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Travis Scott And Kacy Hill Drop Animated Video For “90210”: Watch

Hide your Barbies. More »

Adam Lambert’s “Ghost Town” Video Is Directed By Hype Williams

Adam Lambert also says that the video is “coming soon.” More »

Brandy And Chris Brown “Put It Down” In Their New Video: Watch

Brandy And Chris Brown “Put It Down” In Their Video Preview: Watch

Kanye West Shows His (Many) True Colors In “All Of The Lights” Video

Miguel Bets On Smooth Moves In His “Sure Thing” Video

Rihanna Tweets From The Set Of Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” Video

Kanye West’s Epic ‘Runaway’ Film Debuts Worldwide

Christina Aguilera Whips Up A Frenzy In “Not Myself Tonight” Video

Jamie Foxx Gets Drunk With A Little Help From His Friends

The Hype Williams-directed video for Jamie Foxx‘s ode to the deleterious effects of alcohol, “Blame It,” seems to focus on two things: the color red and bizarre celebrity cameos. In the credit sequence (yep), Jarhead costar Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Ron Howard, and Jamie Foxx are highlighted, but there are plenty more to come. Wait. Ron Howard?! Yep, Opie Cunningham himself.

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