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18 Albums That Made 2006 A Great Year For Pop: From Fergie To Beyonce To Paris Hilton

Jonathan Riggs | June 22, 2016 - 12:07 pm

All the music that made 2006 a phenomenal year for pop. More »

‘High School Musical 4′ Is Going To Be A Thing

Robbie Daw | March 2, 2016 - 12:55 pm

They’re baaaaack. Well, the franchise is, anyway. More »

‘High School Musical’ By The Numbers: Breaking Down The Hit Movie On Its 10th Anniversary

Robbie Daw | January 20, 2016 - 9:15 am

Ten years to the day after High School Musical first aired, we’ve broken down the achievements of the movie, its cast members and director. More »

Miley Cyrus Appears To Be Wearing Her Engagement Ring Again: Morning Mix

Christina Lee | January 19, 2016 - 8:00 am

Plus: The cast of High School Musical have reunited. Also see which artists are performing on TV today. More »

Pop Off The Stage: Top 5 Musicals To Achieve Crossover Success

emilytan | September 4, 2012 - 5:32 pm

Musicals aren’t just for theater nerds. With the recent remake of Sparkle, the upcoming premiere of Glee’s fourth season, and the badass ladies of Pitch Perfect gearing up to bring competitive a capella to the big screen in October, musicals have become a permanent fixture in today’s pop zeitgeist. Whether they’ve crossed over from the stage… More »

EXCLUSIVE Look At Disney’s ‘Lemonade Mouth’ Music Video Shoot (PHOTOS)

Erika Brooks Adickman | March 16, 2011 - 9:16 am

Disney may have graduated from High School Musical back in 2008, but there was no way the Mouse was going to be without a musical movie franchise for very long. Welcome Lemonade Mouth, based on the best-selling book of the same name. This latest high school incarnation tells the story of a motley crew of… More »

Popping Up: Drew Seeley

Becky Bain | June 9, 2010 - 10:50 am

Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey, Madonna and Britney were once unknown, too.

It’s completely arguable that Drew Seeley has already popped up on a number of platforms, but we’re so impressed by this Renaissance Man, we simply had to feature him… More »

Importing Terror: Now There Is A Russian “HSM”

Mike Barthel | February 23, 2009 - 5:00 am

There was a weird period there where America was actually forced to steal its pop culture ideas from the rest of the world, what with Millionaire and Big Brother and Survivor and all. Now that we’ve closed the reality show gap, however, we can go back to imposing our entertainment on the rest of the… More »

Idolator Chats With Matthew Gerrard And Robbie Nevil About Getting In The “High School Musical” Game

Chris Molanphy | December 22, 2008 - 12:00 pm

Writing teen-oriented pop is a fairly specialized talent. Writing for a musical is an even more rarified art. Combining the two—and introducing the musical-theater art form to an entire generation that previously had little use for the stuff—is some kind of pop triple-lutz, a strange sort of accomplishment.
Two songwriters behind Disney’s High SchoolMore »

From Britney To Disney (And Beyond): Idolator Plunges Into The World Of Teenpop

xhuxk | November 25, 2008 - 11:00 am

Ten years ago this month–Nov. 3, 1998, to be exact–Jive Records released Britney Spears’ debut single “Baby One More Time” (b/w “Autumn Goodbye”) in CD and 12-inch vinyl configurations. Metal Mike Saunders–the most entertaining teen-pop critic of this decade if not human history, not to mention a Certified Public Accountant, not to mention the former… More »

Maura | October 27, 2008 - 9:30 am

High School Musical 3, the movie, pulled in $42… More »

“High School Musical” Reaches That Awkward Age

Maura | October 21, 2008 - 11:00 am

Our look at the closing lines of the biggest new-music reviews continues with a roundup of reactions to Disney’s soundtrack for the heartthrob-studded High School Musical 3, which lands in stores today: More »

Do iTunes Sales Show “High School Musical” Fans Breaking Free Of The Franchise?

Chris Molanphy | October 15, 2008 - 10:00 am

In the doldrums of January 2006, several weeks after the annual flurry of post-Christmas music-buying, the iTunes Store was livened up by the sudden appearance on its best-sellers list of a bunch of new hit songs.
It’s not unheard of for the industry to drop new songs in the dead of winter by non-blockbuster, developing… More »

High School Musical 3: Will It Allow Disney To Get Back In The Music Game?

Maura | October 8, 2008 - 1:00 am

In two weeks, the soundtrack to Disney’s High School Musical 3 will land in stores, the final album in the trilogy of records that helped make adults who didn’t have children realize that the Mouse was still a force to be reckoned with in terms of delivering squeaky-clean pop music to the next generation. But… More »

“High School Musical 3″: A Friendly Warning Of Its Impending Arrival

Maura | August 27, 2008 - 12:00 pm

When I heard that one of the songs on the soundtrack for High School Musical 3, which is bypassing the Disney Channel for a theatrical release this fall, was going to be called “I Want It All,” I was hoping it would be an updated version of the song by the electro-twee act Bis, with… More »

‘High School Musical 3′ Coming to Theaters

Maura | January 15, 2008 - 1:15 am

High School Musical 3 is bypassing the Disney Channel and going to theaters this October. The film’s plot is centered around “Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) facing the prospect of being separated from one another as they head off in different directions to college,” and… More »

Maura | January 15, 2008 - 1:15 am

High School Musical 3 is bypassing the Disney Channel and going to theaters this October. The film’s plot is centered around “Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) facing the prospect of being separated from one another as they head off in different directions to college,” and… More »

High School Musical Star Is Deeply Sorry For Inadvertently Providing Planet With Wank Mining Material

jharv | January 3, 2008 - 3:50 am

Occasionally* Gelfling-esque High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens has mostly suppressed the shame of having naked pictures she snapped for an ex hit the blogs back in September, but the incident has left her with a “valuable lesson,” one that she “tries to impart on other young women.”
More »

Will The Hollywood Writer’s Strike Deprive Us Of Future Doses Of Disney Tween Pop?

jharv | December 21, 2007 - 4:45 am

If you were a parent, a preteen, or a weirdo hangin’ by the movie fone for the big screen versions of High School Musical and Hannah Montana (and their attendant soundtracks) in 2008, keep waiting, because shoddy shooting scripts coupled with the WGA strike bleeding dry the pool of people who can punch those scripts… More »

Musical Toothbrush Changing The Way Children Experience Hannah Montana, Having Songs Beamed Into Their Brains

kater | December 7, 2007 - 12:40 pm

Now that purchasing music directly is out of style, how will the next generation consume their favorite Top 40 hits? And will they be able to do so while maintaining their daily personal hygiene routine? Hasbro’s Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrush is the only brush that sends music through your teeth…and into your head! Which two-minute… More »

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