard scrawny, 21-year-old Mariah hit that glorious, garage-door-opening whistle register with her very first single, “Vision Of Love,” back in 1990. It was just the first of a staggering 18 #1s she racked up on the Billboard Hot 100 over the decades, and in that time, Mimi’s high note has become one of her biggest trademarks. More »

Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast” Video: Watch Her Frolic In Sand And Fire

Lana Del Rey West Coast video Ultraviolence
Lana's Looking Hot
There’s something so utterly dark and mysterious and ’60s surf-rock sexy about Lana Del Rey‘s “West Coast” — the song, that is — that it makes you want to go get shot by a hot red-lipped gun moll with impeccable taste for vintage threads and left for dead in some remote area of the Hollywood Hills, just to feel the authenticity of the atmosphere. Today we have some early semblance of the video for the Ultraviolence single, which, in an oops! moment, surfaced online prematurely — and nothing like what I described above happens. In fact, nothing much happens at all.  That said, apparently the full visual won’t premiere until tomorrow, so until then we’ll just have to settle for this sketchy number above. UPDATE: We’ve now added the official video, which isn’t too much different from what leaked yesterday. Watch above.

Romps on the beach, a noir-ish nighttime ride with a cool but aging playboy and Lana dancing in fire play about in “West Coast.” So far it doesn’t come off like the most exciting music video to roll down the pipeline in recent memory, but it’ll at least hold your attention until we get the final product sometime in the next 24 hours. More »

Katy Perry’s “Birthday” Video: Watch Her Pull Several ‘Bad Grandpa’-esque Pranks

Katy Perry Birthday music video
Time To Blow Out The Candles
From Katy Perry to Justin Timberlake (see: “Not A Bad Thing”), pop stars are demonstrating that the new trend in music videos in 2014 is to make one that’s essentially a non-music video. So here we have Perry’s eight-minute visual for Prism single “Birthday,” wherein we meet the five alter egos presented in the clip’s recent teaser and promo posters — that would be Goldie The Dancer, Ace The Animal Trainer, face-painting Mandee, Yosef Shulem and Kriss The Clown.

The video’s intro informs us that Katy “attended five birthday parties” last month, only “no one knew it was her.” What proceeds to happen, in outrageous documentary-style, is… oh, screw it — you all saw Bad Grandpa, right? No? Well, just watch above and then you’ll be all set. More »