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Unbelievable Rumors About Famous Musicians That Turned Out To Be True

Turns out the music industry is just as crazy we thought it is! More »

Amy Winehouse Gets Mashed Up In The Jane Doze’s “Forever 27”: Idolator Premiere

Amy Winehouse Joins Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, And More In The Ill-Fated 27 Club

Ian Curtis’ Memorial Stone Stolen

The memorial stone at Ian Curtis’ grave, which features the phrase “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” has been stolen from Macclesfield Cemetery in Cheshire, England. More »

The memorial stone at Ian Curtis’ grave, which features the phrase “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” has been stolen from Macclesfield Cemetery in Cheshire, England. More »

Me & The Lizard King Part Two: This Is Starting To Not Go Well

hopefullythedoorsstarisnearthescientologybuilding.jpgAfter a break consisting of listening to some of the 252 ’80s Christian-rock songs posted on YouTube by someone named “Amber”, it’s back to hangin’ with Jim and the boys.

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My Day Of Hanging With The Lizard King, Part One

jimshairsureispretty.jpgIn case you forgot, the last time I filled in here at Idolator, I caused a bit of drama with my contention that the Doors are the worst band in pop music history. A whopping 134 comments worth of trouble, in fact. I try to be an openminded guy, despite what some of you seem to believe about my cognitive abilities, so I’m giving Jim and his pals another chance today and listening to nothing but Doors albums. After all,if the Doors can nearly sell as many albums worldwide as Boney M, there must be something I’m missing. How’s it going, you might ask?

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A Psychic’s 732-Page Proof That She Can Mediate Conversations With Jim Morrison And Michael Hutchence

trynottohate.jpgMedium Jacqueline Murray claims that she’s the “channel” for the beyond-the-grave musings of the Doors’ Jim Morrison and INXS’ Michael Hutchence–clearly, her aura is attractive to lead singers with nice cheekbones–and she’s discovered so many interesting things about them that she’s decided to put them all down on paper. And someone decided that all 732 pages of those findings were worth publishing, which is why the two-volume set A Tale Of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison And Michael Hutchence is available for you to purchase now. The books claim to not only reveal how each frontman really died and the coverups involved, they promise shit-talking about the remaining members of INXS, postmortem gossip from Morrison paramour Pamela Courson and Hutchence babymama Paula Yates, and lots of cameos from other psychics who have Web sites. Break on through the jump to see the full press release!

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You Know Who Doesn’t Suck <i>That</i> Much? The Doors.

mantonegrojc9pv9.jpgWhile I’m surprised at how profuse the reaction was to Dan’s outta nowhere but fairly mundane blast at the Lizard King and his bandmates yesterday, I’m sympathetic to those aggrieved to see that we’d give rock and roll’s preeminent shaman so little respect. So I figured it’d be only fair to share some reasons why I, personally, do not hate the Doors.

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For A Mere $200 A Night, You Can Channel Jim Morrison’s Mediocrity

Much like socialism or butterfly pinkie-toe tattoos, the greatness of the Doors is one of those things that you feel very passionately about in ninth grade, and then forever regret (this applies to everyone but Ray Manzarek). More »

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