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Katy Perry Flexes Her Comedy Muscle In Two ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Preview Clips

Would Katy Perry’s guest-starring turn on How I Met Your Mother convince the public she’s more than just a pop song-singing whip cream canon, but also a comedic actress? Or would TV viewers demand that Russell Brand give his wife some lessons in the art of telling a joke? Well, now we know — two preview clips have been released of the Grammy nominee‘s performance on the show, and it’s just what we expected: boobs, doe eyes, and Perry’s super positive energy. But can she act? Take the jump to judge for yourself.

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Katy Perry & Neil Patrick Harris Flirt Through Their ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Promos

Katy Perry saddles up beside our favorite Glee guest hunk (come back, Bryan Ryan!) Neil Patrick Harris in a series of promos for the singer’s guest-starring episode of How I Met Your Mother. Since when are network sitcoms taking cues from Saturday Night Live and filming promos where actors break the fourth wall and speak directly to the at-home audience? Weird. But hey, far be it from us to look two totally hot celebs in their pretty faces, so take the jump to check out Katy and Neil’s on-screen chemistry. More »

Watch Britney Spears’ Most Glee-ful TV Moments

We’re just one day away from Glee‘s monumental “Britney/Brittany” episode featuring the pop hits of Ms. Spears (as well as a cameo by the pop star herself!), and we’ve decided to pass the excruciatingly long hours by taking a look back at Brit’s most memorable performances on the small screen. Whether guest-starring on sitcoms, variety shows or voicing cartoons, Britney has left her goofy, undeniably entertaining mark on television history. (And we don’t mean by her involuntary appearances on TMZ‘s trashy TV show.) Watch the singer’s six best boob tube clips below the jump:

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AC Newman Takes The Leap

Last night was the season finale of How I Met Your Mother, and the show’s protagonist Ted Mosby capped off the worst year of his life by deciding to shed his past identity as an architect who gets browbeaten by washcloth-obsessed goats–a leap that was replicated by Ted and his five friends jumping across their apparently very narrow side street, and on to the tricked-out deck of a neighbor. The song that soundtracked this mass Spider-Man impersonation was AC Newman‘s “Prophets,” which appeared on the lead New Pornographer’s most recent solo album, Get Guilty. A live clip of that track after the jump.

This has been something of a rough season, what with the Stella and the various tents that the two pregnant female leads have had to wear to hide their conditions, but last night I realized just how much I love this show. Although two things: first, I did think that the good vibes were going to be completely thrown off by the neighbors onto whose deck the five pals leapt coming outside and either calling the police or throwing a big hot-tub-centric party of their own; and second, under-22-minute running times for allegedly half-hour shows are just criminal. I know that networks have to keep their lights on too, but come on.

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AC Newman, Prophets [YouTube]
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Guided By Voices Don’t Know Who The Mother Is, Either

I don’t know about you, but among my friends who watch How I Met Your Mother, there was a lot of wailing and gnashing of virtual teeth over the “twist” at the end of last night’s episode, in which an irritating character from the recent past made a return, thanks to the fickle fingers of fate (and an apparently unhygenic bagel place). But the long montage of hugs that led up to that slightly disappointing, but apparently not game-changing, moment was kind of awesome, thanks both to Ted Mosby turning into one of those kids at the Bamboozle wearing a “FREE HUGS” t-shirt for a few minutes and the use of “Glad Girls,” by the shamble-pop stalwarts Guided By Voices, as the musical bed. Clip from last night’s show above; the 100% 120 Minutes-y video after the jump.

Guided By Voices – Glad Girls [YouTube]
How I Met Your Mother [CBS]