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At What Point Does The Fake Announcement For “Rock Of Love: Danzig” Cross The Line From Plausible To “Too Crazy Even For VH1″?

Last month, some yukster decided to post to the message board VH1 had set up for Rock Of Love discussion about a new version of the show, this one featuring pint-sized black arts aficionado Glenn Danzig. See if you can figure out where I finally called bullshit on the whole thing after the jump!

VH1/Viacom Corp.
For Immediate Release Jan. 12, 2009
New Season of Rock of Love to Feature Metal Legend Glenn Danzig
VH1 announced today that producers are now filming a new season of Rock of Love featuring metal/punk/horror-core legend, Glenn Danzig. The new show, which will premeire this July, is called “Rock of Love: Bride of Satan with Glenn Danzig.” Danzig is well-known in metal and punk circles as one of the founding members of 1980s horror-core punk rockers Samhain. He went on to the form hard-rock band Danzig, which scored several top 40 hits in the late ’80s including “Mother” and “She Rides.” Both a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Danzig is also well-known for his interest in the occult and all things evil. VH1 producers stated that introducing the element of Satanism would inject new life into the Rock of Love franchise as well as reach a different audience niche — jokingly referred to by insiders as “the black market.” The new series will follow the traditional Flavor of Love/Rock of Love format with a group of 20 women vying for the affection of the celebrity musician. However, at the insistence of Mr. Danzig, the winner will enter into a legally-binding marriage with Satan in a ceremony that is sure to test the limits of basic cable censorship standards.

Although network executives are keeping a tight lid on the show’s planned shennanigans, a few details have been leaked about planned challenges. These include:

goat entrail soup and chili cook-off
blindfolded nun deflowering contest
sexy seance strip-a-thon
virgin or family member: the sacrifice challenge
name that heretic


The only part that I can see VH1 objecting to is the sacrifice challenge. Everything else, though? Fair game—especially that nun-deflowering contest. (Just put some rejects in habits and it’s on!)

Anyway, this phony (right? it’s phony, right?) release neglected to mention one thing: How Glenn would usher hopefuls through to the next round. Would he give them a pair of black wings? Invite them along on a ride? Or tell them that they could walk his way?

New Rock Of Love Filming Now With Danzig [VH1 Forums]

Glenn Danzig: Endorsing Barack Obama since 1988? [YTMND]

Report from Danzig Baltimore Show

danzig.jpgA report from last night’s Danzig show in Baltimore: “And then during DANZIG’s set, Glenn fell off the stage during ‘How the Gods Kill’ and I have a pic of him getting back onstage after the fall… Also, Glenn was in a bad mood after the fall — he cut the show short and he nixed the MISFITS set with Doyle and was yelling at Todd Youth [guitar] the rest of the night telling him to slow down his playing. The story I was told from a security guard was that Glenn dislocated his shoulder, but I can’t confirm that.” [Blabbermouth]

danzig.jpgA report from last night’s Danzig show in Baltimore: “And then during DANZIG’s set, Glenn fell off the stage during ‘How the Gods Kill’ and I have a pic of him getting back onstage after the fall… Also, Glenn was in a bad mood after the fall — he cut the show short and he nixed the MISFITS set with Doyle and was yelling at Todd Youth [guitar] the rest of the night telling him to slow down his playing. The story I was told from a security guard was that Glenn dislocated his shoulder, but I can’t confirm that.” [Blabbermouth]

<s>Walter Benjamin</s>Glenn Danzig Unpacks His Library

I don’t know why Danzig chatting about his silly occult books in a creepy phone sexin’ voice is so weirdly compelling totally fuckin’ hilarious. (A friend: “I seriously want to know why it looks like Danzig’s library is poolside.”) While it’s possibly old news, this clip is about the only thing that’s made me smile all week.

“Welcome To My Book Collection” [New York Times with a tip of the devilock to tipster Chris McCoy]

Glenn Danzig’s Wrath Of ‘Khan

glennpic.jpgThis morning, we received a press release regarding Glenn Danzig’s upcoming Lost Tracks Of Danzig collection, and because the email was nearly 1,000 words long, we only just now scrolled down to its best bit:

Fans will also find…the controversial “White Devil Rise,” which was recorded for 1994′s “Danzig 4″ and is Glenn’s conjecture as to what would happen if Louis Farrakhan incited the passive white race to rise up against and start a race war with the Black Islamic movement.

Two thoughts: First, “Glenn’s Conjecture” will certainly be the name of our next Misfits cover band (or, barring that, our next Misifts debate team). And secondly, think of all the problems that could have been solved had Danzig decided to treat the world to “White Devil Rules” thirteen years ago, as he originally intended? All of the world’s racism could finally have been banished! Either that, or he would have been kidnapped while on tour in 1995 and sent to a remote brain-washing clinic, never to be heard from again. Both options are lookin’ good from where we stand.

Yet Another Trucked-Up Story About Glenn Danzig

glennpic.jpgLong-time Danzig devotees will remember that the former Misfits singer’s tour truck was stolen last fall, shortly after a gig at Los Angeles’ Wiltern Theatre. As it turns out, conducted an interview with Danzig tourmate (and Type O Negative member) Kenny Hickey, who revealed what happened on that fateful California night. After the click-through, a wondrous tale of auto theft, high-speed chase, and some seriously wrong-headed management decisions. It’s a little long, but it’s worth the trip.

KNAC.COM: Any fun stories about touring with the man himself?

HICKEY: Touring with the man himself? Yeah! The last show got cancelled. You know why the last show got cancelled? Glenn fired… who did he fire? He fired the monitor-guy. So… he had the truck-driver take over. (laughs)

KNAC.COM: That sounds kinda funny…

HICKEY: So the truck-driver ended up being the monitor guy. He mixes one show at the Wiltern, right? And after the show, the show goes great, and Glenn goes, “Yeah, the monitors were great!” So- now I gotta go into the next room to change because there’s too many people in the dressing room, right? So I’m starting to change, and there’s the truck-driver-slash-monitor-guy, doin’ a big line of cocaine… (laughs)

KNAC.COM: (laughs)

HICKEY: He goes, “You want some?” And I’m, like, “No, thanks.” And so I got dressed and left. Well, it turns out, the guy goes on a binge and fuckin’ steals the truck! (laughs) Okay?

KNAC.COM: (laughs)

HICKEY: And now- later- I’m sleepin’ through all of this, but I get the story second-hand, right? So they’re searchin’ for the truck all over Hollywood. With the bus. Searchin’ all over Hollywood. AND THEY FIND HIM! (laughs) They spot the truck – and it’s parked- like on the side of the road! And he’s sees them- he sees the bus comin’ and he takes off again!

KNAC.COM: (laughs) You’re following him in the tour bus?

HICKEY: Right! Chasin’ him like a fuckin’ cop chase! The bus is chasin’ the truck driver who’s on a gak-binge and stole the truck! So then- they find him- they catch up and they find the truck again- it’s parked. Near this group of hotels, there’s like three or four hotels, so they start checkin’ every hotel, right? These two tour managers, two big guys. So finally, they go over to one hotel- and they see him there- checkin’ in! And they just walk up to him and deck him in the face! Get the keys from his pocket… and of course the guy gets fired. it was fuckin’ insane! So now- it was too late to get, anyway, to the next show. So the last show got cancelled. So I wake up at eleven thirty in the morning- they wake me up- “You’re goin’ home!” And I’m like, “Whaddya mean I’m goin’ home?” And they go, “You’re goin’ home-you’re on the plane at two o’clock in the afternoon, that’s it, kid!” Friggin’ two o’clock in the afternoon in my dirty underwear, I’m on a plane! And that’s how the tour ended!

Before you ask: We bought the movie rights to this interview about fifteen minutes ago.

Features – Kenny Hickey [KNAC.COM]

Glenn Danzig Would Appreciate It If You Gave Him A Positive Feedback Rating

glennpic.jpgFormer Misfits singer (and long-time Idolator reader) Glenn Danzig talks with the Onion‘s AV Club this week, and while the interview is heavy on the Scandinavian black metal chit-chat, it also reveals some of Glenn-Glenn’s online-shopping habits:

AVC: When you’re a musician on the road, though, iPods are really convenient.
GD: I don’t even listen to music on the road, and if I did, it would be classical or whatever, something to chill me out. Actually, CDs sound so much better than MP3s. I’m sure they’ll come out with a better format someday. Really, your iPod is just this little temporary go-between. Everybody will have to throw them out someday. I remember when they came out with quad vinyl. That was going to change everything, you know?

It’s funny, I’m really into eight-tracks, because it’s tape, and it sounds nice and thick. I really like it. I go on eBay every once in a while to look for eight-tracks. But you should see the prices that reel-to-reel tapes go for, those old four-track reel-to-reels that came with the cover artwork and everything. I saw an Elvis one, and Johnny Cash. I didn’t get the two Johnny Cash reel-to-reels, ’cause at the last minute they went from, like, $8 to $70. That’s crazy. But I think people are realizing that the tape format sounds really good. It’s just so bottomy and thick and full. It sounds so different.

While Glenn’s not known for being overly cautious with his money–we’re sure he spends $500 a week on unbleached deer skulls alone–we’re guessing that recent low-bid items have him feeling a bit bearish toward the auction market.

Deeper Into Music With Glenn Danzig [The Onion]

Glenn Danzig Wants You To Get More Stressed Out

We may know Glenn Danzig as a man who loves to kick back with his wienur (sp?) dogs, but don’t think that he isn’t a tense dude. From an interview with interview with Exit Weekly:

What kinds of Satanic things do you believe?

Oh, I don’t know … To think for oneself. To strive for intelligence. Things like that.

That doesn’t sound very Satanic.

I’m just saying that most people don’t apply their minds to those concepts. Most people just want to go to their boring job and not have to think about anything or worry about anything. People don’t like stress; I do.

In other words, you’re a stressed-out metal dude.

Stress is necessary. Stress means you’re thinking; it means you’re aware.

Look for Glenn’s upcoming self-help book, Channeling Your Stress Into Unexpected Success On Billboard Magazine’s Crossover Chart, in stores for next year’s holiday season.

Merry f**ing Christmas! [Exit Magazine, via Copyranter]

Glenn Danzig Is About To Use The Last Of His Tower Records Gift Certificates

The blogger behind fathom harvill apparently shares two of our biggest obsessions: Glenn Danzig and Tower Records. A recent trip to a Tower in Mountain View, Calif., yielded not only this documentary-style evidence that Danzig’s albums are in strong supply, but also a eulogy for the dying record-store chain:

I’ll be sorry to see Tower close, though this last death throe period is really odd. Sad to say but cd-buying as a social activity is almost extinct around here. Maybe it is everywhere. I don’t consider the cd section of Target (or of Borders for that matter) to be nearly a replacement for a real music store…

I know I sound like a washed-up gen-x-er when I say it but I miss having a real true locally owned record store around, the pretentious kind where they quietly judge you based on what you are buying, instead of just swiping the cd across the laser after your dog food and before your shampoo.

The big question remains, though. How the hell, even at 50% off, are they ever going to move all those Danzig cds?

Oh, don’t worry. We know a certain Idolator commenter who’ll be jetting over to Mountain View this afternoon, two weenor (sp?) dogs in tow.

Tower (of Danzig) [Fathom Harvill]