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Justin Bieber Will Be Roasted On Comedy Central In March

Justin Bieber Reveals More Shirtless Pics
Justin Bieber Reveals More Shirtless Pics
Justin Bieber broke the Internet with his sexy and very shirtless Calvin Klein campaign photos.

Justin Bieber and his Calvins were expertly skewered over the weekend thanks to Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live. And now, it seems even more people are about to get their shots at the superstar this coming March.

In a tweet earlier this morning, Ryan Seacrest confirmed that a special Biebs-themed Comedy Central Roast will be coming in March. The notorious event, which has “honored” such guests in the past including Pamela Anderson, Flava Flav and James Franco, invites comedians and close friends to the stage to take turns poking fun at the special guest’s expense.

US Weekly confirms a March 7 taping and alleges that the “As Long As You Love Me” singer has wanted this to happen for a very long time. To be fair, he’s been a pretty good sport about it in the past. Have you watched his hilarious Between Two Ferns interview with Zach Galifianakis?

Will you be tuning in to watch various people poke fun at JB? Sound off in the comments below. More »

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads Parodied By ‘Saturday Night Live’: Watch

His Pee Pee Is In There
Justin Bieber Hits The Studio With Rick Rubin
Justin Bieber Hits The Studio With Rick Rubin
Bieber's manager Scooter Braun promises that they're "working on some history!"

Justin Bieber‘s starring role in Calvin Klein’s new ad campaign inspired the best skit from the January 17 episode of Saturday Night Live, featuring Kevin Hart as guest host and Sia as the musical guest.

Regular cast member Kate McKinnon reprises her role as the Believe star, 20, as she combs her nonexistent facial hair, takes a sip from a juice box, falls off his scooter and attempts to play a cymbal and dribble a basketball with her crotch.

“Yo, my pee pee’s in there,” she says. More »

Selena Gomez Hung Out With Justin Bieber Last Night: Is The Greatest Romance Of Our Time Back On?

The Heart Wants...
Justin Bieber's Gay Porn Offer
Justin Bieber's Gay Porn Offer
Justin Bieber was offered $2 million to shoot a gay sex scene porn star Johnny Rapid. He didn't reply.

Well, this is really confusing. Selena Gomez appeared to have finally moved on from Justin Bieber when she dropped cathartic break-up anthem “The Heart Wants What It Wants” — complete with a video monologue about the pain he put her through — but she was snapped having dinner with the Calvin Klein model in Beverly Hills last night (January 15). According to TMZ, they then went back to Sel’s hotel room to, you know, watch TV or something.

I guess this puts the rumors that the pop diva is dating German DJ Zedd to rest. As expected, social media is already buzzing about the prospect of a Jelena reunion, but their get together could be completely harmless. Perhaps Selena was just advising Justin about that gay porn offer. In other news, the triple threat has signed on to make a movie with Paul Rudd and continues to work on her fifth LP. More »

Justin Bieber Wants You To Know That His Bulge Wasn’t Photoshopped In That Calvin Klein Commercial

No Chill
Justin Bieber Offered $2 Million For Gay Porn
Justin Bieber Offered $2 Million For Gay Porn
A porn company has offered Justin Bieber $2 million to shoot a gay sex scene with actor Johnny Rapid.

Today (January 14) has no chill as far as Justin Bieber news is concerned. The 20-year-old first made headlines when a gay porn company offered him $2 million to have sex with Johnny Rapid and then returned to our feed when manager Scooter Braun casually let slip that he was hitting the studio with legendary producer Rick Rubin. Now Selena Gomez‘s ex wants you to know that his bulge wasn’t photoshopped in those Calvin Klein underwear pics. At least, that’s what I get from his latest Instagram post.

The Journals singer uploaded a picture of himself draped in a towel this afternoon. It’s fairly tame stuff as far as self-promoting social media updates go, but Beliebers immediately pointed out that you can see a vague outline of Justin’s penis. Given the Photoshop rumors that still persist about his underwear shoot (despite official denials), this could be the superstar’s way of proving that his bulge is, in fact, the real deal. See the pic, which was captioned “photoshopped lol,” after the jump. More »

Justin Bieber Is “Working On Some History” With Rick Rubin In The Studio

Possibly Creating Magic?
Justin Bieber Poses Shirtless For 'V Magazine'
Justin Bieber Poses Shirtless For 'V Magazine'
View all three sexy photos, taken by Karl Lagerfeld.

Over the past few months, Justin Bieber has been steadily working on his upcoming fourth studio album — and according to Instagram, he’s pulling in some music heavyweights! Last night on the social media site (January 13), Scooter Braun — the singer’s manager — posted a photo of Biebs with legendary producer Rick Rubin with the caption, “Working on some history!”

Rubin is known for his handiwork on some of the biggest hip-hop albums of all time, so hopefully his sessions with Bieber will be the segue from 2013′s urban-infused Journals. There is no set date for the bad boy’s album, but expect it sometime this year. View Braun’s Instagram post in its entirety after the jump! More »

Justin Bieber Has Been Offered $2 Million To Shoot Gay Sex Scene With Porn Star Johnny Rapid

Justin Bieber's Sexy Calvin Klein Pics
Justin Bieber's Sexy Calvin Klein Pics
More pics from Justin Bieber's internet-breaking Calvin Klein campaign have arrived online.

Justin Bieber has been offered $2 million to shoot a gay sex scene for with porn star Johnny Rapid. The popular “model” announced the deal (on behalf of porn site in a thirty second video. “I can’t even believe I’m going to say this but I have an incredible offer for you,” he begins. “ and I are offering you $2 million to do a scene with me… it would be easy, I’ll do most of the work, you come in for a few hours and then you’re out of here.”

Yeah… I think Justin is probably gonna pass. $2 million is spare change to him and doing gay porn isn’t the most traditional way to promote your new album. The 20-year-old really can’t win at the moment. First, someone tries to derail his internet-rocking Calvin Klein shoot by leaking fake “untouched” pictures and now an adult entertainment company is trolling him for publicity. Maybe it’s time to give the superstar a break? See Mr. Rapid’s creepy/hilarious offer after the jump. More »

Justin Bieber’s Camp Threatens Lawsuit On Photoshop Claims

His Calvins?
Justin Bieber Confirms 2015 Album And Tour
Justin Bieber Confirms 2015 Album And Tour
Good news, Beliebers! Justin Bieber has a comeback in store this year.

Justin Bieber‘s team threatened a lawsuit against pop culture site, for posting an photo claiming to be an unretouched shot from his Calvin Klein ad campaign.

Late last week, the website posted an image of the Journals star with a smaller upper body, butt and bulge. The point was to show that actually, he wasn’t as grown-up as Calvin Klein would like us to believe. Rumors that Bieber was difficult to work with didn’t help with matters.

After being sent a cease and desist letter, however, retracted its original post. More »

Justin Bieber Confirms Plans For 2015 Album And Tour

Poo Bear's Star-Studded "Work For It" Video: Watch
Poo Bear's Star-Studded "Work For It" Video: Watch
Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy and Tyga pop up in the R&B crooner's latest clip.

Good news, Beliebers! Justin Bieber has a comeback in store this year. “I’m going to start working on a new album and a tour for 2015,” he said to Karl Lagerfeld, famed fashion creative director, in V magazine’s Music Issue. “I took the last year off and I’m excited to get back to work.”

Indeed, the Believe star maintained a low profile in 2014: He popped up in music videos by relative unknowns, readied a 2015 acoustic duets album with Cody Simpson, helped remix a Meghan Trainor song and un-followed Selena Gomez on Instagram. There were also less TMZ-worthy incidents, like when Bieber kicked off the year with an arrest for drag racing without a license. Two weeks ago, he promised his devout fans that his relative radio silence “is for a reason.” More »

Whatcha Say: Justin Bieber, Sia And Adam Lambert Had Our Readers Talking

Coachella 2015: 10 Artists We're Excited To See
Coachella 2015: 10 Artists We're Excited To See
Check out our gallery of artists performing at the 2015 Coachella Festival.

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! The New Year is officially in full swing, and things are just starting to heat up all over again in Pop World.

Kelly Clarkson got our pulses raising with the announcement of her new single “Heartbeat Song” out next week, which she’s been teasing piece by adorable piece, while Sia premiered her artsy, interpretive music video for “Elastic Heart” starring Maddie Ziegler and Shia LaBeouf. And Justin Bieber kicked off 2015 with a bulge — err, bang, thanks to his black and white Calvin Klein underwear campaign spread. (Of course, the Photoshop police were on the scene immediately.)

And over at Idolator, we launched an Ibrawlator between Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas and asked which one had the sexier underwear shot (have you voted yet?) and revealed the readers’ poll results for our Most Anticipated Albums of 2015, with Adam Lambert and Britney Spears taking the crowns. As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out some of the week’s best (and worst) comments after the jump. More »

Justin Bieber’s Unretouched Calvin Klein Photo Surfaces, Deceives Us All

Why, Justin, Why?
Ibrawlator: Nick Jonas Or Justin Bieber?
Ibrawlator: Nick Jonas Or Justin Bieber?
Vote for who did the underwear photo better!

When Justin Bieber‘s ad campaign for Calvin Klein released earlier this week, it had many ladies (and a few guys too) all hot and bothered! But your fantasies may all be a bed of lies, as the unretouched photo from the underwear shoot have surfaced online! The previous visuals show the pop singer with various bulging body parts, but this new shot sadly reveals that he isn’t packing as much as we thought! revealed the comparison photo, which prove that fashion campaigns are incredibly deceiving! Well, at least we still have Nick Jonas to count on…right? View the picture after the jump! More »