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Azealia Banks Unleashes New Track “Succubi”

And here we were, just wondering why there weren’t more major artists dropping tracks named after demons who invade your dreams to seduce you! The ever-provocative Azealia Banks has unleashed the hard-hitting “Succubi,” a dark, angry rap targeted at fellow Harlem rapper Jim Jones, one of several artists Azealia has found beef with. Hear it below. More »

Jim Jones Arrested For Fighting At Diddy’s Foxwoods Casino Party

Party foul! Rapper Jim Jones was one of five people arrested yesterday after a fight that broke out early morning at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. The altercation transpired at a party hosted by Sean “Diddy” Combs (no stranger to ill-tempered outbursts himself — what, did they run out of Ciroc?). Jones was charged with resisting arrest for an alleged assault on an officer and breach of peace.  See what Jones tweeted following the arrest below.

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What We All Missed At Monday Night’s Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Awards

lucassnoop.jpg• Slightly incongruous attendee George Lucas, there in support of his main squeeze and probably spending the evening mentally toting up that Crystal Skulls money/plotting from his seat on how much more interesting awards shows would be with CGI’d Ewoks and explosions.
• Jim Jones being incoherent.
• Ciara referring to her brain as a “memory stick,” while failing to note its maximum read/write speed.
• A casual Friday Pharrell comparing honoree Snoop Dogg to the Redheaded Stranger before noting that we should not condemn the man for his weed intake. (Why on earth would we condemn him for that?)
• Snoop himself torpedoing Pharrell’s good intentions by making a rolling papers joke before claiming to be mentoring 2,500 kids by proxy in his after-school football program, because the pimp-turned-televised family man is for the children. [NY Daily News/ Photo: Getty]

Jim Jones Would Like You To Know His Pecs Are All-Natural

jimjones.jpgThis Mass Appeal interview with Mr. Jones was publshed before the hip-hop steroid scandal broke earlier this week, but the long tangent about gym rat Jones selling a “lifestyle” is another sign of the self-consciousness among rappers about staying ripped as a bodybuilder. (Whither Biz Markie?) Still, Mr. Jones says his newly ample bosom is merely the product of simple hard work, and stunned by the results of the Diplomat’s self-sculpting, the interviewer even paid his subject what we think is a compliment:

Yeah, you’re mad diesel, son. You poppin’ out up top like you need a bra or something.

You know it’s a very slow day here on the Internets when we’re posting about Jim Jones’ boobies, but at same time I’m pretty sure that would be funny even if Thom Yorke had just strangled Guy Hands to death.

Jim Jones [Mass Appeal; HT: lcd rap system]

50 Cent/Jim Jones Rumor UPDATE

50.jpgEarlier today we reported on a rumor going around that Dipset rapper and dumb-catchphrase-popularizer Jim Jones may be signing to 50 Cent’s G-Unit empire. We can now tell you the whole truth:

50 Cent is most definitely not initiating Jim Jones into the fabulous world of G-Unit.

That was a tense two hours, huh?

Rumor Control: 50 Cent Is Not Signing Jim Jones To G-Unit [XXL]

Terrible Rapper To Adopt Other Terrible Rapper As His Ward

Nah Right is reporting that the latest rumor in the runup-to-Curtisapalooza is that Jim “Raps Like An Acute Colitis Attack” Jones may be joining G-Unit. Why stop there? We should campaign for all of the country’s shittiest rappers to join one G-Unit-sponsored supergroup. (Mobb Deep can be grandfathered back into circulation as free agents.) Then we can trick them into thinking there’s a a benefit concert on, say, an irradiated desert island in the South Pacific and strand them there to fight off daily attacks from Rodan and Mothra, kill and eat Tony Yayo to survive, build a Swiss Family Robinson-style tree housestrip club, whatever.

Dip-Unit [Nah Right]