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Madonna Talks To Howard Stern About Dating Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson’s Misery & That ‘Letterman’ Appearance

Madonna sat down for a chat with Howard Stern and opened up about dating Tupac Shakur, the misery of fellow superstar Michael Jackson and that infamous David Letterman appearance. More »

Howard Stern Sides With Kelly Clarkson In Clive Davis Feud

Beyonce Shreds Howard Stern’s Credibility

iamOh hey, remember that clip of Beyonce where she supposedly sounded really bad while singing on Today? From all the way this morning ago. It was altered to make her sound worse. Shock! Actually, listening to the clip more than once while not snickering about “dumb pop stars” could have given away this piece of information, since there were points where her pitches were going nearly parabolic, but just in case you didn’t trust your instincts, the person responsible for doctoring the tape came clean to that bastion of getting to the bottom of stories, TMZ. Yay, everybody! [TMZ] More »

Beyonce Shreds

Howard Stern played the above clip of Beyonce singing “If I Were A Boy” on Today last November–a version that you didn’t hear, because it was the one that was run through the soundboard, while the version of her voice that went out over the air was, ahem, in tune with the track for most of its running time. Stern and his sidekicks note at the end of the clip that she probably sounded like crap because of her inability to hear her voice properly, but who on the Internet would let the truth get in the way of lulz? (If only someone had some recordings of Enuff Z’nuff TV appearances from back in the day… then maybe we’d hear some real answers.) For comparison’s sake, the performance that aired on Today a few months back is after the jump. More »

Natalie Maines Sued, Toby Keith Buys Everyone A Round

The section “Public statements and controversy”… More »

Does The World Need A “Rock N Roll High School” Remake? (Even If It’s Written By Bill S. Preston, Esq.?)

Well, too bad, because it’s getting one: Howard Stern is co-producing a remake of the 1982 film that will have its script penned by Alex Winter, a.k.a. Bill from the Bill & Ted movies and the director of Extreme’s video for “Decadence Dance.” More »

Howard Stern Makes Poop Joke, Dolly Parton Upset

AP080320028543.jpgLast week, Howard Stern and his hapless menagerie feigned mild amusement at a series of profane and poorly edited sound clips of Dolly Parton talking about penis, shit, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Carson’s “big black cock,” and other sundry topics in her new “audiobook.” One drive-time commute that was not enriched by this cut-up comedy was Dolly Parton’s, who’s hopping mad and threatening a lawsuit. Howard will undoubtedly send her a bouquet of flowers and a picture of his butt as thanks for the attention with which this may eventually reward him.

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Radio Is Dead, And Adam Carolla Is Playing Pinochle In Its Snout

carolla.jpg This may have little to do with music, but a Wall Street Journal article about the hunger to create long-term franchises on the air may serve as a reminder to those considering flipping on their FM dials to, well, not. CBS had some drama recently between “next Howard Stern?” Adam Carolla and his then-sidekick Danny Bonaduce. Seems Carolla’s mellow was so harshed by the former Partridge/’roid freak that the ostensible “talent” started calling in sick in protest, despite Bonaduce obviously helping his still meager numbers. CBS, deciding they’d invested too much in Carolla to let him stay aggrieved, gave Bonaduce his own show instead. Will radio see a return on their investment in DJs like Carolla? I can’t imagine who plans on helping.

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Leak Of The Day, Part Two: Prince Has Got You Covered

This morning, Howard Stern “aired” a new Prince song–and by “aired,” we mean, “he played a few seconds and then talked during the rest of it.” More »

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