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Katy B’s “Crying For No Reason” Performance On ‘Graham Norton’ Is Absolutely Stunning

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Let It All Out, Girl
We couldn’t let the day go by without digging through the post-Grammy furor and bringing attention to Katy B‘s fantastic performance of new single “Crying For No Reason” on Friday night’s episode of The Graham Norton Show in the UK. The Little Red track is an emotional synth-punch to the gut, and watching Katy belt it out while awash in red stage lights lent an extra air of magic to the song. (Actually, we’re not entirely sure she was singing live here, but no matter. This song is solid.)

And, good news — the performance paid off: “Crying For No Reason” is currently sitting at #5 on the UK iTunes store’s Top Singles chart. More »

Katy Perry And Cheryl Cole Discuss Man Troubles On ‘Graham Norton’

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Graham Norton is well-known for getting celebrities to loosen up and discuss matters more candidly than they might with, say, Ryan Seacrest or Jay Leno, which is why we’re always eager to see what he’ll get out of our faves for UK TV. This week, Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry dropped by his gaudy-hued set to dish on the very public troubles they have with a certain Mr. Cowell and Mr. Brand, respectively. Watch the chatfest above and below. More »

Nicki Minaj Explains To Graham Norton Why She Quit Twitter

Nicki Minaj has some explaining to do about quitting Twitter, and she chose The Graham Norton Show as the venue to do it. “A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that’s what I did,” the “Starships” rapstress says in the episode airing in the UK tonight, according to the Daily Mail. “I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me.” Host Graham Norton apparently asks Nicki if she’ll return to the Twittersphere, and she she replies, “I don’t know yet, I’m thinking about it. I miss my Barbz, please bear with me.” The Mail then goes on to note that Nicki is believed to have stopped tweeting after an argument with a fan who leaked her new music via the now-defunct NickiDaily site, which has re-branded itself What do you make of all this drama, Barbz?

Madonna & Emeli Sande On ‘The Graham Norton Show’: Sneak Peek

Madonna had a busy day in London yesterday. Her to-do list: look flawless, attend the W.E. premiere and hit up The Graham Norton Show for the pre-recorded episode airing tomorrow on BBC One. While chatting with Graham, the upcoming Super Bowl halftime performer, as we know, revealed that her 12th studio album will have the cheeky title MDNA. Wonder what fellow guest Emeli Sande — whose own album Our Version Of Events arrives next month overseas — thought of being in the presence of Her Madge-esty? [Pic via We Are Pop Slags]

Madonna Announces Album Title: ‘MDNA’

Today, during a pre-recorded interview that will be aired on Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, Madonna told host Graham Norton that her upcoming 12th studio album (due out in March) will be called MDNA, according to Glamour. MDNA? The first thing that comes to mind? Drugs! The second thing: Madonna DNA. Cute. Meanwhile, lead single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” is apparently set to impact radio in the States on February 7, i.e. mere days after the singer/director’s film W.E. hits theaters and she performs during halftime at the Super Bowl. That Madonna, always using her noggin.
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Gwyneth Paltrow Gangsta Raps On ‘The Graham Norton Show’

Last week, we got to watch as Lady Gaga brought “Judas” and “Born This Way” to The Graham Norton Show stage, but a more surprising performance took place on the talk show’s couch when guest Gwyneth Paltrow revealed her love for 90s hip-hop. When the British host decided to put the “Forget You” singer on the spot, the Country Strong star blew him away with her impromptu rap stylings of N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton”. Doesn’t Graham know that the “G” in GOOP stands for “Gangsta”? Hop below to watch the Glee guest star’s impressive rhymes — only to be upstaged by Lady Gaga’s perfect comedic timing.

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Lady Gaga Brings “Judas” And “Born This Way” To ‘Graham Norton’

Apparently Lady Gaga was up to a little more than donning wacky headwear on her visit to London this week. Yesterday V‘s mythological monstress stopped by the UK’s Graham Norton show to perform her first two Born This Way singles, and as usual, pulled out all the stops in two energetic live numbers. Capital H-e-r continued to rock a 101 Dalmatians-inspired look in Europe as she delivered a (literally) fiery rendition of “Judas” atop a giant box, then switched outfits for an all-black, mournful-looking (not mournful-sounding) “Born This Way,” partially from inside a fish tank — all backed by the dancers we met in her HBO special. Watch these and the interview below.

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Jessie J Puts A “Price Tag” On Her Bieber Fever For ‘Graham Norton’

The newest, unlikeliest trend in pop music may be birth control-inspired getup, as Lady Gaga appeared in latex on Good Morning America, while Jessie J just popped up on the UK’s Graham Norton Show in what he described as “a sexy catsuit thing,” and she dubbed “a fancy condom.” But along with safe sex, the “Casualty of Love” songbird had a lot more on her mind, including topping the UK charts, getting her teeth whitened, and meeting Justin Bieber. Head below for the pop tart’s charming interview, as well as a live rendition of her hit “Price Tag.”

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Diddy Dirty Money Take The Last Train To Graham Norton

True to their name, Dirty Money looked like a million bucks in sleek black fur coats while performing “Coming Home” with Diddy on Graham Norton (though pants are still an expense that can be spared for the filthy rich duo, apparently). Complete with a fogged floor and mini-orchestra to back them up, the performance was a classy affair, and even though Diddy admits to being sick at the end, we can’t really tell. (Though perhaps that’s why we’re spared much of his unfortunate dancing.) Check out the vid below.
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Rihanna Performs “Only Girl” For ‘Graham Norton’

While Rihanna may not exactly be the sole female on Earth per her desires, it’s quite possible she is the only musical guest on TV this month, seeing as she’s appeared on virtually every program known to man all across the world. Clearly RiRi hasn’t been taking our advice to heart — she popped up on The Graham Norton Show to sing “Only Girl (In The World)” yet again, this time for a UK audience. How’d she do? Check it out after the jump.
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