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Jay Sean’s “Take That Off” Video Plays Like Bad Sex You’d Rather Never Repeat

jay sean take that off video
Not Tonight, Jay — We're Not In The Mood
Things seemed so promising for Jay Sean, a truly all around nice guy who scored his first American hit back in 2009 with “Down,” a song that climbed all the way to #1. Unfortunately, Cash Money never really seemed to know what to do with the crooning Brit, and his follow-up LP Freeze Time got scrapped due to some sort of legal drama, leaving an album called Neon to quietly make its way into the world four years after the fact this past summer, only to arrive DOA on the charts. (It’s peak position: #116.) It didn’t help that label mate Drake swooped in and stole all thunder that was to be had by Jay not long after “Down” broke big.

So here we are now with a new song/video called “Take That Off,” off Sean’s new mixtape The Mistress Part 2: Room Service. Nothing about this wannabe-sexy slow jam indicates any new direction for the singer — something he’s desperately in need of if he’s to dig his way out of the swamp of obscurity he’s sadly become mired down in. After all, Miguel, Chris Brown and, yes, Drake already do this “When I  f*** your brains out, it’s gonna be art, baby” schtick much louder and get far more attention for it. More »

Whatcha Say: Selena Gomez, Katy Perry & Ariana Grande Got Our Readers Talking

The Pop world is always filled with exciting stories, and this week did not disappoint! Selena Gomez definitely had the best week ever, as the young popstress celebrated her 21st “Birthday” as well as her official debut album Stars Dance being the number one album in the country – crushing Jay Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail reign. Speaking of Disney starlets, newcomer Zendaya is making waves with her latest single, “Replay.”

Ariana Grande served up some unexpected controversy with her bare-to-dare cover for her debut album Yours Truly. After numerous remarks about the scandalous artwork, which showed the 20-year-old on a bed of flowers wearing skimpy Lolita-esque lingerie, the singer quickly did damage control and released a less-NSFW version. Both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry announced new album releases and new singles (“Applause” from ARTPOP and “Roar” from Prism, respectively), which may spark a battle of the pop divas! But let’s be honest, the best news of the week – and year – was Jojo announcing that she’s suing her record label. Finally!

Check out some of the week’s best comments below! More »

Jay Sean’s “Luckiest Man” Video Vignette: Idolator Exclusive

Pretty Lucky
Jay Sean‘s new album Neon hits retailers this week, and it’s a cool collection of R&B from the Cash Money crooner, with the Rick Ross-assisted lead single “Mars.” As part of his promotional campaign for the LP, the singer shot “video vignettes” for select songs on the album — and we have the exclusive premiere of the visuals for the romantic yet beat-driven track “Luckiest Man.”

The short vignette shows Sean basking in the sunlight as he muses about his lady who got away, which is all amplified by the dramatic sepia filter. Our only complaint? It’s too brief.  More »

Jay Sean Gets Intergalactic (And Shirtless) In His Slick “Mars” Video: Watch

Blast Off In 3 - 2 - 1!
Jay Sean is distancing himself from the catchy urban-pop sound of earlier singles like “Down” in favor of more soulful sound on new album Neon. Perhaps the best example of the Brit’s change in direction is the Rick Ross-assisted lead single “Mars” — a smoky declaration of love best played in the early hours of the morning with a glass of whiskey in hand.

The slick video showcases the 32-year-old’s image overhaul perfectly. He walks around a flower-covered field, looking very suave in a peach-colored jacket, before running into a mysterious lady and some kind of intergalactic portal that seemingly causes him to be naked. Why not? Watch up top. More »

Jay Sean’s ‘Neon’: Album Review

Jay Sean begins Neon feeling uncertain: “Am I chasing the wind? I’ll know at the finish line,” he sings in its airy title track, as if trying to reassure himself. Acoustic strums urge him to proceed, but even when cavernous drums hit and he claims that his risk paid off — “And everything’s neon,” he repeats — it’s an introduction that continues to sound timid. So does much of his new album.

Before Neon, his second U.S. release and fourth album total (out today, ), Sean shone as a sole example of how a British-Asian R&B vocalist can break worldwide. In 2009, a time when peers (Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown) churned out dance hits to stay relevant, Sean’s debut U.S. single “Down” both fit in and stood out. As his still-boyish voice glided and popped effortlessly, the just-added Cash Money signee asked what felt like a no-brainer: “Baby, are you down, down, down, down, down?” In comparison, Neon is Sean preferring to act as if “Down” never happened. More »

Jay Sean And Pitbull Party Miami-Style In “I’m All Yours” Video

jay sean pitbull im all yours
Jay Sean And Pitbull Welcome You To Miami
British R&B singer Jay Sean resurfaces in the video for “I’m All Yours”, the lead single off his forthcoming album Worth It All (which was once referred to as Freeze Time). The clip features the Brit enjoying his time on this side of the Atlantic as he drives around Miami in fancy cars and parties all night long in even fancier yacht. (Just how fancy is this boat? Not T-Pain levels of decadence, but posh enough for Birdman to come aboard.) Pitbull also drops in briefly, though only through the magic of an extraordinarily tacky green screen. Seriously, was it that difficult to get Pitbull to head down to Miami? He’s from there!

Mariah Carey And Others React To Whitney Houston’s Death

We are truly shocked and saddened by the untimely death of Whitney Houston, and it looks like we aren’t alone. Many of the pop legend’s collaborators, peers and fans took to Twitter to express their grief upon hearing of the passing of this extraordinary talent. Read their reactions below. More »

Jay Sean’s “I’m All Yours” Music Video: Go Behind The Scenes (PHOTOS)

Jay Sean was up before dawn yesterday to shoot the music video for “I’m All Yours”, the next single from his secretly renamed upcoming LP by produced by OFM (who you may know from “Down”, “Do You Remember” and “The Formula”). The Young Money crooner’s vid will feature at least five exotic cars (worth almost a half a million dollars each), a yacht party and cameo from “Y U Mad” rapper Birdman. Fancy! Check out the recent Idolator interviewee as he enjoys the finer things in life and let us know below — or on Facebook and Twitter — if you agree that Jay: “Smashed. This. Video. To. Pieces.”

Jay Sean Discusses ‘Freeze Time’ & The End Of The World: Idolator Interview

Earlier this month, Jay Sean wrapped up a US tour with Joe Jonas and JoJo, and we sat down with the “Down” singer just hours before their very last gig together, in New York. “I’m kind of sad about it actually,” the hit-making UK singer/songwriter admitted. “It’s been a really, really fun time.”

Last month Jay released his mixtape The Mistress. Up next for the Young Money star is his oft-delayed album Freeze Time, which he says will be out sometime in early 2012. Head below to learn more about Sean’s upcoming material, and to find out what he really thinks about the world ending when we change calendars in a few months.
More »

The Morning Mix: PJ Harvey Wins Mercury Prize

Did You Hear?

:: PJ Harvey has beat out leading contenders Adele and Katy B to win this year’s Mercury Prize, given to the best British album of the year. Harvey — now a second-time winner — was given the prize for her LP Let England Shake. [PopDust]

:: Go behind-the-scenes of Leona Lewis’ “Collide” video in the clip’s Making Of. [PopCrush]

:: Nab a free download of Jay Sean’s The Mistress mixtape. [Music & Lyrics]

:: Talk about holding on for one more day — 90s girl group Wilson Philips now has a reality show. [Vulture]

:: Kelly Rowland is a Disney fan — listen to her sing “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid while in the shower. (Sadly, the video is completely SFW.) [MTV Buzzworthy]

Below, find out which music acts will be appearing on the tube today. More »