Frank Sinatra

Lady Gaga, Sam Smith & More Perform Frank Sinatra Classics For ‘Sinatra 100’ Tribute: Watch

Mother Monster channels Ol’ Blue Eyes. More »

Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Carrie Underwood & More Join Frank Sinatra Tribute Concert

Frank Sinatra’s centennial will be a star-studded concert. More »

Kylie Minogue Unveils The Cover And Tracklist Of ‘Kylie Christmas’

Kylie Working On Christmas Album
Kylie could be following in Mariah's footsteps by releasing a xmas LP.
Kylie Minogue Films "The Other Boys" Video
Kylie Minogue joins Jake Shears and NERVO in "The Other Boys" video. Read on.
Watch Kylie Minogue Die In 'San Andreas'
Kylie Minogue's brief but iconic cameo in 'San Andreas' is now online. Watch.

Deck the halls with boughs of sequins and glitter! Kylie Minogue’s festive LP drops November 13. More »

St. Patrick’s Day Playlist: Get Lucky With These 17 Green And Golden Songs

‘Michael Jackson: Bad25’: Watch The Spike Lee Documentary

‘NOW 43’ Compilation Sneaks To Top Of Chart After Slow Release Week

Kanye West Would Like To Offer Up A New Celebrity Taxonomy

kanyeIn the midst of praising a sort of mediocre, but I guess well-framed paparazzi photo of Rihanna, Kanye West took some time out to offer up his thoughts on today’s biggest stars, and which current celebrities were serving as analogies of stars gone by, I guess because we live in the post-everything age. If you ever wondered which current somewhat-superstar Kanye West views as the new Jimi Hendrix and/or Roger Waters, the answers lie after the jump. More »

On The Borders: What People Aren’t Buying

As part of book giant Borders’ slashing of its DVD and CD sections, the store here in Athens, Ga., is selling its CD and DVD inventory at 50% off. The standard pre-liquidation price for a CD? $18.99. So at 50% off, most of the remaining inventory was still as much as it would have been at Best Buy, Target, or Wal-Mart. In fact, in most cases the prices were exactly twice what they were at the Big Boxers, particularly in the DVD/Blu-Ray section. I decided to document the dregs of Borders’ music collection to see what people weren’t buying, much like I did last year during the Circuit City fire sale. All of the releases documented after the jump had at least four copies for sale.

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Bono Would Like The Road To Rise Gently To Meet You (And Frank Sinatra)

So, Bono’s first New York Times column appeared in yesterday’s paper, and the topic at hand was not poverty or world peace or even losing that hat of his a few years back but Frank Sinatra’s Duets. Which just so happens to be an album that, hey what do you know, Bono himself appeared on. The overall gist of the column is about the uncertainty surrounding the present day and the duality of moments and how a true artist can bring duality and complexity out of his work. All well and good, but I couldn’t help flashing back to monologues from the 1991 film The Commitments, about an Irish soul band with lofty (some might even say Bono-like!) aspirations but only limited success, while trying to get through Bono’s slightly purple prose. After the jump, try to pick which quotes from the movie and which are from yesterday’s Week In Review section.

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Death Cab Bounced Aside By 3 Doors Down

Death Cab For Cutie’s reign at the top of the album charts was fun while it lasted, but Alabama natives and Hinder/Staind touring buddies 3 Doors Down are projected to take the No. 1 spot on Wednesday by a landslide, with around 150,000 projected sales of their new, self-titled album. More »

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